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  1. DylanC

    Ask DC

    Five Guys is incedible. It’s my favourite, too. Unfortunately we don’t have Red Robin or In N Out here in the UK but I’d love to try them!
  2. DylanC

    Ask Dylan

    I wish I could say yes, but I think humans are naturally power hungry and I believe we have an inate inbuilt self destructive nature within us. I hope and pray that one day we do.
  3. Great game and a great, low price! https://store.steampowered.com/app/3830/Psychonauts/
  4. Great deal! https://www.tesco.com/groceries/en-GB/products/301052587?source=awin&awc=7052_1544377988_5e6b05b87e15829331a6b006b8d151c0&sc_cmp=aff*awin*ghs*HotUKDeals_47868&utm_medium=ghs&utm_source=affiliate_window&utm_campaign=aff*HotUKDeals_47868&dclid=CMnMr6uok98CFeakUQoduBAEvw
  5. DylanC

    What are your favorite music genres?

    Alternative indie, classic rock and synth wave are three genres that I can always go back to.
  6. Includes Battlefield 1943! Also includes: Battlefield 1 Base Game, Battlefield 1 Premium Pass, Battlefield 1 Deluxe Edition Content, Battlefield 1 Hellfighther Pack. Amazing deal! https://www.cdkeys.com/xbox-live/games/battlefield-1-revolution-xbox-one?mw_aref=74dth566
  7. A great deal here for racing fans. https://www.base.com/buy/product/burnout-paradise-remastered-hd-ps4/dgc-burnpps4.htm?1=1&awc=2694_1544357904_c32c60be6b0871984e940a2dccbf6100
  8. DylanC

    PS4 outsells Xbox 360 sales

    Interesting tidbit of news here. Apparently the PS4 has just outsold the Xbox 360's lifetime sales. http://www.vgchartz.com/article/393909/playstation-4-outsells-the-xbox-360/
  9. DylanC

    How many consoles do you own?

    I've got a PS4, PS3, PS Vita, Switch, Wii (somewhere), an Xbox 360, a SNES mini and a Gameboy (somewhere).
  10. DylanC

    Ask Dylan

    I can cook an awesome spaghetti bolognese and I can skateboard. Not at the same time, though.
  11. Good deal here for Deus Ex fans. https://store.playstation.com/en-gb/product/EP0082-CUSA01836_00-DXMANKINDIVIDED0
  12. Mega Man fans may be interested in this one. https://www.greenmangaming.com/games/mega-man-legacy-collection/?utm_source=digidip&utm_medium=affiliate&utm_campaign=cj&CJEVENT=02258745fb2511e8831d01380a180514
  13. Really great deal here for Dead Rising fans. https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B01LY5FDG7?tag=22
  14. Yeah, that's understandable. When I'm playing with my daughter, we tend to play Creative for the same reasons. Thanks for commenting!
  15. Bargain! https://www.gamivo.com/product/civilization-iii-complete?utm_source=HUKD