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  1. The accuracy of the audio in creating the lonely atmosphere, knowing something was in the room with you and lack of sound in vacuum areas really set a high bar for me for games that came after this to compare to it. Having enemies that would follow you from one room to another if you tried to run away and spawned into the environment based on your position in a room was new and challenging compared to the previous survival horror king. My heart wants to believe this will deliver but my last 3 pre=ordered games were broken in many ways at launch and for months after, so I take a wait and see approach with AAA titles now, even remakes with new engines.
  2. I do not know much about it but maybe it's down to money more then anything that those people do....
  3. CDPR have said they are splitting into 2 full AAA teams. I predict that one team will be developing the witcher trilogy while team 2 does the cyberpunk sequal and then the new IP after.
  4. I’m surprised they didn’t ask supermassive. Ik there working on there next game. Movie choose your own adventure games are getting popular now. I haven’t played the quarry yet but I’ve heard good things.
  5. There will always be exclusives. I do think that Sony has wised up to the PC market, and will start releasing their games delayed on PC, but they won't ever release the games on Xbox too (first party stuff, situations like Bungie are obviously different)
  6. The 'Gotta Eat Skin and Bones' part in The Evil Within 2 really messed me up, both creeped me the hell out and severely grossed me out too.
  7. Metal Gear Solid 3, Metal Gear Solid 2, Metal Gear Solid Peace Walker, Metal Gear 2, Metal Gear Solid V, Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance, Metal Gear Solid, Metal Gear, Metal Gear Portable Ops, Metal Gear Ghost Babel, Metal Gear Solid 4, Metal Gear Ac!d 2, Metal Gear Ac!d, Snake's Revenge
  8. Nice, just that there are no games that I'm hyped for to able to do 😉 I mean I end up sticking with the same games soooo. But this is cool for that that want it
  9. Microsoft only bought Activision because they wanted something that could turn Xbox division as a whole profitable on the quarterly financials. This is why there is no plan on making Call of Duty exclusive, even after any contract ends with Sony. It makes them far too much money, and would ruin the point of their acquisition.
  10. Not many, I brought CSGO then one day that became free 😛 that's the only game that I hve allot of hours into the game as a free game. I also played APB reloaded also and that's free.
  11. I list my games that I'm looking forward too, however I still stick to my go to games 😛 son of the forest Skull and Bones Ark II
  12. I lost the hype, that's not down to the game it's just that I lost interst, only time that I play ut if others play it you know. ALso it's walking simulator 😛 that's what you tend to do allot is walk and run 😛
  13. Most of them are better than the originals imo, I haven’t run into any where I’ve had to grind. They’re harder but in many cases optimizing a moveset will be waaay more effective than level grinding (I remember I beat insurgence with a lovely kiss/calm mind/moonblast/dark pulse alt-type roserade ans didn’t have to grind at all).
  14. The old 'The Dark Eye' video gamed are quite close to playing the tabletop version. They are called Blade of Destiny, Star Trail and Shadows over Riva.
  15. GTA to a point, even going back to the old GTA games and you see something that you have not seen before 😛 I mean it's a open big map and you see new things over time that you ever seen there before or whatnot.
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