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  1. Looks cool, I’ll take a code.
  2. Would You Rather - 6.5/10
  3. This new sci-fi thriller is supposed to be pretty damn good. Anyone seen it yet? https://wegotthiscovered.com/movies/internet-creeped-jesse-eisenbergs-horror-movie-vivarium/
  4. DylanC

    Last Game Played

    Zombie Army Trilogy on Switch, Blasphemous and Modern Warfare on PS4.
  5. Zombie Army Trilogy switch code received - thanks!
  6. I'll grab the other one please 🙂
  7. DylanC

    Last Game Played

    COD: Modern Warfare
  8. DylanC

    Last Game Played

    Overcooked and Goat Simulator coop with the sprog
  9. All this staying in has made me try and be creative/productive. So I recorded this song with my daughter.
  10. DylanC

    Last Game Played

    Freedom Finger and Kingdom Come: Deliverence
  11. The Platform - 8/10
  12. Received my copy of Freedom Finger - thanks!
  13. I'll grab a PS4 code please
  14. The Thing Alien In The Mouth Of Madness Creep IT (2017) The Mist Silent Hill The Void Halloween Misery The Shining Train To Busan The Blair Witch Project Rec I've got plenty more recommendations but those should keep you busy! 😉
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