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Found 3 results

  1. Shagger Says: The Last of Us (Part 1) 1. This is something I worked on a while ago to gather up and express my thoughts on the ending so I could share with another community, but I decided to add to it and then publish it here to share with you guys to here your thoughts now there is plenty to discuss with the second game now out. I will be doing a proper review/analysis of the The Last of Us Part 2 in due time, but I don't want to rush that so I beg your patience. Basically, it's my synapsis of the plot with more detailed analysis of certain key scenes and characters. The sec
  2. Okay, so I admit I could just be missing something obvious here, but I can’t figure out how the Infected manage to survive as long as they do in the Last of Us. In fact, on my first play-through, I just assumed that all of the Infected I saw had only been in that state for a week or so, and that those that didn’t get shot probably starved to death (or died of thirst) not long later. But since then, I’ve seen lots of references saying that the Infected take months to progress through the stages to reach the Bloater stage. That’s all good and well, except how do they survive that
  3. There are a lot of arguments for or against Joel’s decision at the end of The Last of Us, but is a vaccine for Cordyceps is even necessary? I’ve thought about this a lot, and it seems to me that like any parasite, Cordyceps infects a host because it requires a host for survival. If there are no hosts available, Cordyceps should eventually die out. The Infected themselves will all perish eventually, whether from lack of resources or old age. So in theory, it seems to me that if certain populations were able to quarantine themselves effectively, they could “wait out” the infection, wh
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