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  1. No. I don't think Cavill is a good actor and frankly we need to stop making everything into a fucking movie or TV show. No one can embody Arthur the way Roger Clark did. Please just leave the masterpiece untouched.
  2. The only credits I've ever watched were after beating Halo on Legendary so I could see that scene with Johnson and the Elite. Other than that I go get a sandwich if I can't skip em. THe nagain there are many games that you can't skip Xd
  3. I seem to recall a band called Ulu doing Super Mario Bros.
  4. Been gaming since I was 6. 25 years now. Still play daily. Yes, I would take this. It would eliminate all those money problems, then again no need to buy a PC worth 10K in that regards if you not gaming anymore XD. relieving that stress would be worth more than anything in the world to me. I can just watch Netflix or actually go outside and stuff. I have a couple friends who don't play, they somehow manage to keep themselves busy too.
  5. Not many that I can think off, in fact I loved the music that you can play while doing GTA 😉 so many good songs in the older GTA series radio stations. I found the Silent Hill 2 soundtrack to not only be phenomenal as a standalone listening experience, but it also enhanced the storyline and gameplay in ways that are fairly rare now. Music is generally thematic and driven by gameplay - with SH2, the soundtrack hit on a psychological level as well.
  6. They cut corners and if you pay attention when you play you can see how much they cut. It really just feels like a "street racer" version of Forza Horizon. Except copied, pasted, and extremely watered down for "satisfaction" reasons
  7. Nope, I end up buying more addons for MSFS2020 - So far that single simulator is over 350GB in size 😛 I will never go and play it, I would never - Aren't my tea
  8. I have not seen the last as of yet, I do not want to watch it on a crack unprotected website 😛 Then that being said Rowan Atkinson is now doing his new TV series that is on Netflix. DMANnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn If I was earning more money I would subbed
  9. I know that they are into it, I know that they in enjoy it, I let them speak about it. No point saying... I do not like it - SHUTUP XD
  10. I rahter plsy them then the new series, it's about about shooting and FPS
  11. Season 4 is around the corner isn't it..? I have seen season one or two I think, can't remember. I do not have netflix but I have seen two season on a so called fake crap website XD - you know.
  12. I do not like to watch or hear about it but end of the day people that I'm mates with are into there so called sports and they support there teams and whatnot. If they tal kabout it and they do what they do it's part fun to get envolved. I always end up saying what team wins XD
  13. Brain freeze, I do get that myself where you have the idea of something that you can't even remember the name off. There was this tv show that had a witch character Witt super long eyebrows, like 10 inch long eyebrows. I don’t know if it was some local access show or something and I just remember her and maybe some green giant character. Anyway I’ll probably never find it and that’s fine. It was very weird, even for the 90s.
  14. Nah, even though I love Dark Souls 2 and 3 I feel like From is at their best creating new worlds and playing with new ideas. Dark Souls was meant to be a one off and Miyazaki himself said he isn't interested in sequels so why force them to milk a game they might not want to continue. If they want to continue Bloodborne I'll be the first in line to buy it, but I'd be more excited to see new things from them.
  15. I have not played fortnite before, that also means that I have a record of zero hours of play time. I'm so good that I have extra space on my hard drives for games that I really want.
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