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  1. I have started running everyday at the same place at home for 10 minutes, such a thing reduces 130 calories to a person in my weight and it is really healthy and recommended. Now of course if you do that and run and suddenly a pain is starting to exist don't try too hard, and take rests. The sure thing is that it feels amazing and satisfying after you finish the run and rest you really feel alive. So what about you did you start doing some sports recently?
  2. So my music is the theme of Harry Potter, since I was a little kid I was always enjoying watching the Harry Potter films and repeating them again and again. And this music always gives me goosebumps, every literal time I hear it it amazes me. That's perhaps because of two reasons: one it is very nostalgic to me two: it's a brilliant music. So what about you what is a music you really like from a movie/series?
  3. I would rather use my pc since there the video games are better with a better quality and more enjoyable. Since I remember myself I was using a computer more and I never regret of it, but like anything a pc has his disadvantages and one of them is that he is not mobile unless it's a laptop but that's another subject. So what do you prefer a computer or a mobile phone?
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