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  1. FIFA 20 latest news, David Villa SBC (Squad Building Challenge) honoring his illustrious career was launched Saturday in FIFA 20 Ultimate Team. This Spanish striker is known for his time at Barcelona, Valencia, New York City Football Club and most recently Vissel Kobe announced his imminent retirement. Keeping in the tradition, EA Sports launched an End Of An Era card as a Squad Building Challenge (SBC). This card received significant statistic boosts and he is not impossible to fit into teams on chemistry. That being said, but the problem is, is it worth doing? Now
  2. Now with the availability of World of Warcraft (WoW): Classic, a lot of players are examining all kinds of options they have for races now in this game, and Dwarves are a great choice for those who like to minimize or maximize their builds, or for those who just simply enjoy their lore. Just like all other races, there is a certain amount of lore that one might enjoy having as part of their character's backstory, while some others might enjoy having access to a specific type of mount, racial abilities, and of course, having access to a specific class. The Lore Of Dwarf In World of Warcr
  3. Just imagine, you are now in WoW (World of Warcraft) Classic and running through Westfall and killing Goretusks for their livers cause Salma Saldean really needs this ingredients for making a delicious Goretusk Liver Pie. When you go to loot the boar of its liver, sometimes, if you are not lucky enough, you will see a red text message in the upper centre of your screen that says “inventory full.” Your bags now are filled with loads of various junk and you need more inventory space so you can collect livers as much as you want and without striking a blowing. Good news, this WoW Classic Bags gui
  4. At the just ended Bethesda E3 (Electronic Entertainment Expo) 2019 Showcase, Todd Howard hit the stage and then he admitted that Fallout 76's launch had some serious problems. In order to revive players faith in this game, Todd Howard announced it would be getting a free Wastelanders update that would not only add human NPCs (Non-Player Characters), but also a new main quest, choices, consequences, and some new Fallout 76 best weapons and gear to the game. Here is what we extracted directly from Bethesda: "This is a long term story we’re telling. Year one was about the vault doors openi
  5. As is known to all, now we are in the midst of Bethesda's Fallout 76, and as in much older Fallout games, there are a lot of guns to find, including one-of-the-kind Black Powder Rifle. In Fallout 76 game, what is the Black Powder Rifle? And where can I find the Fallout 76 Black Powder Rifle? Keep reading, all you need to know about the rifle has been listed below. What Is The Black Powder Rifle In Fallout 76 Game? The Black Powder Rifle is not a Fallout 76 legendary weapon, but it is quite powerful, particularly for the early stages of this Fallout 76. It is largely a long-range
  6. In Fallout 76, there is a lot of junk scattered around the empty settlements. Fortunately, you can turn that useless junk into valuable scrap, for instance, circuitry, that could be used to improve your Fallout 76 weapons and armor or you can use it to construct yourself a nice comfortable base. However, before you can do that, you need to figure out what to look out for on your trips through Appalachia so that you do not amass a collection of random pre-war oddities that do you no good. The following is about how to get circuitry in Fallout 76 game. The Usages Of Circuitry In Fallout
  7. In Fallout 76 game, the Alien Blaster is hidden in a location that is not marked on the map by any landmark. The approximate place is out in the wastes of the Toxic Valley region in the north side of the map. Once approaching there, you can find the Alien Blaster by doing little more than some exploration. The exact location of the Alien Blaster is in a safe that's been blown open in a radiated lake. Below is a map shows the general location of the weapon, and the second image below you will see the safe sitting in the water in the game of Fallout 76. That safe is wide op
  8. For me, I think as a superfan of Fallout series, I think they should not make such stupid mistake like Fallout 76 caps glitch, cause only thoroughly forbidden this bug appeared again can we have a fair environment to complete and to enjoy this game's enchantment. And another thing that I'd like to change is Bethesda should publish an E-instruction brochure with more details named: How To Level Up Fast In Fallout 76.
  9. We all know that communication is vital to any healthy relationship. And I get a lot of news from the internet. said that since the release of Fallout 76 on November 14, 2018, the relationship between Bethesda and their fans has been more and more unsteady. That's very unfortunate. For the game itself, it seems there has a cyclical process of updating Fallout 76. New updates come out, some unexpected bugs appeared, bugs get exploited, players get punished, and then new updates roll out again...and the game is always doing the same repetitive thing. In order to change this situation, this time,
  10. As we all know, Fallout is one of the most popular RPG (Role Playing Game) video game series, this series games are set in post-apocalyptic America. A while ago, Bethesda just purchased Fallout and then they started off with the immensely popular Fallout 3 RPG game. Unexpectedly, this game quickly became a very success amongst both reviewers and players selling billions of copies and basically printing money for Bethesda. After creating such a huge accomplishment, Bethesda followed up with another success Fallout: New Vegas, but after this Fallout series, the Fallout series has been going down
  11. In the game of Fallout 76, one of the many different crafting materials you are about to need at one point or another in this game is adhesive. Be it for creating some bits at your own CAMP, or for upgrades, or carrying out weapon repairs, or for crafting new weapons, the adhesive will probably crop up in a recipe at some point. But the problem is, you are not very clear how to get adhesive in Fallout 76, unless you know what you are looking for, that is. You can find adhesive in a number of different items, but you'll need to seek these out from around the world. Luckily, now in the ga
  12. In the game of Fallout 76, crafting always plays an important aspect of survival. Once you get the right resources, you'll be able to create, repair or upgrade your own weapons, armor, and even shelter using workbenches and your Vault-Tec supplied CAMP. Here we'd like to show you how to collect springs in Fallout 76. The Usages Of Springs: In Fallout 76, the springs are used to build and repair various items. But one of their most useful applications is for mods at workbenches. The springs are required for most mods in the Fallout 76 game, whether for weapons or armor, you
  13. It has been more than one month since Fallout 76 released, and we believe that a lot of players have already realized that if they want to get by in this game smoothly, they will have to do a lot of crafting. One item they'll need a lot of is the Fallout 76 wood. So here's what they need to know on how to get wood in Fallout 76 for all of their crafting and building needs. As we all know, Fallout 76 has some differences compared to the former Fallout series. Rather than opting for a strictly single-player experience, this amble into the wasteland of West Virginia sees players sharing th
  14. As we all know, in the game of Fallout 76, crafting is always one of the crucial mechanics. You'll need to gather resources to upgrade, repair and craft new items. Some components are vital for crafting essentials like armor and weapons, and they could be difficult to find. One such component is Aluminum (or Aluminum for the non-Americans out there). In Fallout 76, Aluminum is used in weapon-repairing and crafting of building materials, and just like we stated earlier, to seek the Aluminum in Fallout 76 is not an easy quest. To help you out, we have listed some very detailed ways to farm Alumi
  15. When it comes to Fallout 76, a lot of players may not so satisfied with this game and would say something not nice. Last week, on the game's one month anniversary, we saw some writers recapped a number of them. But as I tried to relay in my review of the game, there's good to be found in Bethesda’s multiplayer survival game as well. When this game works and the gamers are able to use tools and systems to express themselves in the post-apocalyptic sprawl, it's quite lovely. One player's monorail campsite is a perfect proof of that. It would be very hard for you to know this campsite, cre
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