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  1. Yeah usually I stick with Hard unless the game is flat out unfair on hard skill.
  2. Depends on how long I've played it. With some games I prefer harder skills if it's a game I've played a lot. For instance, I beat Duke Nukem Forever on the hardest skill setting for the achievement just because it's one of my favourite games. That being said it also depends on the game. With some games, especially Bethesda games, the difficulty can be all over the place and something like Normal can be either too easy or Hard can suddenly be too difficult. Thus I often end up switching difficulties in Fallout 4 and Skyrim due to how there's no sweet spot.
  3. Alyxx

    Ask Alyxx

    I just answered questions regarding social situations and how I handle social interactions. Thought patterns were also evaluated. Just looking for typical autism spectrum disorder signs. I didn't score high enough on any of the answers to quality for Aspergers.
  4. Far Cry 5 is definitely up there. Stunningly detailed game.
  5. Definitely looking out for sales and getting games a year or so after release is often a good chance at getting a good deal. Heck a lot of companies, especially Epic Store often releases games for free so there's a chance that the game you wanna buy might just end up being free some day.
  6. Alyxx

    Ask Alyxx

    Any video with that girl who spent just a freaky amount of time staring at the camera.
  7. Even Romero himself regrets this ad lol
  8. Judging by the reports we've seen lately, crunch time is not exactly a good thing. I prefer not to overwork myself personally.
  9. Either Duke Nukem 1 or Doom. BlackThorne as well.
  10. Taking him on in a public forum is not the way to go about it, believe me...
  11. Dude... harsh. I understand you don't like him but acting like this is just gonna get you in trouble...
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