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  1. Alyxx

    Most disappointing sequel?

    It'll probably be up your alley then. Personally I love it.
  2. Alyxx

    Most disappointing sequel?

    Hey if you're into both oldschool and modern shooters and can handle some crude humor, I'd easily recommend it.
  3. Alyxx

    Most disappointing sequel?

    It's one of my favourite games. I really dig the amount of minigames there are and how they mix up the gameplay constantly with turret sections, driving sections and even some really inventive level design by shrinking Duke to action figure size during some segments which gives a whole new perspective on the world. It just never feels repetitive and you feel like you're progressing to very distinct environments. There's even a level set in a strip club where the game essentially becomes a walking simulator where all you do is grab some items and explore the environment which feels extremely fitting and taking the interactivity in Duke 3D to a new level. I also really dug the humor, I thought it was spot on and in that kind of b-movie bad taste way that I love. I know it's probably not for everyone and the reviews of the game did reflect that but for me it hit all the right spots and I think it is spot on for a Duke Nukem game. Gearbox only did some minor polish work on it. Most of the work was done by ex-3D Realms employees and 3D Realms. They were also responsible for the subpar console ports. The PC version is the version I recommend people playing as it allows you to turn off the godawful post processing effects and it makes the game actually look better.
  4. Alyxx

    Ask Alyxx

    Well, a lot of things made me smile but one thing that comes to mind is rewatching Hey Vern, It's Ernest!
  5. Alyxx

    Ask Alyxx

    Division 2 I think looks good. I never played the first one so I don't really have much interest in it but I hear good things about it so it's probably good. Just not something I'd be interested in. Anthem I love. Pretty much wrote a lengthy review about how much I love it so that should explain it. Metro Exodus, again kinda like Division 2 I never played the earlier games and never got into them so it's not something I am hyped for. It does look gorgeous though and I dig the Half-Life 2 esque aesthetic. Anthem is pretty much the only game that's come out recently I've had a chance to play to be honest.
  6. Alyxx

    What's your favourite colour

    Red's always symbolized passion to me and the element of fire. Also symbolizes blood and by extension life.
  7. SiN Blood Half-Life Burnout Commander Keen Duke Nukem Monkey Island F.E.A.R. Saints Row Bloodrayne Contra The Darkness Portal Red Faction Ridge Racer
  8. Are they dino robots or robot dinos?
  9. Far Cry 4 and 5's locations Gorgeous places.
  10. Alyxx

    Were you ever a gaming addict?

    No, have never classified myself as one and doubt I could.
  11. Alyxx

    Raffle 1 - Win $10

    11 and 20...
  12. Alyxx

    Educational games from your childhood

    Yeah I played a ton of them, especially those point-and-click type of games with a lot of animation.
  13. Alyxx

    What's everyone's favourite horror games?

    Resident Evil series Alien Isolation Dead Space Clive Barker's Undying
  14. Alyxx

    Room temperature

    I live in Norway. Our heat is sporadic too.
  15. Alyxx

    Horizontally or vertically?

    Well considering my PC is a massive industrial looking beast that wouldn't look out of place in a car factory I like to keep it vertical. I think it would literally hurt my table if I put it horizontal.