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  1. Are you someone who likes to grind to get a higher Steam level? The only thing I wanted to do was get to level 10 (which I did) so that I could use the special profile features. Once I did that, I stopped trying to progress on purpose.
  2. MeowsePad

    Post your specs

    Post the specs of your gaming PC! Here are mine: Intel Core i7-3770k @ 4.3 GHz 12 GB DDR3-1600 GeForce 1060 3GB 120 GB Mushkin SSD
  3. Simulation games were some of my favorites as a kid. I remember playing SimCity, SimSafari, SimPark, and later The Sims. I still play The Sims on and off to this very day.
  4. The only mobile game that I've played is Clash of Clans, and I mostly played it on my PC using BlueStacks. It was much more comfortable to play it on a PC for me. I enjoyed the game, but I didn't particularly like playing it on a phone or tablet.
  5. I really only play CS:GO when my friends are playing it in a large group. I'm more into third person shooters than first person shooters. I'm not very good at shooters.
  6. Since I am not a fan of sports in real life, sports games are my least favorite. The only game that I like that could be considered a sports game is Gallop Racer 2003, a horse racing game. I enjoy it because of the mechanics and complexity of it, not because of the sports aspect.
  7. I bought GTA V when it was $60, and I regret it. I didn't like the game at all. It was supposed to be a thrilling open world multiplayer experience, but the open world is more of a minigame where nothing matters. Most of the serious gameplay that leads to progression takes place in small cooperative scenarios. That's not what I wanted from it. Knowing what I know now, I wouldn't even spend $30 on it.
  8. Why is PC less popular than console gaming? I would say that PC gaming is superior to console gaming in every way. A PC is much more powerful than console, and it can thus play games much more smoothly with better graphics. PCs can also be used for far more than just gaming, so you only have to buy one machine rather than buying one machine for gaming and another for productivity.
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