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  1. Same - I thought that cinemas was going to be a thing of the past with Covid around but they've recovered quite well considering how crap most of the movies coming out have been.
  2. I'm not sure where to begin with this one - there were so many TV shows that I loved. For instance, I used to love the following back in the day: Fresh Prince Of Bel-Air Jamie Foxx Show F.R.I.E.N.D.S Tales From The Crypt Everybody Hates Chris
  3. Honestly, not really. Most modern albums are filled with a whole bunch of nothing with maybe 2 or 3 good singles.
  4. Haven't heard of this game until today. How did you come to know about Minit Fun Racer? To be honest, I haven't played Witcher 3 for a good while. Tekken 8 has been consuming a good deal of my time.
  5. If they're android, you can maybe use them for making money from passive apps. I used to do this with older phones a few years ago but I've started selling mine when I don't have any further use for them.
  6. killamch89


    I was planning on getting a Mini PC for personal use as I have both a portable monitor and a wireless keyboard mouse combo lying around. The more modern ones are as powerful as laptops and far more portable and are very compact. Personally, I think these devices could replace traditional home desktops in the near future. What are your thoughts on Mini-PCs?
  7. Not at all - I push mine to the max settings. However, I don't overclock them because that'll drastically decrease the lifespan of a graphics card. I got my hands on a 7900XT in December and it has a lot of serious power.
  8. It should but knowing Sony, it wouldn't surprise me if it didn't. You pay so much money for the headset and it can only be used by a specific console. The problem I have with these Sony VR headsets is how expensive they are.
  9. I'd go for something modern when it comes to VR headsets because in a year or two, they become obsolete and aren't compatible with newer games. Sony VR headsets are an example of this concept.
  10. I love baking and my favorite thing to make is either sponge cake or cornmeal pudding. I do like to bake fruit cake as well but I can't quite do it as well as my mother - the mixture has to be absolutely perfectly proportioned in terms of ingredients or else, it will taste a bit off.
  11. I've always liked the South American version of Spanish especially when the women speak it because they talk with so much passion and sensuality, I love it a lot.
  12. Sorry to hear that - I also still have pictures of my dog that passed away a month ago. I have big one printed of her, her brother and their parents when they were much younger and one with me and her on a hike.
  13. Same - I'll probably be moving countries in a year or two and it's a pain carrying them back and forth. Not to mention the time and care those pets will need is something that has put me off from getting another dog.
  14. I don't like the eating ASMR either and it's not just the sound of people chewing their food. All of a sudden, it makes me start thinking about food as well and I hate that! That's quite interesting - is that gene hereditary or is it something that developed over time?
  15. It never fazes me. People will always have an opinion on anything you do so I don't pay them much mind. As the old say goes " you can't please everyone".
  16. I only ever invest significantly time and money into games I intend to send time with as there aren't enough hours in the day to dedicate it all to gaming. Having priorities will save people a lot headaches down the road.
  17. Between my responsibilities as an adult and just finding the time to, these factors have contributed to my gaming time being reduced.
  18. It depends on when I find time during the day to do it. I don't have a set time per say - sometimes, I'll wake up 4am in the morning and start playing. At another point, I might play for a couple of hours before bedtime.
  19. It depends on how traumatic a situation it is. If it's really bad, I tend to put gaming on the backburner a bit until I'm in a better mental state. I know gaming can make you feel better in certain situations but in my case, I'd probably be playing the game and still be thinking about my issues and how to resolve them.
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