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    Freedom Wars on Vita
  2. Terrific deal here. https://www.thegamecollection.net/ps4/dragon-s-crown-pro-battle-hardened-edition-ps4/
  3. Decent price for an incredible game. https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B00KL32AJA?th=1
  4. Oh, and I just wanna throw the Mortal Kombat franchise into the mix thanks to its gizzly and cool fatalities. The gameplay doesn’t match Street Fighter 2, but I always thought that its 3D graphics were impressive for the time.
  5. Decent price for this one here. https://www.go2games.com/far-cry-new-dawn-ps4?utm_source=RakutenMarketing&utm_medium=Affiliate&utm_campaign=3001042:digidip&utm_content=10&utm_term=UKNetwork&ranMID=42957&ranEAID=hL3Qp0zRBOc&ranSiteID=hL3Qp0zRBOc-TcImfBs3fIDCvA0Az_aqsg
  6. Over The Hedge - 7/10
  7. I’d ask EA: How’d you manage to botch the Star Wars video game licence so damn bad?
  8. Sweet deal on this critically acclaimed JRPG. https://store.playstation.com/en-us/product/UP2611-CUSA05877_00-PERSONA512345678
  9. It’s fine and totally normal to sometimes burn out on gaming. I usually focus on reading, skateboarding, writing, music or movies for a while and it helps to give me a fresh perspective, but I always end up returning to the magnetic pull of games. Gaming will always be a big part of my life, but it’s ok for hobbies to ebb and flow. That’s just life, I guess.
  10. I just wanna throw Minecraft in here as well. That’s a lot of fun in co-op too.
  11. DylanC

    Share Play

    I used it a few times when it launched and was really impressed with it. Haven’t used it for a long while, but I take comfort in the fact that it’s a useful feature that I can use any time on PS4. It works very well. Oh, and yes, you can pass the controller to the other person in the party and let them take over IIRC.
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