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  1. Computer gamers! How do you clean your keyboard? I wouldn't call myself tech-savvy by any means, so I will always have my keys professionally cleaned by an IT specialist or a company like John Lewis or Currys PC World.
  2. Are you okay with talking to fellow gamers you don't know in real life? If so, which method of connection do you feel most comfortable with? Typing? VoIP? Which is your primary choice of communication? For example, Is it Discord, Skype, or Teamspeak?
  3. My charger for my Gaming Laptop recently broke and has become loose, which causes the power supply not to reach my Laptop. I have owned my Laptop for around six months now and this is the first replacement. Is this normal? How many times have you had to replace it?
  4. Probably Candy Crush: Saga. The repetitive voice of "'Sweet', 'Tasty', 'Divine' and 'Delicious' really starts to become annoying after sometime. I'm surprised that so many people are addicted to playing this mobile game.
  5. Not anytime soon. It's supply and demand. As-long as people are willing to pay money, the publishers will continue developing more enhanced and modern versions of the game.
  6. I'm glad to hear that you reunited with your friend after a disagreement. I have never lost a friend because of something that has happened while gaming. I hope this never happens to me as I'll always try to keep the boundary between a hobby and a friendship.
  7. In the past we had but sadly not anymore. It's mostly the likes of high-end, modern electronic stores such as John Lewis and Curry's PC World. There are still retro video games that are available to purchase on Gumtree and eBay.
  8. I am using a 49Inch Samsung television for all my gaming and entertainment needs. I would love to buy a bigger TV although I can't. Unfortunately, my room doesn't have the space for a gadget of this size.
  9. I do keep a journal. It's a "worry booklet" which helps eases my Anxiety and for me, by writing them down, this is a good way of dealing with unneeded worries. It helps me to organize my thoughts, see clearer, and have a overall better day.
  10. I don't like handwashing dishes, cleaning the bathroom, or emptying the bins. I don't mind chores and generally, when I'm in a cleaning mode, a lot of household jobs will be fulfilled by myself and myself only as I live alone. If I don't keep on top of it though, a backlog of tasks soon starts to pile up.
  11. Unfortunately not! I always end up eating my way through it and never get around to replenishing the stash. The temptation is too much and as soon as I arrive home with the chocolate or sweets, I'll eat them all. Only if healthy foods tasted the same as sugary snacks...
  12. For me, it's the need of having to commute to work at 4am. My alarm is set on my iPhone for the days in which I'm working, so I don't accidentally sleep in. Every night I just check to ensure it's not been put on silent mode by mistake.
  13. I work for a company who is known globally around the world for providing fuel and energy sources. It's called Shell. I really enjoy meeting wide-variety of people and each day is different where I learn new aspects of the Job. I'm so grateful to be employed during an pandemic.
  14. The most relaxing situation that I could imagine, is a flat sky-blue sea and sky, and a warm sun glaring down on me while fishing. No wind. No one else around besides me and nature. I could spend hours and it would definitely feel like minutes.
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