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  1. I think if this idea works with floppy and the USB, then building console that could read the floppy with raspberry pi would be interesting.
  2. I checked it and from what I have noticed they are basically dropship site who have cheaper seller in china. So the parts could be refurbished and also the low cost throwaway items who barely passed QA.
  3. Raspberry Pi is going to disrupt the space if more and more people adopt it for low cost.
  4. skyfire

    When Your PC Dies

    A lot of laptops are also coming like that. more expensive and a bit hard to get them repaired.
  5. I too think that the green cloth is definitely a good option. And lot cheaper too.
  6. Apple is just closing itself worse than microsoft ever did. And the android seems to be pretty good for the people who like games. So I can see the shift this year.
  7. Some of the games in the paid category of the google play has no in app items.
  8. I think in near future who knows windows even may make use of the Linux natively inside which they are already trying out. So yeah it wont be just windows vs linux anymore. and many gamers who use linux would use windows too.
  9. they had to return money and face the lawsuits. flop games go through that. none of which anthem went through. cyberpunk even went through VC board attacking the studio as well. anthem hardly faced any such big losses. so can't be the flop.
  10. Last year it was kind of pretty much predicted that a lot of studios would not be able to deliver as they promised. And that happened with many studios, cyberpunk even went pretty bad. So I am not surprised.
  11. I used to be a lot into the strategy games but these days not so much. I am on and off between the games like FPS, MOBA, strategy and few other gaming genres.
  12. I think 3D is yet to get there. But with COD like team around I think it will get there soon. I hate the roblox and minecraft like 3D. So I surely want 3D worth enjoying which is similar to the one in the virtual reality level.
  13. I wont say flop. they did good enough than flop. what I do consider flop is cyberpunk as consumer literally melted them with negativity.
  14. In that case you have not played enough it seems. Indonesia has made some of the best horror games. And so does the japan. After all Nintendo is japanese and so do their games. which is eastern games. and so do chinese products with their pre made games.
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