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  1. It started as a kid. As for what triggers is, literally any time I see a group of holes. I can't handle it. I can't even look at shoes much because so many of them are designed like nets or lattice patterns. I have to stay with tennis shoes mostly. I hate pumps so my heels have to be block or wedge (which isn't a problem). But I have to be careful to find any that are solid material. Looking at anything that is a bunch of holes sends me into a full blown panic attack instantly. I had one last night that was so severe I passed out. This shit is really getting dangerous for me.
  2. I’m helping my niece get ready for her first day of college tomorrow. I just need to get some thumb drives to her. Other than that I’m doing a whole lot of nothing. I’m seeing my psychiatrist Tuesday morning to try to get something done about my trypophobia. It’s crippling and seriously derailing my entire life.
  3. That’s not what I asked.
  4. Are you asking how to write a specifically PS1 game? Like put out some ROM-hacks? I’m really not following your question.
  5. I played Halo on the first Xbox, and was instantly soured on both. I hated the controller setup, and the game (in my opinion) was just worthless. My girl has both an Xbox 360 and an Xbox One X, and to be honest, I haven't seen the slightest bit of improvement. I guess that's why I hate the system. I'll stick to Nintendo and PlayStation, thank you very much.
  6. Is steam required to download these games, or can it just be downloaded and played?
  7. Online gaming. Everything is online. I see all physical games, and consoles being phased out. Everything will be digital downloads. It's already started. It won't be long before that fully takes effect. There may be a box for a while, where you download any system you want, then download the games. But that will only be temporary before everything is purely digital in some other, more "advanced" form.
  8. Are there any animals you’re truly terrified of? If so, why?
  9. 👍🏻 at being a backseat moderator. I’m sure DC will appreciate your help running the forum.
  10. I can speak a tiny bit of both Spanish and German. I’m not good at trying to converse in either, but I’m usually able to catch at least the jist of what’s being said.
  11. I've noticed that there's people from all over on this forum. So I've become curious as to what everyone's native tongue is. Obviously I'm a native English speaker. Or maybe, more appropriately, I'm a native American speaker, as English English and American English are (after 250 years) wildly different. Same base, but different languages. So what is everyone's native tongue?
  12. If the damn thing doesn’t turn you into an invincible god with 1 hit kills regardless of what you’re fighting, then there’s no fucking way it’s worthy of the money or effort. Get some fucking integrity EA.
  13. There’s about as much ground in that as there is to the interior of Jupiter.
  14. Yeah and dolphins aren’t mammals because they don’t have hair.
  15. Too true. The closest I’ve ever seen of a zombie that had a brain cell in its body that was its own, was the bloody zombie in Castlevania SOTN. Other than that they always reach or fully climb up from the ground to feed on brains. Cli-fucking-che!
  16. I'm getting a bit bored playing the same titles over and over. Everyone knows you can burn out, even on your absolute favorite game. So I'm looking to start a new campaign on one of my other games. Some I haven't played in a while, others I have never played (say what you want). The problem is, I can't decide which game to play. I'm horrible at decisions like this. So I'm wanting to get some feedback and opinions on what game I should go with. All of these games are on PS3. Bound By Flame Castlevania Lords Of Shadows Castlevania Lords Of Shadows II Dantes Inferno Dark Kingdom Darksiders Darksiders II Dark Souls Dark Souls II Demons Souls Devil May Cry 4 Dishonored Dragon Age II Dragon Age Inquisition Deluxe Edition Dragon Age Origins Ultimate Edition (DA Origins, DA Origins Awakening) Dragons Dogma Elder Scrolls IV Oblivion Elder Scrolls V Skyrim Fallen Angel Sacred II Final Fantasy X, X2 God Of War 1-3, Chains Of Olympus, Ghost Of Sparta, Ascension Heavenly Sword Hunted: The Demons Forge Lair Reckoning Kingdom Of Amalur Rise Of The Argonauts Risen 3 Titan Lords Thief
  17. Zombies, vampires, mummies, devils. All the basic horror genre monsters. Dragons also seem to be popular. Even SMB had Bowser which was somewhat of a dragon.
  18. If a gaming PC is required, I doubt mine could handle it. All I have is a simple all-in-one PC. Also, I don't have a god damn clue who/what Bombshell is, so if I was to take a shot and get it right, I would only be taking a chance away from someone who would actually know what the hell is going on and wanted the reward. Therefore, I'm out. But I'm curious now.
  19. Long cutscenes. Typically they add nothing to the game. FF8 has tons of them, most of which are completely pointless and add absolutely nothing to the advancement of story in any way. They just waste time.
  20. I would make a Zelda game that’s first person. I think that would add a whole new base to the series. We’ve had every other angle so far, but not an entirely first person edition. But no spin off crap. It has to be in Hyrule, with Link trying to save Zelda from Ganon. That would be an awesome game in my opinion.
  21. What’s your favorite cartridge game? No handheld systems.
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