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  1. The discord aspect can be draining at times especially given if you are in 20+ different servers. I think you are right about the algorithm though, it does feel like pot luck and paid marketing i feel is a false placebo (as in it doesn't really give you the organic growth you desire).
  2. Hey guys, So i've been YouTubing coming up to 3yrs now and still i feel my discoverability has been subpar (UK based). What was the pivotal moment for any YouTuber on here that gave you the traction you desired? I'd love to bump heads with other creators on here and create a rolling think tank as to where we can bounce ideas off of each other within this thread. Maybe possible collaborations (given the new PS5\Discord chat compatibility is out)
  3. https://exputer.com/news/industry/oreo-xbox-series-s-images-leak/ They really trying to do any and anything for this console to sell😅
  4. sweet, imma check out your channel bro. Whats the name of your channel?
  5. oh really, please point them my way. always happy to have a conversation with like minded creators 😊
  6. Game looks decent, looks like a chill story mode based game.
  7. I started this game a few weeks back and didn’t realise how tough it is, I ain’t played it since 😅 New mode on the way out too
  8. Ok i may have to backtrack somewhat, so last night i realised i had downloaded the PS4 version rather than the PS5 version. at first when i played the demo a few days ago i was unimpressed, the graphics were lackluster, frame rate was poor and the game was super difficult. fast forward to yesterday, found the correct version, downloaded it and set it to performance mode....boy does this game run smooth on the PS5. its one of those games that is frustratingly good, the difficulty is exactly that...hard...like really hard and every boss battle is a super grind. day one cop? nahh i think i will wait a while for my games backlog to dry up before i consider this title. the lore and the overall story seems to flow pretty well also but look at me trying to give a comprehensive breakdown of a game that i haven't even fully played lol
  9. Looks like i inadvertently brought up some past trauma lol i understand your gripes and i've had the exact same reservations but worry is it will play like a soulsgame and suck the life out of you literally when playing it. thankfully they have a demo on the PSN store which i will be trialling tonight. hopefully that will quell all of the the bad press i have been reading and sell the game to me a little bit more.
  10. This game looks amazing, giving off a little Nioh vibes but overall it looks very promising. Can't find any information on what frame rate it will run at on the PS5 though... Game Blurb A new dark fantasy Three Kingdoms action RPG from Team NINJA, the developers of Nioh. 184 AD, Later Han Dynasty China. The land is overcome by chaos and destruction. The imperial dynasty that prospered for many years is now about to collapse. Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty is a dramatic, action-packed story of a nameless militia soldier fighting for survival in a dark fantasy version of the Later Han Dynasty where demons plague the Three Kingdoms. Players fight off deadly creatures and enemy soldiers using swordplay based on the Chinese martial arts, attempting to overcome the odds by awakening the true power from within. Wo Long refers to a crouching dragon, and also refers to a hero or person of greatness who is not yet known. This is the story of officers, who will later become heroes, during their ‘unknown’ period, and also the story of a protagonist’s rise from being a ‘nobody’.
  11. oh for sure, they have indie experience in delivering smaller form games. this is the first venture into rolling out a triple A title and they are failing at every hurdle presented. shitshow is an understatement atm.
  12. Now before i go off an enjoy what's left of my Sunday... They dropped the ball bigtime with this ish! This just looks like a combination of all the previous Naruto Storm games but just remastered....hell even the cutscenes for some of the jutsu's look like the they've just copied and pasted from the older games. (just clocked the re-cut and re-connected bits in the video) Bandai pulling ski mask activities on our pockets once again...
  13. Hey guys, Fairly new here and got @Shagger blessing to post my YouTube channel here My channel is mainly playthrough based but i had massive FPS background previously. i simply enjoy making all types of gaming content, currently enjoying going through my story games backlog and completing games i missed out over the years due to Call of Duty: Warzone, DMZ having me in a chokehold lol Here's a description snippet from my About page on YouTube Action/Adventure, RPG, FPS and Open World Games. Welcome to Bang Em TV, The ultimate destination for all things gaming! I'm Bang Em, a gaming content creator who is passionate about all things gaming. With decades of gaming experience under my belt, I know what it takes to create engaging and entertaining content that appeals to gamers like you. Here on my channel, you'll find a wide variety of content including gameplay videos, reviews, walkthroughs, and live streams, all focused on old and new games that i like. My primary focus is on the Playstation 5 (PS5), but I also enjoy dabbling in the dark side (PC) from time to time. Whether you're a hardcore gamer or just enjoy watching others play, you'll find something to love here on Bang Em TV. So....what are you waiting for? Hit that subscribe button and join the community of dedicated gamers who are already enjoying my content. Don't forget to like, comment, and share your thoughts on my videos. Salute! 🫡
  14. Hey @shagger thanks man, still feeling around the forum but thanks for the warm welcome bro. looking forward to adding a good few talk points within this community 🙂
  15. So i truly believe this is a real game but i think its the brothers at the top that are messing things up. its poor leadership that is ruining the rollout of this game, also the transparency has been poor! From the jump it looked more like incompetence if anything. Two opportunistic brothers, with big investors, who ain’t got a clue on how to deliver a Triple A title. I think the only people that can save their credibility is Nvidia, if they continue to stand by them they may have a foot to stand on. My thoughts right about now is RIP this game
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