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  1. I don't know I've ever had an entire game that has stressed me out. I might of had certain levels or bosses that were hard to get through but I' eventually got through them once I worked through them. It's just certain spots required patience more than others.
  2. This may be the reason why they came up with the Switch. You can do both with it. You can play it at home or you can take it with you. I have liked each one of their consoles for different reasons (both handhelds and home consoles).
  3. It's very rare that I get off the Mario or Harry Potter games. This doesn't look like something that I'll get into so I'll pass.
  4. I normally play Mario games or Harry Potter games. I know Mario is something exclusive to Nintendo so you'll more than likely won't be able to get anything like that for a PC. You might try some of the Harry Potter games though if this kid is a Harry Potter fan.
  5. My favorite is the GameCube from Nintendo. I really, really liked all of the games that they put of for the GameCube. I think they were some of my favorite.
  6. If a console becomes more expensive than my house, I think I'm going to quite gaming. I'm sorry. I'm not willing to play that bad that I'm going to buy a console that cost me more than my house. There are some things that are more important to me than gaming.
  7. I don't know that I've ever found a game I couldn't play. Of course, I normally play Mario games and Harry Potter games (most of the time). It's very rare for me to get off that and into something else. So far, I've never found a bad Mario game or Harry Potter game.
  8. Xbox The reason being is their controllers are too bulky for my little hands. I've never really been a fan of their stuff (no offense). I just have small hands and it's harder for me to play with a controller that is big and bulky feeling.
  9. I'm more of a console gamer than I am a computer gamer so the gaming computer is out. I'm not really an X-Box fan because I think their controllers are too bulky for my little hands. So, I went with the PS5 on this one.
  10. I don't play many racing games. The only racing game I play is the games from the Mario Kart series and they've produced many of those games so it wouldn't be considered a "comeback" really if they did another game. They've produced at least one game for each console that Nintendo has put out.
  11. For me, reading was always my escape. This is what reading has done for me. It still kind of is. When I pick up a book and read, it allows me to focus on something else instead of focusing on whatever it is that is stressing me out. Games kind of let me do the same thing. I can play a game that is fun and lets my brain wonder off instead of focusing on my stress.
  12. I think Nintendo has been ahead of the curve on other things. Like handhelds for instance. Nintendo has the market on handhelds (in my opinion). Sony tried it with the PSP and the Vita but they didn't sell as well and Microsoft never even got into that market. Also, I think Nintendo was the first to come out with a wireless controller if I'm not mistaken. Moral of the story is Nintendo has other things that they are good at and I think they are focusing on what they are good at.
  13. My hubby has a PC and it did die. I can't remember what was wrong with it. He did get it working again though it did take a while. We both have laptops so he wasn't in a big rush to fix it since we had other means of getting online. Now that he has his PC working again, he prefers using that as opposed to using his laptop. I prefer using my laptop and it keeps me from hogging the PC so that he can use it.
  14. I don't do VR because I'm afraid that I'd end up breaking other stuff in the room while I'd be playing the game. I can see this being good exercise while enjoying playing a video game if you weren't concerned about breaking anything inside your house.
  15. I'm most looking forward to Hogwarts Legacy. It was suppose to come out last year but it got delayed thanks to the situation with Covid. I'm not going to lie.....I'm a big Harry Potter fan here. I would love to play an open world game where you get to explore Hogwarts and see what adventures you can get into.
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