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  1. A friend and I were playing Halo 3 Slayer on Valhalla, and I was driving a warthog. Not paying attention, I look back at the screen to see us headed directly towards the caves in which no vehicles can fit through (I thought). We ended up hitting the entrance, flipping sideways, flying out the other end, splattering an enemy, then hopping out and shooting the other two. If only there had been a sunset to drive off into,
  2. There is no such thing as "entitled gamer" as a customers it is our right and duty to be picky and vocal about products we should be buying. It's called criticism. Customer should not be a pelican that swallows everything thrown at him.
  3. Lord of the rings: The Return of the King on ps2, amazing game. I probably beat it of 10 times solo and coop with family. Those games did the crazy battle scenes with hundred of enemies perfectly.. a close second is the two towers... battle at helm’s deep was intense
  4. I aways brought new, never own or brought refurbished gear. Yes it can be cheaper but enve then you have no idea what it has been though, like A GPU, might have been on 24 hours for a full year minning bitcoin and the stress it had to go. I always buy new gear πŸ™‚
  5. PS2 that I had I only did gaming on it πŸ™‚ I did not even use if for anything else. I mean they are made for gaming and not to watch a 5 hours flims and not play games 😜
  6. I would like to see a comparison chart showing the temperature results of the STOCK PS5 under load using the same tests you performed on that work of art.
  7. Presumably seen and have, you could always put in the 500GB HDD you swapped out back into the PS4 before you send it off, and swap them again when you get the PS4 back. But never really sent to be repaired. Unless you can't do it yourself if you taken apart.
  8. The Witcher 3 or RDR2, Those are the best open-world games I've played with the best story, immersion, quests, and overall gameplay and concepts. The soundtracks are also really cool for both. then GTA FIveM you can be whatever you want to be, even a cop πŸ˜›
  9. That's so easy for me to say, It's 100% fortnite. I just do not like the game and just do not understand aboutt he game, it's always been a kids game to me and just never got into the game of fortnite. It's big and famous and it's a game that everyone gets into, but me? nope.
  10. Has anyone played the game fist time on hard and how long would it take and did you fail so many times?
  11. Two corporations, 2 monopolies. Both want to outmonopoly the rival monopoly. The battle will probably expose how disgusting both are but if anyone wins it's probably still bad for us. Never forget that these are corporations, not some random people.
  12. I'm in a similar situation to you in terms of what games I have time for. I usually still try and make my way through some longer games but since a big open world game will take me several months to finish, I try to do some shorter games on the side at the same time. If you like horror games, definitely check out Resident Evil 7. It's got a lot of the hallmarks of a classic Resident Evil game but also changes things up in a lot of smart ways (including going for a first-person perspective). I think it probably took me about 12-13 hours to finish without going out of my way to find every little
  13. Games that have unlimminted where it never ends and you can keep on doing it with any new content that comes. Like ETS, ATS, most simulators games. Unless upon unless. I myself do flight sims. GTA is always big and people still play older series of the games, mods that keep them going, roleplaying as a cop or whatever keeps the game running. Then games that you just love, no matter how many times that you may did the story, you love it. Like Halo the first game for me πŸ™‚ No idea why I did dot points πŸ˜‰
  14. Tear it down, clean the dust, replace the thermal paste. Get arctic MX-4 thermal compound. Google and ifixit are your friend. If it's an older fat model, you also have the option of pimping out the cooling on your system by getting a system fan with more blades and a lowpower PSU, also replacing thermal pads on some chips on the mobo. Do the thermal paste replacement as soon as possible, as continued use at high temperatures will shorten the life of your console drastically.
  15. Looks sexy system, and crazy on the RGB πŸ₯΄ So comparing ASUS Scar 15 vs Lenovo Legion 5 Pro, same specs both (Ryzen 7,Nvidia RTX etc), which one you would prefer in terms of build quality, support, panel quality regarding colors, frames etc? 8GB is pointless in that terms but having 32GB is good πŸ˜‰
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