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  1. I started playing Dark Souls (I know it was too late) anyways the beginning were already difficult... I don't know how to progress anymore and me think of just dropping it but I'm like...'I can do it'. So do you have any games experience that's difficult just from the beginning that it made you want to quit or rage?
  2. me too... because it will take me for several hours if I didn't
  3. I have 2 t-shirts from Uniqlo's Blizzard Special: Hearthstone cards and D.Va from Overwatch 😄 then I have a mini figurine of Leon from RE. OH YEAH before I forgot... -1 poster of Persona 5 -1 poster of Mario Kart -3 different posters of Sekiro
  4. I always wanted to become a scriptwriter so if ever I'll make a movie, it will be a psychological thriller. A story of a young man working on his project at late night when he saw someone standing in his neighbour's window, smiling at him. 😄 What about yours?
  5. I want to watch Yesterday...

  6. It's good that they're doing that for their employees but somehow if I see it in a corporate view, it's a marketing strategy...to shadow the real cause of delay and explaining the reason with sublimation.
  7. On the scale of 1-10 with 10 as the highest and 1 as the lowest, how good are you in swimming?
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