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  1. Playing new season of Fortnite today.
  2. cmos batteries are easy to available on both amazon and ebay. Usually one is good to go for like 5 years or so.
  3. I just got too much of SIMS and GTA, so It's not going to be my favorite any time soon. I am more likely to move away from the SIMS and the GTA.
  4. Yeah some games just worth goinng over and over. Especially the one with say story and trail or episodes type.
  5. XBOX is not bad in fact the box is lot better in performance over the years plus their monthly game pass is lot better than the PSN too.
  6. Superhero games are boring and lot of tangent storylines from comics, animation, movies make you go mad on games. I mean it messes with your head what is canon and what is manipulation from original. That is where it gets boring. I'd say if you want to follow hero storylines then MMO games are lot better.
  7. Yes the cheap graphics does appear but if you check the whole game, then considering the graphics style it kind of fits.
  8. Makes no difference as you can play it on multiple platforms. The case in point is pure gameplay value. I think Rocket League is strong enough on any platform for that gameplay value.
  9. I have one dedicated table for the laptop so I don't have to use the laptop cooler like most people. I do however think that my processor does not catch up much heating on that context.
  10. Even if EA keeps the company alive most likely they will fire the workers and keep the code rehashed year after another year like FIFA and Cricket they are doing over the years.
  11. Being toxic towards a game is lot better than being toxic towards players, their origin, religion, and their ethnicity or the color. World just recovered from that time, no need to go back.
  12. These days a lot of listening has been in between the youtube and the spotify. Though gaming soundtracks are not much on the spotify to be honest.
  13. I wonder how the locations like in apex legends, PUBG, Fortnite would be in fantasy, must be like pure warzone though looks peaceful.
  14. You may find PXC 550 from the seinheisser pretty much good enough for the gaming. Here's the model: https://en-us.sennheiser.com/pxc-550-ii
  15. skyfire

    Clash Royale

    I used to play the clash royale and also the clan royale which got nerfed due to the copyright issues.
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