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  1. I have always started off on the Easy level with a new game, even if I have played previous games in the series. For me, it's about enjoyment and being able to explore and get a feel for the game is easier than diving right in and while you can switch out difficulty levels, it's just a lot smarter to have an easier start rather than get frustrated.
  2. The nostalgic feeling of a game will for sure bring me back to it, even if I know how to beat it or what the story line is going to have. The game called Paper Mario on Nintendo 64 comes to mind, because I played it so much as a kid. Even though I know the storyline, I will still go through it as a person who has not played it before to relive the memories.
  3. I very rarely used my Xbox 360 which is the last gaming console I owned because I have since moved to PC gaming. The rare occasions I used it for things other than gaming were for it being a movie player. As far as watching anything such as Netflix, I believe I tried it on there once but would hook up a HDMI cable from the TV to my laptop.
  4. I never found myself interested in Skyrim or any of the Halo franchise. I played Halo a few times with a friend and really only would play because I would go over to their house and we would just end up playing that. I always said it reminded me of Call of Duty and would rather play that.
  5. Gio

    Mario Party

    I loved playing the first three games of the Mario Party franchise, because even on Nintendo 64, they were honestly so much fun that would keep you busy for hours. It seemed that with each game at least for the first three, the mini games became increasingly better, and then you found well over 50 games in Mario Party 3, which seemed to be my most commonly played game of the three I had.
  6. I'm not honestly a fan of that because it honestly is too much going on and looks like it's trying to strive to be a custom built gaming computer design. If I am going to spend quite a bit of money on something with attention to design, it would be spent on a computer.
  7. The PS2 was the one and only PlayStation console I ever owned, and would say that it made a huge impact for me. It was also the console I first started playing the Grand Theft Auto franchise, and then I found a few other games I enjoyed such as Hitman and even when it was a bit aggravating, The Sims. It always made me laugh when I thought the graphics were good, especially compared to today. 😛
  8. What was the most common issues you may have ran into with your Xbox controllers? For me, it was always the thumbsticks either sticking and being a pain to fix, or they would end up breaking to where I would have to replace them, but thankfully that only happened once.
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