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  1. On 8/2/2022 at 5:31 PM, Kane99 said:

    It sucks, because there's so much potential in RDR2 that they could easily do some work with the multiplayer side of it. But, they only care about their bottom dollar and with RDR online, they clearly aren't making tons of money on their shark cards, so they're of course going to drop their support and focus on where the money is. Just sucks, because there's so much they could do with the game, and it's as if they're just peacing out of it. I hate it. 😞

    I understand but that's the problem with the modern gaming industry, every company just cares about how much they're earning and if a popular game doesn't meet that economic quota, they'll stop supporting it.

  2. On 8/4/2022 at 10:23 AM, Kane99 said:

    Yup, it became a massive hit fast. I believe it came out in 2017, and when the battle royale mode dropped is when it really took over. 

    Anyway, I wonder how much he was paid. Maybe he was paid once to be featured, or he makes a bit of money on each skin sale. That'd be a lot of money I bet. 

    The company pays him an upfront bonus plus a small percentage of whatever the company makes from the event - at least, that's how it's normally done when celebrities feature on a game.

  3. On 8/4/2022 at 10:19 AM, Kane99 said:

    I think for the most part, most GTA characters are meant to be disliked. Considering we always play characters who have done bad things and still do, it makes sense you wouldn't relate to them. I think that's the way GTA works, in that your character is usually just as bad as the people you're killing in game. Who wants to relate to Trevor or CJ or any of the main characters in the series? 

    And that's why I think we take control of our own avatars in GTA online. 

    To be fair, Trevor may be a psycho but he's probably one of the most popular GTA main characters and also the funniest. Every time you see Trevor in a cutscene, you automatically start laughing because it's either he's going to do say something so random you're like what? or he does something wild.

  4. On 8/4/2022 at 6:07 AM, Empire said:

    I was going to get RDR2 and yet been delaying it as I'm waiting the the price to be right, with all this online crap going and how it's turning into, I do not think that I will get it now 😛 unless you are only into the story plot as in Single-Player or do FiveRed. 

    RDR Online is a separate game from the original RDR2 which is entirely single-player. The original RDR2 is fantastic but I wouldn't mind if they could release more DLC content for it. RDR Online on the other hand, is a great concept with lots of potential but Rockstar hasn't attempted to give it the same amount of support as GTA online so the game is more or less dead.

  5. I must've watch this episode at least 3 times this week and this part still makes me laugh. For a bit of context, he sits on two of his female subordinates as "punishment" but they love when Ainz does this. Cocytus overheard one of them mention it and that's why he did this.

  6. 13 hours ago, Candy Stick said:

    There's a slim chance that we could see the Silent Hill reboot or whatever, at Tokyo Game Show. But I wouldn't get too excited, giving the endless amount of hearsay that constantly pops up online.


    I'll believe it when it's officially announced. I'm tired of the constant witchhunt if I'm being honest.

  7. 5 hours ago, Kane99 said:

    Jumped on Fallout 76 to help a friend move stuff over to one of his other characters. I am just so bored with this game. I played it because my friends wanted me to, but I can't seem to get invested into it for some reason. I suppose once I get to a higher level it'll start to get fun, but I'm tired of the resource management side of the game, and having to constantly get rid of things just so I can move. Ugh! I'd rather play Fallout 4. 

    I got a key about two years back and used it but I still haven't attempted to install Fallout 76. A good number of people are telling me the game is now decent but i'm just not interested in it.

  8. 7 hours ago, Clasher said:

    At this point I am just waiting for the  season two, because it feels like they have outdone themselves with the season 1 , I just can't wait to see what comes with the second season.

    I agree - Season 1 was amazing  but I haven't checked out much news about season 2.

  9. I've volunteered to help feed some homeless people during Christmas before when I worked with the government. When I was in high school, I also volunteeered at an animal shelter. I'd like to volunteer to work at an animal sanctuary someday.

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