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  2. You are into a room with specific goal and you can open explore the room, so under limitations you have freedom too. Think of GTA games for example.
  3. I think the effort put into skull and bones must not be as expensive as the anthem though. Anthem was kind of financial disaster.
  4. Haha I think a lot of times it depends on the gamers financial condition. A lot of working gamers often can't afford to feed the system that asks for every in app item to win. and the thing is that people who can afford to do that wont say a thing against this.
  5. That has happened to me in many games and I had to check gameplays in order to see what I have missed in the games.
  6. skyfire

    Steam Deck

    I think those sort of the things happen because a lot of makers are outsourcing to china and only designing things in house, which kind of limits their control over logistics, make and other variables which they can't control. I think a lot of brands need to own the total start to end production to have better output though.
  7. Yeah I would say 2022 update would be better considering a lot of semiconductor and the maker issues in china would be resolved by the end of the year.
  8. Yeah I assume these days almost every maker tries to push the product upto 3 years of the minimum usage.
  9. That is a good thing. I think having the open source code yet have better security on cloud is a good edge they have over lastpass.
  10. skyfire


    Yeah in that context I'd say basic VPN is more than enough. I am just not sure for some logger type VPNs though. those are simply not worth it.
  11. I wonder if people played this game as it turns out a lot of youtubers are playing on twitch.
  12. I think if govt starts to decide what is good for people then things become china like and end up badly so that people dont want to be in it. I think sometimes some rules set by the govt itself on online platforms for access should solve the problem instead like 1 gaming ID connected to gaming server for more than 2 hours, get it disconnected for next 4 hours type of restrictions.
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