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  1. God: Behold! I have created Man! Angels: You fucked up a perfectly good monkey is what you did! Look at it, it’s got anxiety!
  2. There’s a lot of differences and just about as many similarities. A few differences include 1.) America uses the imperial system and Canada is metric. 2.) Canadians get their milk in bags, we get it in jugs. 3.) Pronunciation varies on many things. One of the most notable to me is the last letter of the alphabet. We say “zee” they say “zed”. 4.) Sizing is wildly different. Canada covers more land, but their population is 10% that of the US. Our population is roughly 350 million. Theirs, despite larger in land than us, is roughly 35 million. If you think about California and NY, we have more than them in 2 combined states. Actually I would almost be willing to bet that NY alone has as many people as Canada. 5.) They have either 5 or 6 major political parties, whereas we only have 2 major parties, and several minor ones. 6.) They have a prime minister, we have a president. 7.) Canadians, while not all rainbows and sunshine are generally quite friendly. Americans are entitled , greedy, and narcissistic. Off the top of my head, that’s all I can think of. There’s loads more, but those are the only ones that come to mind at the moment.
  3. Yeah that portrayal is the closest Americans have to knowledge of Scottish history. But most of us understand full well that Hollywood sensationalizes things, and fabricates things to make a movie that would sell better. People here honestly believe that movies like Braveheart are more documentary than movie. After Twister came out some neighborhood kids decided that they knew everything about tornadoes. The same with other movies like Jurassic Park and Braveheart. Americans are stupid. It’s that damn simple.
  4. “Ethics” is a pretty loose word. What I find ethical would for the most part be the exact opposite of your view. That much I can guarantee. Instead of ask if we share universal ethics, ask why we don’t already. I think the answer is because of individual outlooks that vary so wildly. I would sit back and watch someone in pain and let them suffer. You would try to help them. I would kill animal abusers. You would report them and let the cops deal with it. There’s literally nothing I won’t do to protect the few whom I care about. You most likely wouldn’t kill, die, and/or take the rap for all of them.
  5. If a permanent purge wasn’t an option, then I would banish the entire right wing, fire the entire police force and restaff with new cops (our PD is corrupt from the bottom all the way up), and buy a monkey despite @Rain Dew telling me that I’m not allowed. I know that I’m a bitch, but damnit she’s denying me my monkey!
  6. I tended to prefer markers because they didn’t leave white spots the way crayons and colored pencils do. Ink covers more than wax and colored graphite.
  7. Ok, this just pisses me off. As you all know, I'm stuck in a damn wheelchair. What the hell am I supposed to do if I need to go somewhere, and some self entitled snob has taken the only spot? Come back in an hour and hope they have moved their all-important ass? The kind of snobbery and disdain for anyone but themselves is sick. I never liked any of them before this came out, and I like them even less now. The show is beyond stupid, as it should be considering who the cast is. https://www.shefinds.com/collections/kendall-jenner-slammed-parking-handicap-spot/#slide-1
  8. I think I've played it once or twice, but to be honest, the only medieval style game like Doom that I can think of is Hexen. Also, it never looked very medieval to me. The main kicker is the use of guns in it. Whereas in Hexen, you actually use hand weapons like swords, maces, and wands.
  9. To my knowledge, there are no Steam, Discord, or Slack groups from VGR. @DC hasn't said anything to me about it, and I don't think he really has the interest. Obviously I can't speak for him, but I would be willing to bet that his main focus is strictly on the VGR website, and forum. If you want to start your own groups, go for it, but you can't call them VGR groups without @DC's permission.
  10. While it has no interest from me, this is the ultimate first person view. So for everyone who plays their games in first person, this is almost the holy grail of mods. I can't play in first person because I can't see jack shit when I try. So for me, it has to be third person view.
  11. Considering being a classic gamer, I play with wired controllers all the time. There were a few wireless controllers made around the N64/PS1 era, but they typically didn't work worth a shit. When I play newer systems, like PS4/5 and Xbox, the wireless ability is really nice. It gives more range of motion and isn't limiting you to a small confined area. As for headsets, I prefer using them wired. Not sure exactly why, but it's just something I do.
  12. Not really. I grew up on 80's rock and still love it to this day. But I have gotten into other subgenres of music. I love black metal and death metal. My all time favorite band is Disturbed, but I still have my Whitesnake, Ratt, Cinderella, Quiet Riot, Extreme, Steelheart, Saigon Kick, Stryper, and Poison albums. That's just to name a few.
  13. I was raised roman catholic, but it never took on a religious element for me. Partially because, even as a child, I saw christianity as a load of bullshit. All it ever was for me was a day of gifts. Not that I ever got any, but I got to watch my brother and sister open their gifts.
  14. There's someone out there that would bitch and moan if any kind of censorship or controls were implemented. Then their whining would get others involved to piss and moan about it with them. Parental controls are one thing. Common sense is another. Use that, and you should be just fine. But if you're like me, and spend more time on the dark web than you do on the surface web, then you're the asshole and the one at fault if you delve into things that you shouldn't.
  15. That's a new one to me. I've honestly never heard of this. But then again, I've never really looked into it either. I guess anything that exists can be allergic. What happens to you guys if you drink?
  16. Believe something in blind faith. If you're stupid enough to believe that kind of shit, you need to lose your ability in the gene pool so that you can't reproduce.
  17. It's fucking bullshit. Why the hell would FIFA even consider allowing a country like this host the world cup? They're killing their own citizens for no reason other than their own enjoyment. They literally work people to death. They don't allow them any natural human rights. Food, water, rest, nothing. If you complain, you're most likely facing a firing squad or gallows. If you slack off due to exhaustion, the same thing applies. They want robots, not people. Well science can do that. You can make robots to do this kind of shit and then take care of your people. But nah, it's cheaper to let them die off than take care of them. Pretty soon, Qatar isn't going to have any citizens left. They'll either be dead, or have found asylum somewhere else.
  18. Well the last one we had was truly the spawn of Satan. This one that we have now has turned my hand into swiss cheese, and damn near broken my finger. I offer him a walnut or some dried fruit, and he ignores it and goes for my hand and fingers instead. The place we got him from lied to us when they said he was tame. He’s mean as hell.
  19. My best friend has thought about joining for a while, but with as busy as her life is, she often forgets. She also has 3 kids to take care of, two of which are kindergarten age. So if she does have time she is often too worn out to get online. I’ve also told her bf about it, and he said he would check it out. Whether or not he has, I don’t know.
  20. RDR2 doesn’t have any kind of bosses. Sure, there’s story events where you’re in big gun battles. But there’s no kind of “boss” anywhere in the game. Thinking about it, aren’t most, if not all, open world games like that? No bosses? Also racing and sports games, including the goofier ones like Mario Kart. There’s no boss. You just have to hope to be faster, or score more points than your opponent(s) to win. Puzzle games like Myst and Riven are another. One that I play that doesn’t really have any kind of boss, per se, is Hatred. You’re the bad guy in the game, and while you’re killing everyone you can find, the cops are always trying to stop you. But you don’t have any boss there. There’s quite a lot of games that have no boss to speak of. Granted, the vast majority of games are boss based. It’s a time tested formula that works, so the gaming industry sticks with it. And there’s nothing wrong with that.
  21. Gambling addiction is potentially deadly. It's something that I am so thankful I don't have. I'm a former addict, and it's a daily struggle to not fall back into it. Thinking about that now, I regret even making this post as I'm sure there is at least one person here who has a gambling addiction. Which means I just led them to a gambling app.
  22. What, exactly, does this have to do with the topic? This thread isn't about emotional aspects/features of a game, it's about pointless aspects/features of a game.
  23. I've been meaning to make this topic for a while, but keep forgetting. What have you all seen in a game that is, in your eyes at least, completely pointless? The biggest one that sticks out for me is in RDR2 (story mode). We all know what kind of game it is, and how vulgar it is. The language the characters use would make a sailor blush. Yet when naming your horse there's a profanity blocker. Considering the way they talk to each other, and how you can taunt NPC's, why the hell would they even consider that when developing the game? And it's pretty crazy. I wanted to name my horse Prometheus a while back, and the profanity blocker denied it. The only thing I can think of that triggered it is in the middle of the name where it says "meth". What the hell is up with this? It has to be the most useless, pointless thing I've ever seen in a game. You can tell someone to "fuck off asshole" but can't name your horse Butt Nugget. Neither I nor @Rain Dew can figure out exactly what they were thinking. And it's such a small part of the game, so we're left wondering why they would even care. I can guarantee there's a lot of people who play that can't remember the name of their horses. @Rain Dew often doesn't even bother naming them and just leaves it as the default from the game. "Horse" isn't a particularly flattering name, but it doesn't affect the horse's performance. Luckily I found a name that to me at least is appropriate for my horse that the damn profanity blocker didn't block me. Considering I call her this constantly, I named her Stupid.
  24. Anyone who had a meal? I ate some nasty pizza. It was actually the best thanksgiving I’ve had in the last 20 years or so.
  25. They're usually trying to prove how "brave" and "strong" they are. Typically it's men doing this shit. If you're not a zoologist of some kind, or involved in animal studies, you have no business playing with a copperhead. Even then, you should be careful as hell. Hunting is in it's own boat, as you're trying to kill the animal in question. But otherwise, just leave them the hell alone.
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