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  1. Yes, I'd love a combination of GTA in FIFA.............The football moneybags taking on the streets, especially having badass guys like Balotelli and Ramos
  2. Yea, I get bored, especially when I'm losing..But I don't get to another activity, I just switch to another game
  3. Well, I think it depends on the type of headphones and speakers you are talking about. Assuming you are talking about the professional gaming speakers and headphones, I would go for the latter anytime. Gaming headphones are far much better because they give you the privacy you deserve and you can also play without disrupting others. The performance is also excellent compared to the best gaming speakers. However, the real hassle is buying the best gaming headphones; there are a lot of factors you need to consider.
  4. Depends on what you like.........If you like soccer, FIFA 18 is the biggest game....Simulator, I've played EuroTruck Simulator2..it;s awesome! There are also a couple of action games but I am not a fan
  5. My elder brother.............by the time, Super Mario and Contra was the in thing........But I got attracted to FIFA and since then, I've never looked back
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