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  1. I guess I went a little overboard with mine and it's already considered old. But I do appreciate you taking time and showing me. I would only change the HDD to a SSD and get a nice gaming keyboard and mouse on top of that. Also double the RAM for sure. I also wanted a Bluray player and a nice monitor. I only built mine though so don't have much experience. Take care!
  2. I would love to see the setup for that. I do admit I could have saved a bit getting a not so nice case. Can you show me which parts you would (are using) use for one can play all games on high settings? https://pcpartpicker.com/
  3. PC gaming can be fun on a high end PC which will cost a bit. I built my own (not that high end) and do play some games on it but still prefer using a controller. To many times where I have to go into settings and adjust things which can be frustrating some times. If you just want to relax without all that a console is the better option I think. I also like having the option of reselling the hard copy of a game I can't get into or just don't like.
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    Looks like I am the oldest so far...🤔
  5. Someone on my facebook friends list posted something about a contest and it showed on my feed.
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