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  1. Might happen to you that has for me that your genre can chnage as you get older. Has for me anyway. USed to do allot of shooting based games and Rping games with GTA IV to GTA V and doing fiveM. Nowadays I'm so into simulator games 🙂 Yep I like to fly apon flying now in P3d and FSX.
  2. I usually prefer open world, but it really depends on the kind of game. The enjoyment from a game is derived from different aspects for different genres.
  3. Most games that I wouldn't recommend or games that are just rubbish I wouldn't even play them in the first place. I can name one. Shower With Your Dad.
  4. I only do it when I have collected enough to move up XP as free as I can. I do see an point of doing it but people pay allot of money to grow higher and higher. I'm level 40 and happy to be at that rank. Even that I do see people on my list always on going.
  5. Last weapon that I used was from doing GTA5 with an compact pistol and a knife blade.
  6. I prefer headphones over speakers. You can just hear so much more detail with headphones. With speakers you would have to turn the volume up really high to hear the same detail, but then may you disturb other people in your house or even neighbours. I do tend to use speakers when I am expecting interruptions from others, since its annoying putting the headphones on and off to talk to people.
  7. I have allot of games that I'm selling in my store. I just haven't sold one yet. Based online anyway. I have gave games away but not yet sold. And what I have done is brought allot at an good price and selling it on to make profit and also able to be cheaper then anywhere else.
  8. I got into around of age 10 when I moved from state to state and got hold more into the gaming PC side. Over the years I just got into allot more. I can not remember what crap game it was lol but I most had fun. Back then there wasn't much games or even an good pc to able to have good FPS games.
  9. PC gaming is now more popular than it has ever been in the past. However, PC gaming is dominated by online gaming. The kinds of PC games that become blockbusters are online games, e.g. PUBG, WOW, CrossFire, Dungeon Fighter, LOL, etc. And online games such as these aren't known for having AAA production values. AAA gaming is a niche within the wider PC gaming industry.
  10. It can be done, I mean I would use an work station card rather then a day to day card. But if you have an good amount of specs then it's easy done said. Depends on what art you want to do?
  11. I yet to find my very very first one. I just never own one. And I don't think that I will.
  12. Last game that I played was in a RP with an FiveM community
  13. Built all the way. Regards brands! I mostly stick with Asus 🙂
  14. Empire

    Post your specs

    Here is the tech, Over the years all I did was added 500GB SSD another 1TB and a new power slab. And back then it would cost allot not like now. Yet still can run just about anything on high, other then pubG as my GPU Vram is max to 2GB and that most cards now are more then 2GB Case: Cooler Master Storm Trooper PSU: Cooler Master V1200 Platinum CPU Cooler: Cooler Master hyper 212 SSD: Samsung 850 evo 500gb HDD: WD HDD 2x 1 TB + WD Blue 2 TB Processor: Intel Core i7-3930K GPU: Asus 680 gtx directcu ii Motherboard: Asus P9X79 Deluxe RAM: C
  15. I was looking forward to playing this game on ps4, I hated waiting for it because it came out one year earlier on xbox one. Whatever, this amazing game didn't let me down. It's worth my wait and my money. I've played all tomb raider games and I could compare it especially with its prequel, Tomb Raider 2013. First of all, graphics are amazing, one of the best I've ever seen on PS4, both characters and settings are absolutely realistic. Settings are breathless, not too varied being always in the same area but amazing and well-finished. Unlike its prequel, Lara has more abilities and
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