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  1. I doubt servers also are running out with the 64 GB on many VPS but the higher must be for the dedicated servers and most likely super computers and AI based machines.
  2. Yeah that bottom RGB light seems to be bonus. it was not there for the last years model. But I assume they added it for the new years model I assume some people wanted it.
  3. Specs are good. Though I don't trust the HP due to it's performance issues. I think another thing about the HP omen seems to be sticking with Ryzen.. I wonder making Intel i9 would also boost their demand.
  4. Look at the body design. How worst are their designers. They need to learn something from the razer, asus, msi and others. This one looks so crappy especially right and left side thermal vent area.
  5. I hope while they are fighting someone takes the topic of the lootboxes and gambling and punish both these companies to set an example in front of EA.
  6. I side with apple though, I don't trust CCP and it's tentacles in every market. I'd however tolerate the apple monopoly as it is not going to harm me if I am not going to buy it.
  7. Most of the youtubers, streamers who do the gaming on live streaming and want some of the creators love these type of the phones as they survive 2 years of minimum gaming shelf life.
  8. Bad design. Such designs and the handling is pain for someone like me. I am sure other people like this sort of the design. I just can't handle such type of semi flap type content.
  9. I like the design and the finishing of the product. Compared to the Lenovo and the HP models. I think they have executed and designed proper gaming laptop.
  10. Adjusting the brightness as per the day is much better option. Complete dark thems are not good for the eyes from what I have seen. Maybe it could be just me.
  11. I do make use of the night mode on the phone but not on the PC. My laptop does make use of the FLUX. which adjusts the brightness as per the time of the day. https://justgetflux.com/
  12. 64 is max I can think of. The machine needs serious 3D rendering and the mining work in order to go past the 64 gb limit. I don't see that needed by the games in near future.
  13. The default they give is the 8GB offer. And 32 GB slot needs to be manually changed I assume. But apart from that I'd say that the performance of those laptops is extremely good too.
  14. Yes but the point of the demanding gaming laptop stands. people buy it because apart from gaming they have other use too. it all takes is the available options like those.
  15. I think in near future the raspberry Pi is going to have a good future for the old and the arcade level games I assume. They just need some good execution.
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