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  1. Yeah it's kind of hard to get in terms with. I lost for few minutes too.
  2. Even if it becomes affordable. I find it pointless due to ownership issue on games.
  3. For me the FPS and one specific angle with FPS game kind of got me. Be it in serious sam or the darksider or the DMC. The action and the FPS games have that angle. which you don't see in the RPG.
  4. Think of emulator is like tricking the game or application to think that they are running on the platform which is their intended running platform.
  5. Membership games that you get with XBOX. I think they are not that bad compared to PS.
  6. I hope they do something once the PS 5 is launched.
  7. The design kind of feels odd for me.
  8. I guess Linux users not paying for games meant the development is wasted.
  9. I guess there must be bugs. So that means they will also make sure to test it on PS 5.
  10. I am kind of fan of the war and death in the darksiders. I am also finding strong in the dante and nero. So it seems like more I play such action games things feel great.
  11. Just checked out Dont starve. Is it is worth buying it?
  12. In some of the free P2P games, I kind of take like years to earn all the heroes and it can get pretty hard some of the time.
  13. I have seen the wireless mouse being less responsive after specific usage. I kind of hate it for that reason.
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