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  1. Has anyone even mention Ark Survival Evolved. You can ride turtles and dolphins and more underwater, I mean can even swim in the water to get gear and whatnot. I know it's not a fully underwater game but you do spend good amount of time doing things.
  2. Anything can be done if the devs willing to do it. Some time ago I played a TV based show on my older phone that was called Deal Or No Deal and that was fun while it last. Even though it was not a app based. All you do is pick and open the box 😛 can't be hard to do and win big. Gotta be a free game at the time when it was around.
  3. Why all custom covers have to be all adult content related anyway. showing legs and parts.. Worse part is laying to even sell them on Ebay and people do buy them. It's like they have nothing to do. Yet making money from the desings that they are doing.
  4. I have not but It would be interesting to see if someone could develop VR and a better motion tracking system. Would be insane in costs though.
  5. It would be awsome but I doubt Nintendo will make one.
  6. It’s 50/50 if Nintendo is doing something with the OLED for BF. Buy it now while it’s in stock (particularly the OLED) or wait till there is abetter deal. So knowing the bes ttime to buy..
  7. I like gamepass because I can use it on my PC, I love Microsofts flexibility they are the goats, but hey I own a Xbox, Playstation switch and a PC so I'm fine with them all having amazing services I just wish they all had a PC option like Microsoft but for download only, I don't want to stream games like some psnow titles, that reminds me of Google stadia lmfao... But no idea if ninendo should have a link like the others...
  8. Outside and inside just the one Xbox controllers that I have for my PC and two PS2 classic controllers that I always had since the days of PS2 🙂 but that's all I have and nothing else to say or share people.
  9. A Goomba. He's trying to outwit two insane plumbers that want to stomp on his head. Throughout every 2D level he has to use stealth and puzzle solving abilities to stay alive, one hit and he's dead. He can have some limited control of the environment to set traps, and has to ultimately stop Mario or Luigi from reaching the end of the level within 3 minutes without he himself dying. Think of it like classic Mario mixed with Oddworld: Abe's Oddysee.
  10. Games are more accessible than they have ever been, and the challenge has been shifted away from the old arcade mentality of killing the player often to collecting and exploring or having difficult content only for the dedicated players. MAking it easy makes people buy and they make money
  11. A lot of ppl are expecting a lot out of xbox this year. I feel like they wont have much this year either tbh. I feel like next year is when they will show out. If they dont have nothing to show for all the companies they bought next year then i think its a done deal for xbox as far as gaming goes.
  12. Why hide it when people knows anyway and the worst part that people still go forward with it knowing what they going to get there hands into. People can spend so much money on WoT that end of the day it does not get you anywhere. I mean it's a game and I can do it the same way for free, just takes longer XD
  13. I think this would be interesting but idk if it would really sell. To me, Xbox is about putting games on everything, so people have accessibility to games. I think a handheld doesn't necessarily create accessibility because you have to buy the device and then Gamepass. I think it's way more likely (and something they should be focusing on) is improving xcloud. There's rumors of a possible Gamepass dongle to plug into your TV. Mix that with the ability of Gamepass on a phone/tablet, then why have a portable?
  14. I'm pretty sure the playstore has it because chromebooks have play store support. BUt then it's something that you have to look and do. I think that you are able to
  15. I wish I could say I was pumped for the Last of Us tv show at all. What could it do or say (let alone better) that the game didn't already? On top of that, there was just a remake for ps5, if I wanted to experience the story again, I'd just play that.
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