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  1. What is the most awkward or embarrassing moment of any kind you experienced while playing any game? I would say pretty much anytime I played a BioWare game and there was a sex scene and anyone else was ever present in the room for any reason would probably be the worst for me. Following that, I would say some silly moments where I got super nervous while playing against a friend in Quake III Arena and kept dancing around her in circles and missing at point blank range were the most embarrassing.
  2. Are there any video game endings that you were so unhappy with that you would actually change them if you could? If so, what would you change? I don’t think there are any games I have played where the entire ending bothered me to the point where I would rewrite it. I think the only thing I would want is for there to be some kind of resolution between Booker and Elizabeth in BioShock Infinite: Burial at Sea—but that could be an addition of some kind (even just looking through a tear to a universe where they were happy in Paris) rather than a change to plot events.
  3. For those here who play MMOs, what do you look for when deciding whether to join an MMO? I would say for me, the most important features are community and interaction, enforced or highly encouraged RP, a flexible class system, and an organic player-driven direction to how events unfold. I also don’t like games where factions and locations are too closed-off and black and white.
  4. Remember the good old days of LAN parties? Does anyone here still attend or host LAN parties? What are your favourite LAN party games?
  5. @Empire was telling me good things about Slime Rancher, a game that my brother was also telling me about the other day. Has anyone else here played Slime Rancher, and if so, did you enjoy it?
  6. Not really a "mission," but any line of dialogue selected that ends in a sex scene in any BioWare game.
  7. The latter, more. Just a sense of safety and familiarity. Like, the Quake maps feel like home to me because they literally are the only consistent "place" I've had since being a teen, and they feel comfortable and calming. I dream about them too. My brother recommended this one to me the other day!
  8. They do seem rather like large cockroaches after a while. Between them and the draugr, I often feel like I should be promoting Dragonborn Exterminator Services for All of Skyrim's Pest Problems.
  9. Skyrim was one of the first PS3 games I played, and I hadn't touched a video game console since NES. So, the beginning blew my my mind in what now seems such a quaint way ("The controller is shaking holy crap!"). But in hindsight I quite agree; it is a rather dull beginning.
  10. I can sympathize. I just bought like six games for PS4 that will hopefully run on the PS5 I do not yet have (I have a PS3). It will be many months before I can touch any of them =D
  11. I can totally get that 🙂 It is my all-time favourite game. I am in love with it from top to bottom. The Bioshock Collection regularly is only sale for $11-14ish, a good chance to grab all three remasters.
  12. Been interested in getting No Man’s Sky for someone, but specifically he only wants games that are relaxing. Is this a relaxing game in offline mode?
  13. This might sound weird, but are there video games that give you a feeling of “home” and safety? Like for me, I’ve been playing Quake III Arena since I was in high school, so in a way, those maps have been the only completely static, consistent “places” in my life over all that time. So, they feel like home.
  14. What are some games that grew on you and you liked more and more as you kept playing them? I had very mixed feelings about Oblivion originally, but now I like it a lot. Also, while I enjoyed Mass Effect from the beginning, I didn’t get totally into it until I started playing Mass Effect 2.
  15. What are the most tedious (not necessarily the hardest—just the longest, most repetitious, and/or most annoying) boss fights you can think of? For me, it would be Corypheus in the Dragon Age 2 DLC he shows up in, followed by I think the boss at the end of The Only Cure in Skyrim.
  16. I don’t think we have ever talked about video game induced seizures here. Does anyone here experience these? I have a friend with epilepsy who is unable to play a huge number of games because of it, and it makes me sad.
  17. The entirety of BioShock Infinite. Also, the entirety of Spec-Ops: The Line, for related reasons.
  18. 1. BioShock Infinite - Story, characters, philosophy, ambiance. 2. TLOU - Story, characters, gameplay. 3. Bioshocks 1/2 - Story, characters, philosophy, ambiance. 4. Fallout NV - Great open world and factions, well-developed companions. 5. Quake III Arena - Oldest game I've played the longest. Feels like home by now.
  19. A whole bunch of Ubisoft games aren't compatible. But last I checked, sony still didn't have them on the list.
  20. There is a lot of cool stuff about it. Without any spoilers, I will say that I felt like it had something cool to say about the nature of choice and what needs to be there for our choices to really be ours.
  21. Spec Ops critiqued the overall casual attitude of COD toward war, and one of its pivotal events is a reference to a specific mission from a COD game, but with realistic psychological implications that were absent in the COD game.
  22. There's a list of games that are not backwards compatible maintained by Sony, but last I checked, it is already missing items. According to them, "99%" of games are backwards compatible on PS5, so I don't think they're likely to bother with a complete list anytime soon. Regardless, at least TLOU II should run fine, and hopefully the others too 🙂
  23. Not bad. I kept reading horror stories about like 20 hours from some people.
  24. A couple people on Reddit said it works. I did end up doing this today though (using YouTube) for a few other games; it is a good suggestion. I just bought like 5 PS4 games hoping they will run okay on PS5.
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