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  1. Turn off the lights, and lock my door. I'm not big on the holiday. Turning out the lights says No trick-or-treaters. I just want to be left alone, like any other day.
  2. If you were offered a macaw or a monkey as a pet, which would you choose and why?
  3. That was supposed to be "with that" not "wit that". I can't type for shit.
  4. If I get stuck on something and haven't saved in a while, that I absolutely can't figure out, I'll kill myself just so I can restart from the last time I saved, so that hopefully I can figure out what the hell I'm supposed to do.
  5. I don't know if they were required to modify the tracks. But I do know that as long as it didn't damage the roads, you could legally drive it down the street. But considering that it's a 40 ton war machine, I doubt that there are many public roads that a tank wouldn't completely mangle.
  6. I don't know about the rarity, but you're right about the price. It was $200 USD to get it new in the store. If you follow the same math as AVGN, it came out to about $4-$5 USD per game. Which at the time most people thought was a hell of a deal instead of paying $50 per game for most titles on individual cartridges. But after checking it out, I don't remember ANYONE that didn't regret buying it. 52 games on one cartridge sounded like a hell of a deal, but that was the point. Sounded good, made good money, the games took about 3 seconds of thought, and about 5 seconds of programming. That's most likely the reason damn near every game was a frickin' space shooter.
  7. "I'll kick your ass" "You dirty mother fucker" - South Park 64
  8. Technically speaking, a civilian can own and drive a tank as long as the gun is disabled to the point of being only a decoration, and non fixable.
  9. I agree wholeheartedly. This is something needed desperately.
  10. I would like to see more strategy requirements in games. Most games are just click the button and kill. It doesn't require much thought. Facing an enemy should require a little thought in modern games instead of click-dead- next enemy. Older games have their charm due to the era they're from wit that. Which is fine. That's why I love them. Modern games however don't require much thought, when you would think that they would. Hell, Dig Dug required more strategy than most of the games of today.
  11. I agree that it was an odd game, but it always lacked something to me. I could never quite put my finger on it, but there was something missing that could have made it an incredible game instead of a forgettable one.
  12. The only Sega product that's expensive or hard to find is the Nomad. But I don't think that was an officially licensed Sega product. I think it was in the same boat as the Game Genie.
  13. NES Castlevania were the best ones. SOTN is good, and I play it a lot, but the old NES games are my preference.
  14. I expect that from most everyone. I know I have a bad attitude most of the time, and that I can be a bitch gone nuclear. But if you keep it civil then I will too. As the great poet once said: "Don't start shit, won't be shit."
  15. I just hate mainstream music period. There's occasionally a song or two that I like, but that's rare. There are only a handful of mainstream bands that I like. Everything else is underground.
  16. Perfectly put. Music that is ass. You won’t see me making an ass of myself.
  17. I still have both the series 1 Sega and the series 2 Sega. They work great and I love playing them.
  18. What can I say, I’m a cynic. I tend to exaggerate on things lie this, but don’t mean the comment to be taken with 100% literalism.
  19. One of my chihuahuas keeps trying to breed my pitbull. But most of the time he’s trying at the wrong end. He’s neutered and she’s spayed so he can try all he wants, but he’s not gonna have any success. The funniest thing is that she looks at me and I can see in her eyes that she’s wondering if biting his dick off would do anything since being neutered apparently didn’t.
  20. And 46 of the games on that cartridge were space shooters. The other six just crashed, assuming they even began to boot at all.
  21. I did a google search for video game forums. Found this site.
  22. Fair enough. As for my drug abuse I went through 2 extremely traumatic events within a day and a half of each other. Virtually anyone would end up abusing some form of intoxicant. Whether it was alcohol or illegal substances is irrelevant. But you are right. I am violent and have no fuse. I have a dangerous temper.
  23. I was talking to the guy at GameStop today, and he said the PS5 is definitely reverse compatible with PS4 games, according to Sony. But as for older systems they haven’t given an official statement. But it’s expected to be reverse compatible back to PS3, due to PS3 being a blu-ray system. As for PS2 and PS1, there’s no official statement yet.
  24. I picked up Assassins Creed III today. As with AC2, it was selling for pocket change at GameStop, so I figured what the hell. If I like it then I got a steal on a game. If not, I didn’t really lose anything.
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