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  1. Finished the first season of the Cuphead show the other day and I enjoyed it. It's not *amazing* but it's a solid romp. Hopefully, the now-confirmed season 2 will build upon what they've done.
  2. Probably Bloodborne, but God of War is excellent as well.
  3. Xbox Infinity was bandied about a while ago, but I don't think they'll use it. MS's naming conventions have always been a little off-kilter.
  4. Fair play. Only just started getting into Gamepass these last couple of months (picked up an Xbox Series S for pretty cheap) and it's really impressive stuff. Great value deal for any gamer on a budget. I highly recommend it! As for PlayStation, I just dunno if they can compete. This PlayStation Infinite looks interesting. Just wanna hear more concrete info about it. Sounds promising, though.
  5. It's really not that bad, especially after a couple of patches. Remember, a lot of reviewers played the game pre-Day 1 patch. Honestly, Sony should've waited for the patch to be ready before sending out review codes for the game. Days Gone is pretty underrated imho.
  7. Anyone else a fan of Friends and Big Bang Theory? How well did ya do, folks? https://twinfinite.net/2022/03/sheldon-or-ross-test-your-friends-big-bang-theory-quote-knowledge/
  8. Was a good movie that I remember enjoying when I saw it a few years ago. I often like Danny Boyle's stuff. And James Franco nailed it. Definitely makes you think twice before leaving to go on a wilderness expedition. lol
  9. Honestly, I'm super-duper pumped for Starfield. Looking forward to getting lost in Bethesda's huge, sprawling sci-fi universe!
  10. Silent Hill 2, Timesplitters, San Andreas and Resident Evil 4 (I know it first released on GC, but I played it first on PS2)
  11. £70 for Returnal. Not gonna lie, the whole £70 price increase for Sony exclusives sure does suck.
  12. Sister Act 2 - 7/10 (watched with my daughter lol)
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