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The Blackangel

Shock The People Nicely

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You are given the opportunity to create and direct a feature film. The studio offers you a huge budget, provides you with a top-notch writing and technical staff, and allows you to cast whomever you desire in the lead roles. There are essentially no limitations on what this movie can be - except two. The movie you make has to fulfill the following criteria:

  • It has to be extremely edgy and transgressive. You need to confront taboo social issues. You need to shock people. Ideally, the film will address ideas that have never been tackled by mainstream filmmakers. In fact, if this movie is not the most controversial film of the year, the studio will probably not release it. However:
  • It has to get a PG rating. It cannot be R or even PG-13. There may be limited profanity, minor depictions of violence,  and fleeting nudity, but nothing that would prompt the ratings board to go beyond the PG classification.


What is the premise and plot of your hypothetical movie?

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