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  1. I agree... majority in the tournaments were MOBA games.
  2. Mcdonalds, Idk but there's something in their foods that made me addicted to it like it's chicken nuggets 😄 My mom and I would always order a lot of them xD especially when we don't have food at home...
  3. When I was a kid, I used to eat 1 bar of cheese and would finish them by myself but when I grew older I can finish a large pan pizza xD
  4. What are some stories or pictures that got you laughing, share some that you have seen in any tournaments or competitions! 🤣 When you lost the game but you have to shake hands with your opponent - WCG's EU Finals [Clash Royale] When the camera focused on you but you're so awkward so you ended up looking to the contents of the water bottle - League of Legends eSports The Face of Regret - Overwatch League First Season
  5. "Words are like swords. If you use them the wrong way, they can turn into ugly weapons." from Edogawa Conan "Detective Conan" I really like this one because this talks about miscommunication. A lot of people say bad things on the internet, bully someone, criticize someone, or etc. that they don't even realize that those words could drive a person into despair or worse, suicide. That's why Verbal abuse is in the types of Abuses. #Conanfan
  6. Latetly, I'm listening to Cynthia Rhodes's songs. I don't know but it has an effect to me that makes me giddy.
  7. Oh my gosh...like after a week >.>
  8. Yeah, me too 😄 so it's cool that they're trying the fans to get more involve.
  9. Ahh I see! I think kids love this genre
  10. Really? 🤣 what genre of game do you enjoy playing?
  11. Anything as long as it's combo of sweet and salty 😄
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