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About Me

Found 6 results

  1. I am someone who loves to listen to music daily, it motivates me and always helps boost my mood as well. I tend to have many different favourite songs over time but there is one at the moment which is my absolute favourite and that is the following song below What is your favourite song at the moment?
  2. There have been quite a few games that I have played and the soundtrack has been quite disappointing and then other times I have found that some games have amazing soundtracks that stick in your mind long after you have played the game. One game that comes to mind and is a game that I love the soundtrack for is the Halo games. The music from this franchise is just awesome. Do you have a favourite soundtrack from a game?
  3. Something I never really listened to much of was KPOP, that was until my daughter was introduced to a band by her friend called BTS. Before then I knew of PSY but that was about it. My daughter has been a fan of BTS now since 2019 and over that time I have also listened to a lot of their music and will admit, I have too now become a fan of them. I tend to listen to KPOP and BTS more often now than I ever used to. Have you listened to KPOP? Do you enjoy it?
  4. Which do you prefer when listening to music.. I enjoy YouTube (because of the added bonus of watching a video along with the song.) Never used headphones or earplugs. And I love listening to the radio while driving. FM only please. πŸ˜‰ 🎢🎢 What's your choice? Where and how do you listen to music the most?
  5. Monster Mash, the Halloween theme song for pretty much all of them (same creepy piano music).. and then there's that one that goes something like.. 🎢 cuz every day is Hallowee-ee-ee-een..🎢 .. ..and I dress this way just to keep 'em at bay cuz every day is Halloweeeen.. You guys know that one? ^^ What's your favorite Halloween song? πŸŽƒ Best one played at parties? πŸ₯³
  6. For me, I would always listen to Dionne Warwick and Barry Manilow's Run To Me... their song made me feel like I have someone by my side. 😍
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