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  1. skyfire


    If you like action, adeventure game and you use Nintendo switch, then you may like this game. Check out the trailer.
  2. I think it is far from relaxing. The reason being the game is more of exploratory game. And it does require motivation to explore. So you are less likely to relax with such game. I'd however consider it as more of churn based stress free game.
  3. This year PC and old consoles as usual. But I may consider PS 5 next year if I can come up with some savings.
  4. I think only difference I get to see is that apple is walled garden and other brands making use of the snapdragon gives you freedom from soil of apple.
  5. Ipad is powerful compared to most of the tablets out there. Most of the tablets are meant for the casual usage. Ipad on the other hands are replacing the art tablets.
  6. Yeah graphics wise this is a good game. I think DiRt is specific on the niche so it gets more love from the community.
  7. Ryzen's heating was specific to some products due to poor body design. I do have one asus box. No heating issues noticed so far. The problem with HP is that regardless of entry level laptop or gaming or premium business .. all of them suffer heating issues.
  8. I think they are making walled garden like china did with their country. Apple with their own chip would completely destroy hackintosh and the OS hacking on other processors. It would take 4 more years to break the emulation. So developers who are loyal love the new processors but cross platform developers hate it.
  9. Yeah pretty much what I thought. I guess it is possible that they are leaking to create buzz around products but it is not working in their favor.
  10. Pretty much same for me. I can't think of games as more these days because putting outselves into the game ends up draining from inside.
  11. Max Payne definitely is a something I too miss. Their matrix MOD was fun too. I think a lot of games later cloned max payne scenario if I remember during that time.
  12. Definitely.. some of friends from office were discussing one more usage of VR. like say you are 70 year old and can't travel upto the machu pichu, imagine VR could take you there and show you, though we are yet to get into matrix like experience for those things. But it can pretty much replace the travelling experience for those who can't... VR like this can be a good therapy for those who live in regret or something like that.
  13. I am guessing they are pretty much sold out with their stocks till December. It'd be interesting to see what they do after January 2021. Because currently i see out of NVIDIA product from catalog in many of the offline and online shops.
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