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  1. Not a good design if you have back problem the way it has shaped for your back is so wrong. Must be designed for those without back problem I assume.
  2. In theory they can. But I am not sure if they want to. I think they must be thinking in the direction of the microtransactions to keep their ecosystem funded. Thats where many studios are struggling lately.
  3. I think that could be because other resident evil games revolve around umbrella and this one has a bit different vibe to it and that kind of changes the direction of the game if you ask me.
  4. I have no issues with they adding more of such games under their belt. As long as the franchise continues I have no issues. Imagine a lot of studios are dying and microsoft could save them. Though this also creates forceful demand for people having to get both consoles.
  5. Not ridiculous. By that logic world should see "left 4 dead 8 or 10". But here we are.
  6. Amazon may not release a console but they are pretty active in the gaming world and they are working on a lot of title and they are integrating those title with the amazon services like amazon store and aws. For example here is the gaming engine or amazon. https://aws.amazon.com/lumberyard/
  7. Yes and they must be thinking about integrating the GTA6 with the online DLC versions as well so that they can keep it rolling while they work on further new releaases. But I think this all would take a lot of time to work out.
  8. Left 4 dead, among us, resident evil, smite, league of legneds. You have a lot of options that you have for streaming. Do check out the streamers who get some good earning out of the regular support from followers and then choose those games.
  9. Graphics wise and the gameplay wise it was not a bad production. I think they should make the game open source if they are not going to continue to it. I think that woould make many programmer gamers turn that into some other game.
  10. They have acquired pretty heavy studio this time and I am guessing they will make xbox excclusive content in near future. kind of making it harder for gamers to rely on PS 5 alone. now gamers are forced to get xbox too.
  11. Looks more like graphics side of the issue. Not game issue. Some of the devices that has GPU limits, they can end up showing this issue. What are specs of your graphics card?
  12. I have played android based VR games and honestly I didn't felt much. I need to get some console and VR game hopefully that may scare or surprise me.
  13. I am definitely going for the PS 5. Though I am not sure if the digital download version would be a good option though for me.
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