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  1. The Forest is the only interesting one for me, and that's because of the co-op. I'm to much of a scaredy cat to play these games solo!
  2. I think it mostly depends on the game. Blind playthroughs work better for games that have lots of surprises or open-ended choices for each player to make. Maybe like an Elder Scrolls game. This is also why so many hundreds of people have LPed games like IWBTG.
  3. I don't even think this will be ever added in my option, I mean is it that important. Well maybe for some.
  4. I'm very skeptical that Nintendo will reach for 4K. I would understand them enhancing the display on the Switch unit itself, and adding new, innovative ways to play, but they have never pursued pure hardware power. Not that I don't wish for it, but I'm going to be cautious about getting my hopes high. Given that their games as much less demanding to start with, running original switch games at much higher resolutions isn't farfetched. I still think it's a bit of a fad for Nintendo to chase 4k. Maybe 1440p with DLSS to 4k to compete with upcoming next gen consoles verbiage.
  5. Never even would thought of that, I think in terms of any platform it be the same level 🙂 the game and gameplay will be and always be the same. GTA is 🙂 most games that I play are the same 🙂 I mean why wouldn't they?
  6. Lucky to not to loss any progress in most game since I save the backup game files. But one point I did lost a mission on halo one and it bypass it. It's not like 2005 where all game saved files are stored on your C drive. Nowadays most games are saved to the cloud.
  7. Playing a new game and at times only interested in the storyline rather then how hard that game is setup. Battlefront 2 for example that I got for free, doing the story and only interested about the story then how hard the game is to play. If I did the story 6 times LOL then maybe hard mod is the option.
  8. But I think the problem isn't that A. I cant see or hear as well as a human should, but rather their response to situations are very basic and outdated. Enemies will quickly forget you exist after they have spotted you in most stealth games for example. I think by having A. I that responds realistically to your actions games can be a lot more dynamic and fun. But yes i can see how them being able to see and hear more realistically would lead to tedious and frustrating gameplay.
  9. Don't care really. Makes sense games would feature more guy lead roles but its nice to have girls too. (Horizon was kind of cool to have a female lead) big boobs are overrated if you ask me. I don't care about what gender or race is in what place. What I do hate is putting a different gender or race into a existing character for the sake of equality, people getting angry about races being zombies etc when its set in Africa, people get upset when guys are the main protagonist a lot cause guys are the predominate consumer, or when the media freaks put over things in games they have no idea of wh
  10. Well, they will always misleads ads to get people to buy LOL allot of reviewers hype it up for pointless results to earn.
  11. Asus and Lenovo are rocking it, they always are 🙂 they are giving the consumers exactly what they need. HP are making models with new Ryzen CPUs. There are two versions are available for pre-orderI hear that they have a 3070 with Ryzen 7 5800H and 3070 with Ryzen 9 5900H. However I stick with ASUS 🙂 YEAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH
  12. It's all crap, I mean I'm not a fan of any designs at all. I say the last design that they approved is so far better then the others. Who idea was to came up with the first lot LOL
  13. Arcade racing games (and racing games in general, perhaps) peaked in the PS2 era, and the good ones all ran at 60fps. Many happy hours were had with the Burnout series, and with Outrun 2. Racing games kind of died when 60fps was no longer the target. These games just don't work at 30fps, they feel all wrong. And the last 2.5 console generations have been about 'more pixels!' (and fancy shaders+postprocessing) at the expense of framerate. Distance, Horizon Chase Turbo and Redout were excellent. In fact, Distance very well may be my favorite arcade racer ever made. GRID 1/2 were pretty good
  14. The first time I saw this game was at a Gamestop bargain bin. Reading the description I thought it sounded amazing but seeing it on bargain and never hearing about it before I figure it was probably terrible and not living up to the concept. I remember seeing a LOT of crap on the shelves during the days of the Wii, this certainly could have been released. Inscrutable as always, Nintendo.
  15. This is unbelievable I always knew laptop GPUs were slower than their desktop counterparts but I thought it was a 10 to 20% difference but in some cases it's up to 38% which is incredibly misleading, will definitely keep this in mind next time when buying a laptop for gaming. But then again Desktop is the way to go then Laptop.
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