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  1. What's y'all's thoughts over the new release(current beta phase) of RuneScape on Android phones?? I'm super stoked! No decent P.C. like I use to always have, no console for quite a while, Sooo for RS to be out on my fave and actual usuable gaming device(Android) FINALLY... it's a dream come true! I'm a 15+ year vet, but reasons I've explained, been off for close too 5+ years!! Ya, it's only currently Beta & OSRS right now, & HAVE to be member right now to even access, but STILL! Sooner still, RS will be a playable game on my phone, NVR thought I'd say those words !! Lolz. Anywho! Thoughts? Opinions? Excited like me?
  2. So, was hoping lil more detail of there gameplay. I've been lost in the scene of platform gaming a good while. Android gaminv 99% mainly for longer than liked, lol. Anywho, the #1 your anticipating, will U please tell me what's it about & what can be done in game? U not looking forward too RedDead Redemption 2??!! I soooo am, well, whenever I get another PS4, lmao. ;)
  3. San Andreas currently best one of the Series my friend, ever. By far! U forgot to mention all the aircraft to drive! Vice city is surely the close 2nd!!
  4. He y'all! I'm a big PS4 & PC plus Android gaming fan, lolz. Lost PS4 in pawn, so currently does me no good! PC ain't played Wow or RuneScape in ages. So, my thing has been the very convenient Android gaming. Clash of clans a big fave!! Umm, plus who can forget Pokemon GO?? SO anywayssss, I'm a huge game lover. Miss RuneScape like crazy! (They just released beta OSRS Android version!!!!) Butt,, gotta be a member.. so, sucks for now for me. Anywho!! I'm down 2 Earth, love fun, love games, love Jesus, love Outdoors, love fishing/camping, love family & friends plus driving of course! Etc. Well, that's nuff of me 4 now, thanks y'all!
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