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  1. A couple of decades ago, games were made on shoestring budget which allowed new gaming IP’s to be created as if a game did not commercially successful, it would not be a massive loss to the game development studio. The large budgets have led to games that are more like movies than a game, with gameplay coming second and that will give people fewer reasons to buy new games.
  2. When you used to buy a game, you would get everything made for the game but nowadays in order to increase revenue, developers have been taking out features in order to sell them back to you as release day DLC. On top of that, some developers are even putting microtransactions into their full priced games. The reason why your see microtransactions in free games is that it is the way those games monetise but when buying a game, they are getting paid already.
  3. I have been playing Minecraft on and off since about mid-2010. Recently, I was working on an underwater base but my experience was ruined by the 1.13 update which helves performance on my computer but it was not completed until the 1.13.1 update which was meant to fix the least updates’ issues but in reality, made the game stutter like hell.
  4. As I play games on my computer, I get almost all of my games on digital platforms at a massive discount but if I was still playing on a console, I would have no issues with buying used physical games if the game was cheaply priced.
  5. I would not spend a lot of extra money just for RGB, but that is probably because I really don’t care how stylised my computer set up is. The reason why I don’t care about making my computer look fashionable, as I see a computer as something you get projects done with, with gaming coming as a bonus.
  6. A monitor as televisions’ are often terrible for playing videos games, this is a variety of reasons, including; 1. TVs’ often apply a lot of processing to the output image, leading to delay in outputting the frame to the screen itself. 2. TV’s often have poor pixel response time, leading to motion “smearing” all over the screen.
  7. The PlayStation store is currently offering a 43% discount, on the recently published “Detroit: Become Human Digital Deluxe Edition”. This appears to be a pretty decent deal for people who are stuck in a console ecosystem. Deal link: https://store.playstation.com/en-gb/product/EP9000-CUSA08308_00-DETROITGB0ENPLRU
  8. Without this discount, people should hopefully start to relies that pre-ordering games is a really stupid idea. Pre-ordering games is stupid for a variety of reason, including; 1. Games often go on sale within months of launch, mean you can often get a better deal by waiting. 2. If you pre-order, you don’t know how good the game is as there are no reviews. 3. By pre-ordering, you are telling game developers that you will buy their game no matter how well it is made.
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