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  1. I was reading @MelbourneStar585's very intriguing topic here on full dive VR. I will pose a related question. What do you want the future of VR to look like? What would be your ideal? I would love it if there were a way to bridge VR metaverses with “real life” fully so that it all counts as “real life,” and you could make a living and have a functional existence in digital space and/or in meatspace. So long as people are taking care of their physical bodies, housing, dependents, etc., I’d love a cyberpunk future. I feel like it’d open the doors to unparalleled freedom of personal expression and would bring a lot of new ideas and possibilities into existence. What about you? What do you want from the future of VR?
  2. I always wondered if God of War would pass muster with a believer. Now I am excited to play them.
  3. Assuming bodily needs are met and folks are taking care of their families/pets, I personally would be totally cool with a broader definition of "reality," that incorporated digital metaverses as viable living spaces.
  4. I was looking at @Shagger's post here with a game where you play as Jesus, and some responses mentioning not being a fan of religious games or religion. Has anyone played any games that you thought did a good job handling religion as a topic? I can think of two examples. I have (thus far, anyway) liked Dragon Age’s handling of religion. The Chantry really bothers me as an organized religion. I do suspect I am supposed to lean toward their side, but the games haven’t shoved me hard in that direction, and do make it clear that it is a very flawed political entity. I’ve been able to play with an anti-Chantry attitude with no problems. The other example I can list is BioShock Infinite. Infinite is not a religious game (though you could play it as one, if you weren't fundamentalist in your beliefs), and I suspect (but don’t know) that Ken Levine isn’t religious at all. But the game handles religion very, very well IMO. Organized religion is represented very negatively, and the game makes a serious critique on belief systems that involve casting off personality responsibility in return for instant salvation. At the same time, baptism imagery is woven through the story as an image of redemption, but in this case, redemption through claiming personal responsibility instead of abdicating it. As for the use of “May the Circle Be Unbroken,” I weep whenever I hear it. Has anyone else found examples of games that approach religion in a way you found compelling?
  5. Madagascar cockroach. What about you?
  6. Who here has plans to purchase a next gen console? Will you be going with the PlayStation 5 or the Xbox Scarlett, and why? How soon do you plan to buy your next console? After skipping a generation (PS4), I plan to buy the PS5 since it should be able to play PS4 games. I prefer the more extensive backwards compatibility which Xbox features, but what can I say? I am a huge TLOU fan, and it’s a PlayStation exclusive, and that is a big enough factor to get me to buy a PS5 instead of the Scarlett. While I would love to buy it when it comes out during the holiday release window next year, I will probably wait up to a year for the price to drop. What are your next gen plans? @DylanC @The Blackangel @kingpotato @Alyxx @killamch89 @skyfire @Executor Akamia @Shagger
  7. Just read that @The Blackangel recently bought an Xbox One after avoiding Xbox for a very long time after spotting a great deal at GameStop. It got me wondering what motivated everyone here to buy the consoles you own. For the longest time, I was a PC-only gamer, until I managed to buy my current PS3 off of my neighbour for cheap after borrowing it for a year or so. Between PlayStation and Xbox, I was always leaning toward PlayStation, simply because I am not a big fan of Microsoft. I do feel like Sony is really backwards with a lot of its policies and attitudes though, so both options leave a lot to be desired. I will buy the PS5 and not the Scarlett though, because of Sony’s exclusives. What about you? What made you choose the console you have today?
  8. Does anyone know ways to take screenshots on the PS3, preferably without plugging in peripherals like a USB keyboard? My PS3 has very dodgy USB ports, and I try not to touch them.
  9. An eye for improvisational weapons.
  10. On another thread, @Alyxx, @killamch89 and I were talking about spending lots of time customizing characters. I wanted to know if anyone here has screenshots to share of their favorite characters that they put a lot of work into? I would share, but I have still not figured out how to take screenshots on my PS3 =D
  11. I used to MUD a lot. It wasn't bad from a pacing standpoint at all, since you can spend a lot of time on your own if you want.
  12. Just following up @kingpotato's thread on Black Friday plans. What did everyone here ultimately end up getting? I grabbed some DA Inquisition DLC for about $4.
  13. Elder Scrolls Online, likely because that is his patient's favourite game :) I've had great results from everything from exploring/questing RPGs like Skyrim to FPS games like Quake III Arena.
  14. I'm not making fun of your anxiety at all. I literally thought you were being humorous where you posted it--or maybe hoped you were, for your sake. Being made anxious is not fun 😞 It is easy to mis-read tone on the web, and I apologize for misreading yours. There certainly is a lot of toxic behavior on some servers, and I can see now how that could cause social anxiety. I am sorry you've had bad experiences.
  15. I’ve never heard anyone comment on this before, but I just started Mass Effect for the first time, and I feel like I’m back in time in the late 90s or very early Aughts, lol. The game obviously looks much better graphically than anything from that timeframe, but the art and music style feel so retro, and I kind of love that. Are there any other games that anyone can think of that also look/sound like they are from that approximate era, even though they were made later?
  16. I was reading @Shagger talking about a game called Knack which was designed for kids, with a co-op role built in for parents or older siblings to help them out with tough sections, and @kingpotato and I both liked the concept. I was wondering what other games you all are familiar with that feature interesting co-op mechanics?
  17. I just started my first playthrough of Mass Effect a couple of nights ago. So far, it seems very similar mechanics/interface-wise to Dragon Age, but mixed with some shooter elements. But like DA, I am finding it a bit overwhelming in the beginning. A couple of stupid questions: -How do I see how many grenades I have? -How do I see how much medi-gel I have? -Why is there an annoying vignette effect when I am out and about, even when I am not wearing any sort of helmet? The screen is darker around the corners? Is there a way to disable this annoying visual effect? Finally, does anyone have any useful tips in general for getting the most out of Mass Effect? I would especially appreciate any tips for combat and resource management as well as which abilities you recommend leveling quickly. @DylanC @Alyxx @killamch89 I believe I've heard all of you mention you like Mass Effect, so I'm hoping you might have a few tips/answers for me. Thanks!
  18. Nor the difference between reality and fantasy. I mean, my perception of FPS games as a kid was that they were a form of "sport" with simulated gore, rather than that they were actually violent. That's still my perception of them. I know some kids have trouble with that distinction though, so I can see where one might want to delay before giving them such games. I also had a very active imagination as a kid, and found attempts to censor my media ridiculous, because my brain was R-rated from a very young age heheh.
  19. And cultural and individual perception of that content. I mean, my mother highly disapproved of Doom, but in a rare moment of live-and-let-live, ignored it. But my father didn't find Doom objectionable at all. And as a kid, I didn't have a hard time distinguishing video game violence from the real thing. So maybe it also depends on the kid and what is appropriate for that specific kid?
  20. I suppose there is also the question of "what does it even mean to say something is a kids game?" I mean, obviously adults can enjoy a game marketed at children, and the reverse is true for some kids too. I clearly remember growing up playing Doom.
  21. So, I have moderate OCD. I’m mostly functional most of the time, but I do get panic attacks, and I do have trouble sleeping. Literally the only thing that reliably distracts me and calms me down is gaming, so I game before bed and I do so consistently every single night if I can. Anyway, a friend with OCD just told me that her psychiatrist “prescribed” her to play video games for her anxiety! So, apparently this is a thing, not just my thing. He explained that the task-based nature of games is an ideal fit for hijacking the compulsive part of the brain and redirecting it away from the anxiety thoughts and toward doing something relaxing and enjoyable. Makes sense to me. Kind of how I figured it worked, but cool to hear that a psychologist somewhere thinks the same thing and actively advises patients who like gaming and have OCD to game more.
  22. Simple question from someone who knows nothing about sim games: which ones are your favorites? @LadyDay Mostly directed at you. I know you'll mention The Sims 4. Any others?
  23. I saw @skyfire joking (I think!) that games might have caused him social anxiety. And while I think he was kidding, it did make me wonder if gaming has instilled any good/bad habits in each of us, making us more or less effective as people? I think gaming has actually improved my social skills, and made me a more confident decision-maker. I can’t think of any deficits to my personality which gaming has caused or made worse (though my cat may disagree when I am immersed in TLOU). What about you?
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