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  1. At which website do you go to have your gaming news, as the title says? I want to know, because I am looking for places to go for gaming information. Thank you!
  2. Will you ever take a job as a tester for a video game? Do you think you have what it takes? Is there anybody actually here that works in this profession? Around the time I was a kid, I initially wanted to be a game tester.
  3. Choosing only five games, which would you rate as your top five? Make a list below and tell us why you've picked them. What sort of genre are you into? Are these titles that your still playing?
  4. Black Friday is definitely going to be different this year. Many of the shops in England are closed due to the Lockdown that was implemented with the increasing rise of COVID cases & deaths. So, we'll see a lot of people making their purchases online and grabbing bargains through online marketplaces like, Amazon.
  5. I completely agree, gaming is good for mental health. There are many sources, besides the one from the guardian, that provide evidence for this theory. Just look at this story from Sky News too - https://news.sky.com/story/playing-video-games-can-be-good-for-your-mental-health-study-finds-12133731
  6. Everyday, gaming businesses are increasingly becoming corrupt. Large corporations such as EA, Ubisoft, and Blizzard are only a few companies who are destroying their games with micropayments or premium material that should actually be in the game. It's a real shame.
  7. The best snacks for gaming would have to be Junk Food, with Soda to drink. But, it's important to ensure you don't spill anything onto your gadgets as it would be a expensive mistake. So, I always try and eat/drink away from the desk.
  8. Yes. Like previous platforms, we'll see a very downward trend and eventually they'll stop making titles for such consoles years down the line. Just like the Xbox 360, video games are no longer being produced for this platform. This forces gamers to upgrade their console to the later version resulting in profits to the big companies.
  9. We are fast approaching the end of 2020 and the start of 2021. So, reflecting, what's your most favored game you've played this year? Are you still playing it? Please tell the community if any titles are being released next year, which you're excited for.
  10. Have you ever accidentally fallen asleep in front of your computer/tv screen while gaming? Perhaps you were up a bit too late? Let's hear some embarrassing stories and moments if this has happened to you!
  11. Whether it's a game or a microtransaction payment, have you ever paid in Crypto before? If so, which coin? Bitcoin? Will this type of technology change the ways we send & receive online in the long run?
  12. I agree. And what is the rush? There aren't good titles that have been released, yet. The Xbox is useless without any decent games to play too. In conclusion, there are many drawbacks of buying a console on launch so it's best to wait.
  13. 7th Generation. During my childhood, I spent countless hours playing games on the Xbox 360 and some of the titles I enjoyed playing the most were, GTA 5, Minecraft, Skyrim, & Call of Duty. I can remember even to this day the noisy fan!
  14. I don't play with a dual monitor setup. I have a Laptop and use the one screen built in. Dual Monitor gaming is costly, takes up too much room, & could be a distraction to the task at hand.
  15. As much as I love customizable controllers, I would pass on this one. The design seems a little on the ugly side, and the style is a bit messy. I don't believe any of the KFC's in England are hosting this sort of giveaway.
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