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  1. I would love to have a open world/ survival zombie game that lets you create character creation(with a very detailed face and body of course 😁). You can changed clothes and change hairstyles. It also has somewhat like dying light/state of decay/last of us type of game where it has a nice story plot, characters, background etc. That would be SO AWESOME!! ANNNNNDDDDDD I almost forgot, I would also like a GAME OF THRONES GAMES!!!! Come to think of it, why haven't they made that game when the series was soooo awesome! It would be a RPG(somewhat like a witcher 3 for the gameplay and dragon age for choices) game. It will have a character creation and what type of house you would like to choose whether stark, lannister, targaryen etc. You will meet there the characters of game of thrones and it will be voiced by the actors OF THE LIVE GOT!!
  2. To me, I guess kinda in a different way. A few years back when I was an adolescent, that was the time I was hook into games and it changed me somehow. I don't know if I can call depressed a personality but I'll consider it as one. Yeah, I'm depressed (until now) although when I play video games, it lessen my anxiety. Like I didn't think my problems that time and just enjoying myself. Gaming is already part of my life and it will always make me happy (even though I play some rage games). I am thankful for the ones who thought of making a game and they made us happy. And....GAME IS LIFE!!!
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