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  1. It's the most fun chess game, I guess. Graphics, in particular, seem to be the best. The approach of this game is enough to attract my focus. Thank you for the game recommendation - I'm going to download this through Steam onto my Laptop and Heroes Showdown a try!
  2. I wonder if those improvements are going to migrate to the mobile application aswell. Soon or later, I suppose time will tell. The current changes announced by Activision, is amazing news for gamers.
  3. Yes, both video games, Stardew Valley (£7.99) and Monument Valley (£3.99) are available on the App Store. You will occur a cost for both Applications, if you decide to download them. What problems are you having with the App Store, have you forgot your Apple ID Password? Feel free to share any screenshots of the errors that your experiencing and I'll do my best to help you!
  4. What don't you enjoy about Battle Royale? Is there anything in particular you don't like the genre? Since Battle Royale is not your go to game, what niches do you like? Are there any titles that you do love playing that you have theories about, that you wish to share with VGR?
  5. Out of all of the video games you've played since you started gaming, what would you say is your least favoured and Why? Please tell the community what aspects specifically you dislike in the title you hate most!
  6. It is capable of providing quicker loading speed, better graphics, higher resolution(4k) and a clearer gaming experience for Xbox and Xbox 360. Just look at their advertisement trailer, it says it all really. Microsoft can definitely survive as a competitor when Playstation release their new generation of console.
  7. Alexander.


    I have voted for 17-20 years of age. Right now, I'm 19 and I'm 20 in October. Time soon goes, to quickly for my liking!
  8. Are you referring to fahrenheit rather than celsius? 22° in fahrenheit is 69.8. Just wanted to clear up the misunderstanding as I posted in celsius.
  9. Creative or Survival? What projects are you working on Minecraft? How much time did you devote yesterday evening to Minecraft Pocket Edition? You've inspired me to try the pocket edition again, it's been ages since I last played.
  10. Thank you StaceyPowers for the Nomination. On the other hand, good luck to all of those who have been nominated for this month and may the best win! Even if you weren't picked for May, still keep posting and adding more value to our gaming community!
  11. Hi there Skyfire, thank you for asking for some feedback in regards to this Laptop Model. I don't know much about gaming machines, but nonetheless I'll do my best to help. After researching on YouTube briefly, I found these two YouTube Videos which I've embed above. Hope this helps you with your purchasing decision!
  12. My everlasting, ultimate favourite game that Nintendo released is Mario Kart. It's a classic, brilliant game that you can get hours of fun out of. My favourite choice brings back some great memories of the 2000 decade.
  13. Never heard of Adsendance before, I'm researching into this game. Although, after initially watching the video game trailer, I have to the conclusion that this is much like Smash Hit. The 3D Graphics and the smoothing music are very similar. Have you ever heard of Smash Hit before - it's available to download on the Apple and Play Store.
  14. Thank you for explaining your answer. Have you got a specific character to mind? One from a video game that you've played in the past? If so, what's their name and fighting abilities?
  15. Good evening gamers of VGR. How is everyone doing? After 8 hours, my shift at my workplace has finally come to an end and I'm now able to enjoy some of this gorgeous weather. It's 22 degrees, sunny and no wind.
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