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  1. Addiction with gaming can be brutal though. There are some rehabilitation camps that are reporting how some people got into debt due to gaming and acquired other addiction and health issues. So I won't write off gaming as any less serious.
  2. Most of the tower defense specific games look good. And they seem to be good for the playing or say grinding upto certain objective. I won't say they are always better though. But some games are designed to be slow, grinding and better on freemium games.
  3. I think gamers being lifeless applies in many context. But not for all though. I know people who are like always playing the games on mobile and the PC. On second note, you have trophy unlocked.
  4. Yes, watched few of the gameplays and based on that I agree. Though I'd wait for some of the guys here or on twitch to completely review it and give verdict on whether it's purchase worthy or not.
  5. I agree on that part. I think just like how some mobile games add the powerful hero and the premium levels on microtransactions, it can be all good. I mean just pure elixir and gold purchase through microtransaction may not help them earn revenue from game.
  6. The trailer definitely looks rad. And so I am looking for atleast 10 minutes of gameplay. Anyone have managed to find some influencer or someone who got the leaked copy so we can see how it is in terms of gameplay?
  7. House of Dead 2 and 4. I found them not much impacting me in terms of that excitement. Though I'd say new sequels were good. Though some sequels like overkill managed to attract a lot of game fans back into the game. But some sequels were boring though.
  8. In past games were lot more one dimensional in their approach. They had less issues with the complexity on the navigation of main character. Now a days the game developers make it more of about choices than a story.
  9. God of War definitely comes into mind in this context. And so does the other games like shadow of colossus, final fantasy 15, darksiders etc. I think there are many others but these days many games are losing their story side of things.
  10. I think you need to contact the support department of the game. And you have to explain them the problem more with say some sort of screenshot. This way they can find some solution for you. You have to get in touch with that team.
  11. I am glad you liked it. It seems the mojave and microsoft has different plans for the minecraft server and the overall gaming. I think they want to bring new players and keep the ecosystem running as well.
  12. skyfire

    Clash of Clans

    Not bad TH 6 that much quickly is definitely a lot of grind. I managed to take the TH to 10, and now I have abandoned the game. And I don't see much value from the game grinding anymore. So not continuing it.
  13. I am just skeptical of it because it's from google. We never know when they can push the end button to the project. So until they make money with that there is no chance in saying that it could close down.
  14. Yes the developers have more burden on them on what to launch and what to show. I guess we are going to see what may appear in the game at some point though. Either way I don't think it will ever be released.
  15. The game is now released with mixed set of reviews. I am not surprised that you viewed the ad of the game. I think some people didn't liked the "walking dead" like story of the game. It was just worth playing once though.
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