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  1. skyfire

    Age Of Empires

    I think AOE2 was one of the good games because they had stories and small quests in them. And it was fun playing those small quests and the stories. I'd say it definitely was a good experience upto that. AOE3 and onwards I have them in backlog.
  2. skyfire

    What game is the oldest one in your backlog?

    I think for me the oldest in backlog has to be rise of kings. I have not finished that game yet. And it remaine din the backlog for years. I also didn't played house of deads recent release few years back. And that is just like piling a lot of survival genre games.
  3. skyfire

    Gaming in prisions

    It's hard to say changes. For example some people who became homeless because of the drug addiction, can't be changed. some people who became homeless because of the alimony payments, you can't really fix them either because they are attacked through financial side. so prison is often a good place for them where they have peace.. i don't think gaming is helpful for them.
  4. skyfire

    How long does it take you

    I don't think there is a fixed time for me to finish the game. It just takes time based on what time I have and also the amount of time I can invest into in the genre. Not all genres are worth playing for me.
  5. skyfire

    Favorite video game soundtrack?

    For me it has to be the industrial music found in all three of the serious sam games. Also the music in the DOOM sounds really good. It was revamped in recent versions which makes it a good for listening while gaming.
  6. skyfire

    Discord Owners

    Interesting community idea. I have joined many community servers. I also made one and handled for the android games in the tower defense category. It was a good experience but community eventually died out because of lack of activity.
  7. skyfire

    Future of gaming

    I think those reality shifter using game would only be exciting but dangerous too. It'd make more gamers shun the real life and prefer the online life. Which in itself is not a good thing for their mind and body.
  8. skyfire

    Video games real life movie adaptations

    I don't think so. It had pretty much good plot in second movie. However alicia vikanders movie sounds like B movie that I agree.
  9. skyfire

    Your time - downloading games?

    My internet speed is not that fast. It just have 1 MB/S so it takes a lot of time for games that are above 2GB and onwards. I try to keep them on downloader or scheduler to save my time and bandwidth. it works out that way just fine.
  10. skyfire

    Games you enjoy

    These days I kind of enjoy playing some of the classic games through DOSBOX. It can be fun visiting those old DOS and the emulator games. And the way they were developed. You don't get to play them for days. Its just few hours of gameplay.
  11. skyfire

    Which games feature the coolest graphic design work?

    A lot of games I can think of 1. No Mans Sky 2. Darksiders 3 3. Anthem And then there are some games which are in 2D.Mostly those korean and jaapnese games that have a good graphics. Unfortunately many names I forgot of those japanese games.
  12. skyfire

    Gaming in prisions

    I think problem with lot of percentage of the criminals is that once they do it as a profession. They are harder to change. But those who do it out of anger and the some heat of the moment, those people tend to change and often deserve some good time in prison too.
  13. skyfire

    Do you ever get bored of Gaming

    I think I do hit some of the boredom every now and then. And it often affect my health trying to view things in pixel. But I guess that happens when you don't take break in your own profession. You have to take some break out of it. Break in any profession is necessary no matter how much you are young or old. You may hit burn out and end up in depression too.
  14. skyfire

    Old consoles

    I think currently using the old console is a bit liability. The reason being it can be hard to find the part for replacement. And also trying to repair at home can be nightmare. As an antique I can keep those 90s consoles. But these days reusing them is not worth it.
  15. skyfire

    How much cash in pro-gaming?

    Ninja became 1 million owner just for playing Fortnite. You can guess how many other games are out there. And playing them and establishing yourself as an authority or influencer, you can make money in it.