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  1. Imagine total recall type stuff in the games. It'd be fun that way.
  2. I think most of the mythology based games are in need of the religion. Lot of eastern religions were destroyed by Christianity, so their stories would be definitely worth having in the games too.
  3. Usually China, Korea, Japan to EU license has different values. US enjoys the open market license and often the games can be found on their ebay site.
  4. I don't think Yoga models are good for gaming devices.
  5. I think longer clip will be out soon. This seems like more or less teaser. Hopefully it could be survival horror or action.
  6. I didn't expected this game considering there was nothing new from the playerunknown recently. But they have this new game trailer named prologue. So check it out.
  7. So the game awards has released one more good game announcement trailer. I kind of liked this new trailer.
  8. The Riot Forge studio seems to be pretty busy these days with 2 new games coming out. Convergence is their another game being launched next year. You may find the trailer below which is their new game under studio name Riot Forge.
  9. There is going to be new story from the league of legends and most probably a tangent game under new company named Riot Forge. The game seems to have got the story trailer as well. You can check out that below.
  10. So the The Wolf Among Us 2 is being released next year. And there seems to be the trailer out there as well. You can check out the trailer.
  11. I am definitely looking at the people who are going to make choice for PS5 though. It would be fun to see if people can prefer it new or after it ages in few upgrades in a year or two.
  12. I expect physical sensation and pleasure through VR. Especially if we play something like mortal kombat. those punches in the gut would be freaking awesome lol.. just kidding.
  13. I'd say if you can get good wife, kids, family, job in VR which you can't get in the real life. Go ahead live in the VR. Nobody needs to suffer in real world if VR can promise this world to be better for them.
  14. Trailer looks good. I am guessing this is a good start apart from those multiplayer battle royale games.
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