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  1. Keranov

    Best Gaming PC?

    @xXInfectedXx I think that the poster was looking for a laptop instead of a desktop PC. Also, I would not recommend the list you created. Having this cooler with a locked CPU is somewhat wasted money. And the PSU - the green CX series (non M) are bad quality. You can also use PCPartPicker to find parts from multiple retailers at different prices.
  2. Keranov

    Official Forum Shop

    It would be a great feature to the forum which would increase the activity. But there are already auctions for gift cards. Having a standalone shop might be too expensive to hold.
  3. Keranov

    What are you considering getting on Black Friday?

    Well, I also didn't as none of the video games I wanted to buy weren't on sale in Steam. I guess PUBG is still so new for a sale. I remember one time it had a -20% deal for a week.
  4. Keranov

    What twist in a game surprised you the most?

    The 1.31 update in Euro Truck Simulator 2 which improved psychics. I got used to driving with 130 in corners without getting the truck flipped and with the new version I got the truck flipped a few times before I learned how not to.
  5. Keranov

    Who here dreams about gaming all the time?

    I have had about 8-10 dreams about video games if I remember correctly. The most recent one I think was about Grand Theft Auto V. I was doing whatever I could do in the game basically, explode things, kill people, etc.
  6. Keranov

    GTA 6

    I think that Grand Theft Auto VI will get released somewhere in 2020. This time, they should learn from the previous mistakes and actually make the story mode as interesting as in San Andreas, make the building enter-able, actually have real psychics and fix the online load time. And also, it would be very good to see new countries coming to the map.
  7. Keranov

    Worst "freemium" experiences?

    The MMO and MMORPGs are surely the worst freemium options available. One person who has been grinding very hard for years can get rekt from a pay to win player who just installed the game yesterday.
  8. Keranov

    What game would you have paid more for?

    I would also go with Counter Strike: Global Offensive. You can play this game everyday because of the community servers and the competitive system. The most I would pay for it is up to 25 euro.
  9. Keranov

    What is the most you've spent in an MMO?

    I never have spent any money on a MMO/MMORPG. I don't find it that I can afford to spend so much money on a video game just to make the grinding process shorter. And if I just buy everything with money I wouldn't have any in-game skill.
  10. Keranov

    PS4 Pro or Xbox One X?

    If you want the more powerful console I would suggest you to get the Xbox. But if you are more into games and exclusives the Playstation is the way to go.
  11. Keranov

    Most swept away you've ever been by a game?

    The first time when I played Minecraft. It was the only thing which I wanted to do at the moment and nothing else. I also was planning buildings when I'm not home to play it.
  12. Keranov

    Last time you saw a cheater in game?

    It was just yesterday when I was playing Counter Strike: Global Offensive with my friends. Got matched with a wallhacker in the enemy team and of course lost the match because of the cheater.
  13. If I could combine 2 games into one I would do it this way - get my favourite video game and get it merged with the most popular one within the same genre.
  14. Keranov

    Last Game Played

    I have played Clash of Clans on my phone. Made 2 Loonion attacks with my fairly new Town Hall 9 account and got some upgrades going on.
  15. Keranov

    Most hours you ever poured into a game?

    I remember once I was playing my favourite MMORPG for around 18 hours the same day. I don't find anything wrong with that when you have nothing else to do and just want to have fun.