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  1. I didn't know there were any Mario games that were considered "educational". I just enjoyed playing them regardless if they're educational or not.
  2. Scooby-Doo and Fraggle Rock I wonder if anyone here has ever heard of Fraggle Rock at all?
  3. If you're playing is causing you that much pain, I would have retired also. I play just for the fun of it, I don't compete at all. If I'm not having fun, then it's not worth it anymore to me. Especially if it's causing me injury or pain.
  4. I don't believe in conspiracy theories at all. I never have. You have to prove to me that it exist or that it's real. Until I see proof.....nope!
  5. Whatever it is, I'll probably end up getting this for my Switch whenever it comes out. I'm a pretty big Mario fan so there is little chance I don't get it.
  6. I think I was around 5 or 6 when I started playing my first video games. I was 5 or 6 when we got the NES and I've been a gamer ever since.
  7. My favorite board game was Clue. I've noticed that they have a Harry Potter version of Clue. I've thought about getting that.
  8. My favorite is the GameCube. I love the games that they made for that console. I would love it if they re-released some of them for the Switch.
  9. I like the Halloween movies with Michael Myers in them. Those are my favorites. I have "IT" on dvd but I haven't watched it yet because I'm in the middle of reading the book at the moment.
  10. The fact that I have bills to pay and they won't pay themselves. I would like very much to stay in bed, especially when it's cold outside. But that won't help with paying the bills so I'm just getting out of bed to go to my job, whether I like it or not.
  11. I always wait a while before I get a console. I normally like to wait for them to get all the bugs out before I get mine.
  12. I had Simpsons : Hit and Run on the GameCube and I enjoyed it. I don't ever remember playing the Road Rage game.
  13. I agree. I just wonder how much it will cost to play games in the future. I remember playing games that cost $20. Now, games cost $50 to $60 a pop.
  14. Which console from the Nintendo brand is your favorite? Why do you like that console? What games did you have for that console? Which game is your favorite from that console? How much time did you spend playing on that console?
  15. I've been thinking about reading the book this is based on first before I start watching the tv show (I know, I'm weird like that). Do you think the show is good so far, Empire?
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