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  1. Registration as in, for syncing google play has the long method same sync like PC based game. I think cross play would be harder for LOL but I'll wait till release. Who knows they may release different heroes too.
  2. I wonder if they are going to add the Jiren character.
  3. Kind of expected from disney to license things that way.
  4. I think this was expected. though I am not sure how they would handle the mobile microtransaction now that they are on android.
  5. I hope that many countries reduce the importing from china and that put pressure on the game companies too for not following Chinese government.
  6. I think that's where microtransaction games in android comes in. lot of companies make money that way.
  7. Now that we are closer to the 2020.We should definitely get the games which have decent graphics. lot of game developers are still stuck in the retro days.
  8. For some reason I think GTA V was good game though it didn't received as much as it was supposed to be.
  9. Yes and it was tough to finish it if your amo was down and you are left with basic killing stuff that would increase the range issue.
  10. I think the PC and the mobile version registration would vary though. I don't think both will sync.
  11. Me too. But we can;t teach the kids who watch youtube and social media and decide how to choose president and how to steer the culture ahead. I am sure stadia would get lot of sales with such kids.
  12. Often the password storage is in plain text so hackers don't even have to do much sweat. Many strong password protections are through SALT and Hashes. So this needs to be done.
  13. Not just west but also in asia itself. Every country is too much importing things from china. That needs to stop otherwise china will soon dictate communism through their own country in others.
  14. I think many of those designs looks so bad that they must be in hurry to finish the game.
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