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  1. I have the lite. No docking ability.
  2. Witcher 3 Not what I would call an easy game. I'm thinking of picking it up on another console so I have a bigger screen and can possibly get into the game better before I really go adventuring on Switch.
  3. If it has single player mode, I'm in.
  4. Personally, I never liked Spielberg to begin with, but it's not really possible to deny the fact that he's directed some amazing movies.
  5. When religion affects the story, then it can be useful to help explain things. For example, Zelda OoT. The 3 Goddesses creating everything, and the Deku Tree being the patron deity of the Kokiri. Those are both important elements to the story. And they are religious beliefs among the Hylia and Kokiri peoples.
  6. If someone gets all butt hurt about you being an Atheist, then fuck them. There's nothing wrong with Atheism. Shank them and walk on.
  7. I agree with you on that. The movie had its moments, but for the most part was just pure shit.
  8. I hadn't thought of that. You're most likely right. That's probably the case. But all things considered, I don't know why it would be out when we have the first Hexen easily available. But then there's also problems with Postal 2 and Manhunt 2 in certain countries, whereas the other editions in the series were perfectly fine.
  9. Hexen is a good one. It’s not a shooter unless you have certain items. Things like specific wands.
  10. Something like the movie Ready Player One would be really awesome.
  11. @StaceyPowers You know my religious beliefs. The games that cover that would be God Of War. They portray it extremely well. The Gods and lesser deities are portrayed almost perfectly. Even Charon is fairly well portrayed.
  12. I've seen reports that Coke is ungodly popular in Mexico. Almost to the point of people putting it in baby bottles to give to infants popular. I thought that was really cool. I've been to the Yucatan a few times, and I do know that the Pepsi also tastes wildly different from the Pepsi we have here in the states.
  13. I've had a scorpion, 2 ball pythons, macaw, hedgehog, copperhead (don't ask), and a raccoon. That's just what I can remember off the top of my head. But if I was to pick something else it would probably have to be a tarantula. I've always thought they were really cool.
  14. I have no plans to buy either. If I was going to go for one it would be the PS5. But I would wait 2 or 3 years. Give it time to fix the bugs on the initial release, the price to drop, and have more games released for it.
  15. I was a Colecovision kid when I was young. It was cheaper than Atari. Granted it was owned by Atari, and was pretty much the same system, but still. I remember the NES coming out in '85. It was the peak of gaming and the graphics and abilities the system had were mind blowing. So I wanted one. I got it a couple years late and played it like hell. Then the SNES came out. I saved up every penny I could get my hands on for over a year to buy one. You can see where this is going. With the exception of Game Cube and Wii, I have always been a Nintendo fan. The only systems I have never owned that they have put out since NES are Virtual Boy and Wii U. I've had every version of GameBoy. So since I grew up with Nintendo that's where most of my loyalty sticks. PS1 and PS3 have great games, and I play them a lot. But for me the top of gaming will always be Nintendo.
  16. You're in a cabin out in the wilderness for a vacation alone. You wake up and there's a dead body in your house. There's signs of a struggle, but nothing is misplaced. You can't call 911. The power is out and your phone is dead. You're snowed in. You're completely alone with this dead body, and no way out. What do you do?
  17. George Carlin, Gabriel Iglesias, or Chris Rock? Why?
  18. There's an asteroid coming straight at earth and will hit tomorrow killing all life on this planet, including bacteria. What will you do in your last 24 hours on this planet?
  19. Out of what would be considered an "exotic" pet, what animal would you most like to have as a pet?
  20. Maybe it's an international thing. I just now checked eBay as of reading your post, and I'm still not seeing it.
  21. I've been playing FF8 on my switch since I got it a week ago. I'm loving the portability, but the problem is the button configuration. After playing the game for 20 years, I'm used to the PlayStation default setup. The Switch has the same amount of buttons as a PS controller, but the problem is that the buttons in the same spots do different things. I've looked over the game, and I can't find any place in game, or in the system that I can alter it to set it to what I know instinctively with the game. Does anyone know where to go to change the controls? I can play it, but it's adding a whole new degree of difficulty that's actually making the game less fun since the buttons are in the wrong places.
  22. You may laugh at this one, but if you have an N64 laying around, or an emulator, you could try Banjo Kazooie. Yes it's a children's game, but it's also very relaxing to play. It's really cutesy but it's also really easy.
  23. When I was a kid I decided to do something that technically was more of a suicide mission than anything. We all know that in Zelda OoT, when you jump from some heights you roll when you land, while other heights you get hurt. I wanted to prove to myself that you can roll from any height if you press a button or move the control stick at just the right time. You know what happened next. I climbed to the top of Death Mountain, and started jumping off of it, to prove that you can roll from any height. After I took whatever amount of damage, I would go into the great faeries fountain and get healed. Well I forgot to do that. The next thing I know, since I had no faeries, I'm dead. I never did figure out to roll from such a height, obviously.
  24. Apparently Hexen II is available on Steam. Why I have never been able to find it on there until just now, I don't know.
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