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  1. hmmm, I had to think about your response there for a moment... so what you're saying is that indie dev/game is a politically correct term? this feels like semantics to me, although I may be wrong. πŸ˜… so, what should small independent, non-AAA developers be called? small game studio, one-man team, etc. I'm interested in learning your viewpoint, thanks πŸ˜€
  2. This was a very interesting read for me. πŸ˜‰ I have to say, IRL-type politics would be hard to introduce in a MMO type game, just like you said, as it would blow up the complexity to the level that gamedevs/companies would not want to set their foot in that soup. πŸ˜… also, why is EVE online "spreadsheet simulator" as I don't play it, just read other people ramble about it. πŸ˜…
  3. speaking of companies, the dev team of this 10 year old game is giving theirs away for free. πŸ˜‰ I'm not sure if it's time limited though πŸ€” https://www.gamingonlinux.com/2022/08/stealth-action-game-republique-is-now-free-and-steam-deck-verified/
  4. I found this article recently, describing ways to play steam games for "free" basically sharing your games with friends and family... I would just like to ask if anybody here does that? It could save some money, right? https://earlygame.com/gaming/steam-games-for-free
  5. At this point in time in the gaming industry, all the big studios are going round and round copying each other, it's hardly a surprise anymore, that's one of the reasons I keep my eye on indie devs nowadays. πŸ˜‰
  6. well I used to do long naps in the daytime, when I played until early morning, but now I just do short naps in the daytime. πŸ˜‰ yeah, sometimes the pacing of a slow movie will do that to you, but you won't fall asleep as much if you are actually doing something with your hands like moving the mouse, WASD, or mashing the controller. 😁
  7. True, ads can be annoying like that, maybe it'd be fine for me if the ads were at the start of an episode, and then at the end of an episode... maybe even one in the middle too, or placed appropriately at the right moment.
  8. once upon a time, I used to play text based MMORPG's then I remember fantasizing about a complex merchant-political system... Then I realized how complicated that would be, and I thought that would just remain a pipe dream. πŸ˜… although I think one day something like that could still be implemented in a game of any kind, just maybe not in the way I imagined.
  9. I don't really think 3D tech has anymore to improve, as AR/VR is the tech path that is being followed now, it's better. Also it's still quite a young tech, but with 3D type tech I'm not sure if we could do anything anymore with it. πŸ€”
  10. This makes me think of the story of Assassin's Creed, I'm not really sure that they could pull off the same story mechanic with gameplay at this point, because it would become clichΓ©? Or maybe a copy and paste reskin template. πŸ€” Hmmm...
  11. I'm not sure if VR for stray would be quite a good idea, but I think I'll have to see it first before I judge if it's good. 😎 There are too little epic VR games at the moment. πŸ€”
  12. these are my thoughts exactly, I just wish owners of a game that existed could get a discount on just a remaster version though. 😐
  13. I remember loving this trailer a lot... The Ezio arc of the Assassin's Creed was truly the best storyline of all. I also remember being hyped about the Assassin's Creed movie, but it turned out to be just okay, not highly epic though. 😐
  14. I used to play games until the early hours of the morning before, but now I don't do that as much, as sleeping before midnight is decidedly more healthy. 😎
  15. @StaceyPowers maybe you could post a screenshot or image, to better show what you mean in general... πŸ˜‰ but for me, I never really though character designs were bad in the games I have played, although... I might not have played too many games yet. 🀣
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