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  1. In my opinion, I would say Rocky, and Halloween. I would go as far as saying Halloween 1, 2, and 4 are all tied, and Rocky 1, 2, 3, AND 4 are all equally good. What's your take on this? Which movies do you think had great sequels?
  2. Yeah like at Best Buy, they know how to do all of those tricks. Probably some of the most tech-savy people I've ever met in my life. Geek Squad is there too..
  3. Green Day has 2 fast ones but the lyrics are all about the arguments he has in his head.
  4. I personally only feel comfortable sleeping in bed. But my mom has always slept on the couch (big TV-watcher all night) and my Dad likes to sleep in his easy chair with the foot rest up. I know some people who actually like sleeping on the floor with a pillow. How about you? Where do you sleep the most?
  5. Hi Kim, so nice to meet you here. Welcome to the forum, hope to see you around. 🌞
  6. Hello Kale, welcome to VGR! 🙂✨
  7. This is a warning for anyone who doesn't already know. NEVER have any kind of magnet in your hand or anywhere near a computer screen. I had a flashlight magnet in my hand while pointing to something on my brother's computer and a whole corner section got all messed up! Like...squiggly. It stayed that way too. Have you ever ruined your computer screen? Keyboard? Messy spills,🥤cigarette ashes/burns, 🚬 etc.?
  8. I see. Ours was actually a college course that we'd sign up for. Many times, the class was already full! Everybody always wanted the 6-9 p.m. class. Best time for film course.
  9. I know what you mean. When I was little, I always drank regular soda pop, never diet. Then in high school, me and the gals all started drinking diet.. and yes, the aftertaste goes away once you're used to it. Wouldn't touch regular now. It's good you cut out regular pop.. you were smart. SO MUCH sugar.
  10. I really thought if I played long enough I would actually win some real cash. But it seemed like I was always playing alone 🤔 Never against an actual opponent until at the very end where they'd show whoops you've lost against so and so. 😂
  11. Monster Mash, the Halloween theme song for pretty much all of them (same creepy piano music).. and then there's that one that goes something like.. 🎶 cuz every day is Hallowee-ee-ee-een..🎶 .. ..and I dress this way just to keep 'em at bay cuz every day is Halloweeeen.. You guys know that one? ^^ What's your favorite Halloween song? 🎃 Best one played at parties? 🥳
  12. I've always gone there, even for buying a quick Android when my iPhone took a flop and just died one day. I love their selection of computers too. Most importantly, Geek Squad set up right in the store, plus, the sales associates have always taken the time to help me set things up. What do you think of their prices? Would you say they have the best deals on new laptops, cells, etc.?
  13. Back at the community college, where I went straight after high school (and also worked there for a few years) they offered a Humanities course called "The Film as Art". It was a great class! I took it twice. Because each semester, it covered different movie topics. And the whole class was in a big auditorium with a huge screen, very similar to a movie theater. Did you ever take a film class in school?
  14. That's good. I'll tell you one gross thing they've been doing lately here at Mc's.. adding tons of this "salt and pepper" mix to the burgers. I now have to say "1 plain McDouble with NO salt or pepper please." Really, I just mean the pepper. I didn't know it was a salt and pepper mix and trust me, it ruins the whole taste.
  15. So... you like the Pepsi huh? I can't seem to acquire a taste for Pepsi, even diet. It's the one thing about Taco Bell I don't like, they have no Coca-Cola products.. at least around here they don't. But yeah still I prefer diet anything vs regular Coke or even Pepsi. The non-diet just seems so "heavy".. I drink diet purely for the taste.. so much lighter.
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