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  1. Hey we deleting our account on here but our YouTube channel is still going our views are low which is annoying but we gonna be playing more game genres we currently are playing Alien Isolation and THPS 5 we got layers of fear and Blair witch to come please help us grow tell your friends and family thank you so much for your support
  2. Hey we’re back on please check us out
  3. Hey we got layers of fear ready to go check us out we playing THPS 5 and Alien Isolation
  4. We playing Alien Isolation and THPS 5 now on our channel
  5. Thank you Alexander welcome to our world 👍🏻
  6. Nice one mate thank you we in need of subs so much appreciated
  7. Just adding that we are a husband and wife team taking on the gaming world together we are new so not many games have been uploaded but we intend to upload daily and showcase as many games as possible please LIKE, SUBSCRIBE AND SHARE thank you https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC9tc7c37Yh2pNWNFqUafX6A?view_as=subscriber
  8. We are a gaming channel and we played slender the arrival, infliction and RE7 and all 3 shit us up lol
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