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  1. If you are into it then YEAHHHHHHH, why not 🙂 You will have many other people that who do the same and can talk about it. Me, not into it and so not for me thanks.
  2. I just went down the rabbit hole and read all about this, it's absolutely vile, disgusting and in my humble opinion Blizzard should be liquidated. This isn't "cancel culture" either, this is is serious and I cannot believe some of the things I read, they don't deserve to be in business anymore, period.
  3. Theoretically, world poverty should solve world hunger, but poverty is a subjective concept that can be defined by countries' poverty lines, while we all can generally agree on what is considered world hunger, so I would say solving world hunger would be more beneficial.
  4. If I'm being serious, AI and nano-tech for medicine, I can see it being used to help boost the natural immune system, destroying viruses and bacteria that cause illness, and helping repair and maintain different systems and things like the circulatory system safely and cheaply without drugs. Other than that I'd work on self cooking non messy bacon.
  5. Other option and savest, till you loos that 😛 HAve all passwords and information writing down in a book with pen and paper 😜 and then forget where you left the god damn book at.
  6. Playing the Raft you do have to look at every detail in the room or wherever you are to look for clues and pick up items. If you miss or bypass the items then at a near endpoint you then have to redo it again to look for that one single or two single items that you miss and can take hours in the game to find it. Has happened when I was looking for blue print and after 50mins of looking a find it.
  7. To think that during this whole time whole skull and bones remained directionless, Rare got Sea of Thieves out, have supported the game for a couple good years now and even got a crossover with PotC.
  8. Mount and Blade: Warband. Take RPG mechanics and apply them to a medieval world where you command an army while also fighting your enemies on the ground. Here's a brief list of some things you can do in (unmodded) Warband: Take over the world Become a vassel to one of the rulers Support a claimant - For each faction there is an individual which believes he should wear the crown Be a bandit. Aid the various lords Marry a Noblewoman (or man) Add mods, and the game becomes even better. Freelancer mod, this allows you to enlist in a lord's army Prophecies of Pendor, a low fantasy themed mod in which you need to save the world! Diplomacy, a mod that improves the somewhat weak diplomatic options available There is no game like it, and Mount and Blade 2 is on its way, can't wait!
  9. I'm 375 years old on my twitch page 😛 And that's just a point saying. And making me that old, not even in my 30s yet 😛
  10. Look at the first image more, They do not use that front 😛 the front is just out of order in my minde.
  11. Empire

    Steam Deck

    Unless you only can buy the Steam Deck from steam, so far I can only see them from the one single store. But give it time other locations will start selling them 😛 The kids be like, you brought me the wrong product but can I have it anyway 😛 and have both, steam vs stream 😛
  12. It be very difficult to say since I be bored as flip more then anything, then again that being said when I was a very young boy I spent most of my hours in my bedroom and all I had was basic toys and books, no PC or no games to play with. Even no internet. And so I always find away to make myself busy and not bored for almost good six years. while at school it taken my time yp, leave at 7.30am for school and get back home by 4.30pm. WHere I was living at the time the bus takes 40mins there and back.
  13. In jail. I could study and exercise and maybe even become better person. Dont know about other countries but finnish jails are actually pretty good. ALso I do not want to be in a coma at 20 years old and wakup at 98 years old 😛
  14. Cold and damp, for I am from the North of England. Without the cold, a man cannot appreciate the fire in his hearth. Without the rain, a man cannot appreciate the roof over his head. Let the south have it's sun, flowers and affectations. We Northerners have home. Plus I hate the warm weather, makes me feel sick
  15. This happened to me a few times. Whenever the batteries would die in my controller while playing any game or just playing so hard that saving doesn't even come to me. And usually it would be after a had been playing for a few hours and sis a lit of stuff. On that note, so used to playing games that ahve auto save on them LOL
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