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  1. I play because it's a break from the real world. And I can be whatever I want to be through games. It can't get any simpler than that.
  2. It's definitely Goblin Sword on my Switch. I'm not uninstalling it simply because I paid for it. And what a waste of money it was. The game is fine for the most part. But it gets redundant after a while. You have to find 2 treasure chests and 3 specific gems in every stage. But that's not the thing that makes it a waste of money. That is due to the fact that the game doesn't have any kind of ending. It just stops. So the only reason I won't uninstall it is because I paid real money for it.
  3. I have to say A Boy And His Blob on NES. It's absolutely crazy. There is a blob that needs your help getting back t its home planet, Blobonia. In the game you feed the blob different flavored jellybeans to turn it into different forms like a ladder and an umbrella, so that you can traverse through everywhere and get him home. That's one of the things I love about the era. Risks on the part of the developers.
  4. I would have to give it a tie between the Game Cube and the Wii. The Game Cube was just uncomfortable as hell, and the buttons were in a completely fucked up location. The Wii was just worthless. I played it a bit for a while, but that whole controller scheme they came up with was sickening.
  5. Are you serious? Ninja Gaiden is one of the easiest games on the console. So is Zelda II. i honestly don't get where people are coming from to find either of those two games difficult. These days, I try to avoid as much stress as I can. But at the moment, the only game I can think of that stresses me out is RDR2. A lot of it is small stuff, but it's a bitch and a half to get some of the small stuff taken care of. Deciding how far into the game I'm willing to go is another thing. Anymore I don't tend to go past chapter 3 and never past Chapter 4. After that, there's just too many things I can't bring myself to do. I've played the entire game, and gone all the way into the second epilogue, but there's an emotional toll that it takes on me. I'm going to do one more full runthrough of the game for our YouTube channel, and after that, never again.
  6. Every couple months I would get a new copy of Tips & Tricks. It had all the cheats for NES, SNES, N64, Sega Genesis, and PS1. I don't think the magazine is around anymore. But I also had a couple different code books for the Game Genie. There's a lot of codes that aren't listed in just one book. To get them all for a single game, you need multiple books. Nowadays, the only cheats I have ready are RDR2 cheats. Unless I'm playing something I've mastered, because then I'll use a Game Genie to make the game more challenging.
  7. 1985 Games had style, originality, and uniqueness. Developers were willing to take chances back then. Sure some games were flops, but a hell of a lot were massive hits. Nowadays, everything is a damn sequel. I can probably count on one hand the number of people here who remember waking up early on weekends to play SMB or Duck Hunt. And the kids who had more games than that, were rock stars. Everyone wanted to be their friend.
  8. @Rain Dew and I have a YouTube channel. It doesn't have a whole lot of content right now, but we're getting stuff ready and will hopefully have it posted soon. 2 Chix Gaming
  9. The Switch has a shitload of indie titles in the eShop. I've gotten several, and to be honest, they're a hell of a lot better than a large number of AAA titles.
  10. Where are you from? What's your favorite game? Why? What's your preferred method of gaming? Console or PC? If console, which one? Why?
  11. Grandma was the only one who actually cared about me. My biological grandfather died before I was born, when my sperm donor was just a kid. The Grampa I knew was technically my step-grandfather. But I was always with them as much as I could be. I loved being at Grandma's house. My grandparents on the other side, I was never close to. I just wasn't comfortable around them. And like my paternal grandfather, my maternal grandmother died before I was born. So biologically, I only got to meet two of my grandparents. I really miss my grandma. I loved her like crazy. I still do. I wish I could have one more day to spend with her.
  12. I know when I was born a new car was in the $7,000 - $8,000 range. Now you're not getting anything new for less than $30,000. And that's if you're lucky. It's why a lot of people are buying used. The last 20 years has had us all bent over and taking a royal reaming straight up the ass.
  13. The only KI games that I'm familiar with were all on Nintendo consoles.
  14. Killer Instinct is now an Xbox exclusive? When did that happen?
  15. I've used several different ones for different purposes, but my first was Hotmail, and I still use it today. I use some emails within my website, but I took my site down and leased the domain to someone. I'm thinking of putting my site back up though.
  16. The Colorado Avalanche took their first cup this year. The Finals were good this year. better than they have been in a while. I have no feelings about the Avalanche one way or another, but I wanted to see them win just so I could see Tampa Bay lose. I have a vendetta against TB. I'm a Red Wings fan, and every year we play them first in the playoffs. And for the last several years, they have knocked us out in the first fucking round. So yeah, I hate them.
  17. None of this PC bullshit. People could say what's on their minds, and everyone was fine with it whether they agreed or not. Now if you say "Boo" at someone you're looking at trouble for threatening someone. Like WHAT THE ABSOLUTE FUCK???? Are you that much of a pussy that you can't handle someone speaking? And don't get me started on the whole "Speak English" bullshit that keeps going on. I'm in the process of learning a few languages just to piss these people off. Among other reasons.
  18. That all depends. Do you mean something that scared me, or something that would scare other people? Clarification on this one is definitely needed.
  19. My first job was at Pizza Hut. I remember how lazy and stingy the boss was. She was at the point that she broke serious health department rules, by making us recycle pizza. Meaning that any pizza that someone dined in on and didn't finish was to be reused to make another full pizza. We didn't throw away any uneaten slices, under penalty of losing our jobs. I finally had enough. They had been redoing my schedule without telling me, so I waited until Homecoming and quit without showing up. They couldn't get anyone else to come in, because they were all out for the night and they couldn't get a hold of them. After I quit I made an anonymous call to the Health Department. The restaurant was shut down within a week. And just a few months prior, they had spent tens of thousands of dollars to build a new walk in fridge for pizzas and ingredients. The scary thing though, is that the same stupid bitch is manager at another restaurant. When I saw that she was manager there, I quit eating at that Long John Silvers.
  20. Begging off my plate is something that severely pisses me off. For example, one day I cooked myself a frozen pizza. I was heading to my room to eat it, when all of a sudden I heard my room mates mother come begging and constantly repeating "Can I have some" over and fucking over. If she had asked before it was on my plate, then no harm no foul. I would have been happy to let her have some. But to beg off my fucking plate is enough to enrage me.
  21. "Childhood is over the moment you know you're gonna die." - The Crow
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