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  1. Hey everyone! I’m back again with a couple more questions since I’ve gotten such good feedback from you all in the past from my other posts. We’re creating an experience that will allow users to connect all their games in one place for easy sharing of their game data. We’re wondering if (as gamers)you use social media to share anything gaming related. If you do what do you like to share and on what platforms/websites, aside from chat programs like discord?Is there something that you wish you could share online but can't currently? If you don’t enjoy sharing anything online do you use tools/programs that allow you to connect with other players for things like status (in a game, out of game, etc…), profiles or for playing together? For those that don’t use any social media or don’t share your gaming life on social media, how come you don’t? If you’re interested in what we’re doing you can check the link in my bio! Feel free to dm me too if you have any questions - Ken2D
  2. Awesome feedback guys! Thank you so much. As for being able to quickly add media to data for users to share, that's definitely something we're also working on!
  3. Hi Everyone! First time poster here. I've been looking for some feedback on achievements and their impact on players and this forum seemed like the perfect place for it. I work at a company called Omnislash and we're developing a platform to ingest data from games to supplement content. For example if you have a screenshot from a league of legends game you did really well in you would be able to link it to the actual data from that match. We currently support one game but plan on adding as many games as possible and we're looking for feedback on how achievements impact your gameplay experience. - Do achievements mean a lot to you? Steam achievements, console achievements, in game achievements, etc. - Would being able to share achievements with friends or in your online social networks make them more useful? - Can a game having meaningful or challenging achievements make or break the game to you? A lot of this will impact our design decisions in the future (ex. including and showing achievements from games on your profile etc.) If you're curious about some of what we're doing feel free to check us out, there's a link in my bio/about. Please don't hesitate to message me if you have any questions!
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