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  1. Gutted myself after 4 years, appreciate current model still incredible sales BUT.. these minor specs is only ‘upgrade’/ new model. Thought we were always looking forward technically.
  2. Having a ‘colour’ tv to play my ZX Spectrum on.. Was a 48K power model tho☺️
  3. Have Series X and still One X. Will firmware update enable alternating between devices with just USB? Same as with pc am guessing.
  4. Set ‘Alexa’ to tell me “ Ok, Games off T.V.” every night at 10 pm. But its just when am getting going at 11pm Alexa says “ O.K...Bedtime”. again ignored or just never noticed. When really into a great story e.g. any past 3 A/C, try tell myself 2am max. then lie in bed trying not recall til 3am before doze away. Admit, Cant play in mornings. This all after had CBT sleep therapy too! I do stop chocs and coffee at 4pm tho!! 😉
  5. Thanks so much. There is the One X optical connection i can use but i think this will suffice and i will search Youtube for further advice as you’ve pointed me in the right direction. ps. That is one hell of a system the guy has! Wow ! Cheers 👍
  6. Hi. Ive just picked up my A50 Wireless Headphones & Basestation but finding the Guide / Manuals very poor. Even states on the Guide to go onto website for ‘Full Manuals’ but all this gives you is the electronic version of the ‘Exact’ guide you have in your hand.!! Like to know setting up the Xbox and PC has to be independently initially then switched as required or is it one or other only? the website isn’t clear at all about setting the Dolby option or if any Firmware is specific for either Xbox or PC. Unsure if on Xbox Settings there will be an Astro Firmware update and therefor only available as a PC option?
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