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  1. If you are a creator of any type (programmer, writer, artist, etc.), what games have had the biggest influence on your own work?
  2. When you have a weird little slice of time to fill and you want to game, what do you play? For example, say you just finished a game, and you have 20 minutes before you want to quit gaming for the day. What do you fill that gap with?
  3. Are there any games that make you feel both relaxed and stressed out at the exact same time? So far, this is the impression I get of Minecraft. But maybe the stress part wears off once I figure out what I am doing.
  4. What are the most distinctive, unusual dungeons you can remember from any games?
  5. What are your favorite video game music covers? Please share.
  6. What are some older games that still don’t feel “dated” when you are playing them? And I don’t just mean that they’ve aged well. I mean also that they still feel like something that might have been made today.
  7. I thought I would start a thread where we can share screenshots of anything cool we have built in any game (Minecraft, No Man’s Sky, etc. etc.).
  8. Does Minecraft have absolutely no tutorial? I feel quite lost trying to get started without one. So far, I have largely accomplished dying many times.
  9. What are the coolest bases you have ever seen in No Man’s Sky?
  10. I am very new to No Man’s Sky. Does anyone have any tips for the easiest way to build a bridge across a canyon? I was trying to do it with the terrain manipulator, and getting nowhere.
  11. I've won it in the past, and I don't have a habit of bowing out, but it is true I'd prefer someone else to win.
  12. I nominate @kingpotato for his many thoughtful replies 🙂
  13. I am very new to No Man’s Sky. The other day I was flying over a planet’s surface and looking out at the scenery, and I realized that if I did not stop and land at any specific spot that interested me, chances were I’d never find it again due to the sheer size of the game. So, in a way, every moment I decided not to land had a consequence, since I was skipping non-repeatable experiences. What are some other games that are like this?
  14. What are some games that you specifically think should have prequels made? What would you want the prequels to focus on?
  15. Even really solid sequels often get short shrift, and sometimes I wonder if it is because sequels, however good they are, tend to simply be less memorable than originals. Our first experience of something is novel and fresh, so it sticks in our minds longer. What do you think?
  16. When you are playing a sandbox game, how do you typically decide on goals for yourself?
  17. I know a lot of people feel the quests in No Man’s Sky are a bit tedious. I am wondering how much of the main quest line folks here completed before just going off and doing your own thing?
  18. Watch Dogs Legion is my first Watch Dogs experience AND actually my first encounter with Assassin's Creed. So, I can't really give an informed opinion, but from what I can tell, the tie-in integrates really well. I think you could be right that a completely integrated game could work well!
  19. Maybe you're right. My friend says I need this edition, but maybe she only thinks that because she runs a server? I want to be able to join her server, but not necessarily host one.
  20. Are there any authors of books that you think would do a great job working on video game development?
  21. Are there games you can think of that do a really good job with things that you typically don’t like in games? Like, for example, if you find fetch quests annoying, is there a game that actually makes fetch quests fun? Etc.
  22. It seems rare for people who specialize as voice actors in video games to get jobs playing roles in TV shows or movies (as opposed to the reverse, which seems to happen quite often). What is the reason?
  23. What are some games that in general you think are very well-designed, but which feature one or more terrible design flaws that make the whole thing worse?
  24. I've tossed most of my game boxes/cases by now. Price of living in a tiny space.
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