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  1. Yeah, emulators and VMs can manage most things, but Moore's law is the enemy here and eventually you'll start hitting hard assumptions about available hardware made by the original developers (e.g that cpu or gpu bottlenecks will be rate limiting, and they don't need to control timing). I have disk images of old machines that means I'm still able to run (occasionally for nostalgia) even Windows 95 and XP based games in a VM, but only if I throttle it, otherwise you get weird race conditions and panics, and anything not turn based can be tricky to get at a playable speed if the clock isn't quite right. After my last upgrade the sliders are now all the way to the left for the Win95 machine so next time I'm probably have to go for some inception style vm within a vm... There are some quite nice Rasberry Pi based emulators of old consoles out there too, if you want the full plug-it-into-the-tv retro fix.
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