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  1. Alyxx

    JoyFreak here!

    Welcome, dude! ❤️
  2. Alyxx

    Favorite Twinkies

    We have them in import stores but they cost a ridiculous amount of money. $21 for a box of 10.
  3. Alyxx

    Best puzzle games?

    Arcade game?
  4. Alyxx

    Favorite Twinkies

    Never had Twinkies since we just don't have them or anything like them in Norway.
  5. I mentioned I had one but that was a different model. Don't remember which it was.
  6. Yeah phones have gotten more advanced but a lot more fragile.
  7. Yeah same with my 5110. Those things were built like fucking bricks.
  8. Speaking of durable, I had a Samsung phone around the early 2k's that actually survived a trip through a snowblower. The screen was dead but you could still turn it on. I used it as a charger for my spare battery when I got a replacement.
  9. Alyxx

    Favorite sandwich ?

    Ham and cheese with tomato and lettuce with mayo on the bottom slice and sweet mustard on the top slice (or regular if you want a less sweet version).
  10. Alyxx

    What's your favorite breakfast food ?

    Oat meal sprinkled with sugar and cinnamon powder. Also love eggs and bacon with toast and beans.
  11. Alyxx

    Favorite cookie??

    Jaffa cakes (if those count as cookies). Otherwise I'm a huge fan of soft baked cookies (cookies that are soft basically). Some think they are too doughy but I love them.