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  1. I love reading short stories especially horror ones, glad to find this website that has a collection of original short stories ❤️ What about you guys? Do you like reading? Do you have some sites or original works that you can recommend to me? I would love to read them 😄
  2. I see.. when is the official global launch?
  3. I played a random game called "Guns of Glory" (just to earn in-game points in my main game that I'm playing at that time) then someone messaged me to join in their kingdom and since I'm a newbie, I joined to their kingdom like really don't care at all...but I'm glad I joined with their kingdom because they're really fun to hang out with and it became a new reason for me to play the game. Nice lads!
  4. I know I'm late with the news but is anyone here playing it on mobile? How was it? 🙂 I couldn't download it because of my phone's storage that's very close to hit its maximum... so I just want to know everyone's opinion about it!
  5. You can try vainglory, arena of valor, heroes arena, and Extraordinary Ones: Anime-style 5V5 MOBA 🙂 hope it helps
  6. I think so especially with the leaked footage of it's gameplay on android (sorry I don't have the video >.<)
  7. I'm very excited of this film but which one will be the first to release... matrix 4 or bill and ted?
  8. I started playing Dark Souls (I know it was too late) anyways the beginning were already difficult... I don't know how to progress anymore and me think of just dropping it but I'm like...'I can do it'. So do you have any games experience that's difficult just from the beginning that it made you want to quit or rage?
  9. me too... because it will take me for several hours if I didn't
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