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  1. I dunno, I just think that game has a lot of potential to become something great, like GTA Online. Can you imagine? The Wild West, baby, but multiplayer!
  2. Sure, games got a lot bigger, more realistic and immersive, but in the 1990s we had: - the complete game on release; - no lengthy loading screens; - no micro-transactions; - no trash talking online; - you die, you replay the entire game; - no DLC; - blowing on the memory cartridges, lol; - no one holding your hand with stupid tutorials (press WASD to move).
  3. I just noticed the "hold X to match speed" in RDR2 and I was blown away, lol. More games should use that feature. Also, a shooter not to have a FOV slider today is unforgivable to me.
  4. Which game did you really liked and you had lots of expectations for, but then, when it came out, disappointed you to no end? I would have to say The Order: 1886. There was so much hype surrounding that game and when it finally came out...
  5. Are games running considerably better on X compared to the normal version? What's the difference?
  6. Featured Post of The Day (maybe on top of everything else) and Rewards for top posters.
  7. What's one game that caught your attention so hard that you forgot you're in a chair in front of your computer, or whatever you use for gaming? A game that captivated you completely and left you wanting for more, a game that had that WOW factor you've seen nowhere else.
  8. You may nominate ONE for each category (add their platform if not on PC). 1. RPG 2. Shooter 3. Adventure 4. MMO If you can't think of one, leave blank. Maybe I'll find something new and interesting to play.
  9. Just one. Something you think it's time they add for good. I'm thinking realistic hair, that's also not shit crazy on performance. It's time we get good hair in video games, don't you think?
  10. Something that you really liked, but the world seems to have forgotten about it. Or maybe it was already remade? Lucky you!
  11. Or maybe TV shows, I dunno. I am convinced 100% that Fallout would make a great TV series. And Bioshock as maybe a Noire film. What games would you like to see on the big screen?
  12. Single player, for PC, nothing crazy scary please. Just enough to get in the spirit. :)
  13. Being a gamer and upgrading every couple of years, I learned how to do it by myself, so I don't have to pay other people to do it for me. There are some tough areas where I don't venture, like liquid cooling (although there are plenty tutorials on YouTube), but I know how to install Windows, how to upgrade my RAM, install a cooler, add new hard-drives, find out the system specs, keep my system clean, etc. What about you? Do you get around your PC or you'd rather pay others to mingle with it?
  14. Digitally, unless it's a collector's edition with some really cool stuff. I have 1000+ games on Steam and 300+ on GOG that I can take with me anywhere in the world. Imagine having 1000 video game cases...
  15. Yes, I did. It was a 3D space RTS built with a free engine. I released it in 2008 after working on it for 5 years with a friend. I did the graphics, the campaign, the sounds and he did the programming. The publisher (Strategy First) screwed us over by not doing anything for it after signing the contract. The end.
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