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  1. Sorry for any spelling errors I've had my fill of calling out ridiculous shit for the week(by ridiculous shit I just me your angry sp) lol so u either get it or don't at this point lol
  2. Lol like really though you this upset cause I made fun of your typing style . Why does everyone online have to take everything as an attack its ridiculous . And who gives a fuck how some pig ass narcs type. Im assuming that was some sort of threat. Any who'zzle I guess I'll just continue u type with spaces and regular Paragraph breaks like everyone else and our feminine hands . Cause apparently u AND punk ass narcs and cop are the only ones with massive typing hands (i can't belive i had to just say that holy shit). Seriously the other fella has been grumps me and him had at it yesterda
  3. That was spoken beautifully honestly. I'm trying to find better and better ways right now to offer things you know I try to give good conversation when folks wanna talk and when people don't i just play my game and talk to my self lol . I ask what i should and shouldn't stream. I don't do it for anyone but my self in all reality cause I genuinely enjoy it i get something out of it . It's helped a lot this past year in recovering from heroin addiction (not that I haven't been addicted to it all at some point lol). But my favorite shit is shutting down a stream starting a new save game just to
  4. OK I'm gonna put this ever so simply never once did I demand anybody do anything or expect anything or in any way feel entitled (I would say obviously since I offered to repay the FAVORS I was politely asking for) I asked for a favor and offered a favor in return for said favore i admitted that I was new and dont know what I am doingfrom the jump. Even thanked u and the others for steering me in the right way really simple shit and u have suggested that I felt owed or endebted after "20blah blahs" and you have suggested that I was a desperate loon and that I selfishly disrespected everyone e
  5. (Please read in joking slightly rib jabbing, friendly tone as it was written) Well I appreciate this reply a whole lot more than the the last one but once again I think you're misunderstanding what I'm talking About because you see I'm not Trying to do a "here's my twitch check it out" type thing Im doing a "help with my viewer avereage if u can and ill help in the like or in another fashion straight up just promoting my twitch" type thing lol . I'm still confused on, as to why you felt the need to get grumpy at first instead of just being informative and helpful like u are now. Im
  6. hey so  About a week ago I posted a thing about sekiro and usaid something About my YouTube channel That I didn't quite understand and I was wondering if you could elaborate on something about XY's 

  7. Cool. thank u. I did not know this. I assure u I wasn't trying to be a dick and spam cause I ain't about that life lol
  8. I can dig it!!!! Like I said I'm new to this forum so still getting used to the inns and outs. Of my offering my services for the exact services im asking for is desperate spam then all apologies but as of right this second I'm laughing my ass off.
  9. @AndreiMirfi that wasn't necessarily directed at u @Shagger sorry u don't like my spam inguess
  10. Well really don't think anyone does owe me a god damned thing . nor do I recall asking anyone for anything but a view .lol ,I'll still be steady streaming regardless just asking for some kindness but I really could give two shits what u consider spam(specially when your complaining about two posts in different sections spam) just isn't fun not being able to stream what and when I want cause I have to worry about my viewer average. And just incase you didn't feel silly immediately after posting your Dickish post I've actually gotten a really good response from these on here so yeah have a nice
  11. hey So I know I'm fairly new . But I'm really close To becoming an affiliate I and I feel like my stream is half decent. Lol if any of u would be so kind as to you know give me some help with just a few views today I really appreciate it. I could hit back with the same or give you some likes or follows or even some ads on the stream whatever works for u thank u. Twict.tv/rebelscum8298
  12. Lol yeah no i don't even stream on you tube i think I maybe put up 3 edited videos and on working on tow others to have up soon. But can you explain this x? Y? Business u speak of? Im not quite following . And yeah I was fully just talking about my twitch there.. that I was streaming I shod have specified my bad
  13. So I've be working on some pretty bad ass nioh camera mode style screen shots and also have some with out camera mode of some of those weirdl little dudes with huge heads jumping at my face and also my character getting his face eaten lol hope u enjoy . Im gonna have more coming and im still taking request for help videos.
  14. Fan art nioh anyone . I mean wat this lik asshole big headed demon is doing is literally what he was talking about pushing and knocking of balance for a kill attack
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