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  1. On 8/27/2023 at 6:50 PM, Ravenfreak said:

    For a while it looked like Covid was going to shut down the movie theater business, but ever since the restrictions have been lifted more and more people have returned to the cinema. I don't think streaming killed movie theaters, it certainly has killed cable and satellite though. There's still people that probably use cable and satellite, but they're certainly fewer in numbers. I still see plenty of people going to the movie theater on weekends when big box office movies are released.

    Same - I thought that cinemas was going to be a thing of the past with Covid around but they've recovered quite well considering how crap most of the movies coming out have been.

  2. On 2/21/2024 at 4:55 PM, Heatman said:

    Rocket League is a very unique game. You will always love it whenever you played it if you're into playing that sort of video games. 

    I had a good time playing Minit Fun Racer. 

    Haven't heard of this game until today. How did you come to know about Minit Fun Racer?

    On 2/23/2024 at 2:31 AM, Anders said:

    I would definitely recommend it! It's a great game now, in my opinion at least. I've played it on the PS5 and had zero technical issues. 

    To be honest, I haven't played Witcher 3 for a good while. Tekken 8 has been consuming a good deal of my time.

  3. I was planning on getting a Mini PC for personal use as I have both a portable monitor and a wireless keyboard mouse combo lying around. The more modern ones are as powerful as laptops and far more portable and are very compact. Personally, I think these devices could replace traditional home desktops in the near future. What are your thoughts on Mini-PCs?

  4. I love baking and my favorite thing to make is either sponge cake or cornmeal pudding. I do like to bake fruit cake as well but I can't quite do it as well as my mother - the mixture has to be absolutely perfectly proportioned in terms of ingredients or else, it will taste a bit off.

  5. On 2/25/2024 at 12:49 PM, Reality vs Adventure said:

    Yes!!! It's important to be able to print pictures because my amazing beautiful best buddy cat recently passed away, but luckily I have pictures. I don't have a printer but I used Walmart photo to create a giant collage of pictures of her. That way if something happens and I lose digital photos, I will have it on frame. I bought a bunch of frames too so I can print more pictures of her. It makes me so happy every time I look at them. We can't always depend on memories or electronics. The photos they printed at Walmart are great quality too. 

    Sorry to hear that - I also still have pictures of my dog that passed away a month ago. I have big one printed of her, her brother and their parents when they were much younger and one with me and her on a hike.

  6. On 2/25/2024 at 1:08 PM, Reality vs Adventure said:

    I'm thinking about getting some new pets. I want to get a pair of cats, boy and girl, and a puppy. Not sure if I want to adopt adult cats or kittens. I originally wanted to adopt grown cats because I feel like I don't want to get too attached. My reasoning is because the future in my country is uncertain and I'm not sure I want to start a new family for the next 15 years or so when it's a possibility that circumstances may separate us. So I'm thinking of just waiting to see what happens after the elections of 2024. That's really the only thing stopping me right now from getting new pets.

    Same - I'll probably be moving countries in a year or two and it's a pain carrying them back and forth. Not to mention the time and care those pets will need is something that has put me off from getting another dog.

  7. On 2/24/2024 at 12:10 PM, svjiminfxv said:

    I've watched a lot of ASMR, but there is only one type I like. 

    I like hair brushing ASMR. I don't like the eating ASMR's as the frustrate me. I don't like the sound of people eating.

    I don't like the eating ASMR either and it's not just the sound of people chewing their food. All of a sudden, it makes me start thinking about food as well and I hate that!

    On 2/25/2024 at 1:20 PM, Reality vs Adventure said:

    Bwahahahaha!!!! I hate the sound of people eating too!!! If I talk on the phone with someone who is eating I want to strangle them. I actually have a DNA report that says I have misophonia, a genetic trait where a person gets rage at specific sounds like chewing. 

    That's quite interesting - is that gene hereditary or is it something that developed over time?

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