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  1. Playing several hours per day, might not be a sign of addiction. For example take someone in my situation. I'm on disability because I can't work. Thus, I have nothing but empty time. I need to find something to do with that time. When I get up in the morning, if I intend to get on RDR2, I usually end up playing it until I go to bed. Some would call that addiction, while others would just say that I'm just playing the hand I was dealt. Like I said, gaming addiction can often be a gray area.
  2. Who here can say that their all-time favorite game has changed? I can definitely say that. For the last several decades, my all-time favorite game was Zelda OoT. I thought it was the perfect game. Now, to no ones surprise, my all-time favorite game is RDR2. The game simply blows me away. There is so much to do in the game that it's mind blowing. There are secrets that very few have probably found. Items like the fluorite and ammolite, shrunken head, and gold shield just to name a few. There are also encounters like the giant and the devil. Then there are the challenges. Riding from Strawberry to St Denis in 9 minutes without touching water. Killing 5 flying birds from a moving train. And a hell of a lot more. There is so much to do and discover that I haven't found a game that can match. I've tried Skyrim and Witcher 3, but they just couldn't get their hooks in me.
  3. Uhhhhhh…. I DO play Assassins Creed. AC3 is what initially got me into the series. Just because there’s one that I haven’t gotten to yet doesn’t mean I don’t play the franchise. I haven’t played every Zelda game, but I still play the hell out of the series. I haven’t played every entry in the Dark Pictures Anthology yet, but I still love it. So just because I don’t rave about it all the time doesn’t mean I don’t play it.
  4. I got it downloaded. We'll see how it goes. I'm just waiting to hear what @Reality vs Adventure has to say about this as he's a ginormous AC fan.
  5. I don't have FFXVI yet, but I do want to pick it up at some point. It looks promising to me. As long as it has a story mode and isn't an entirely online game the way FFXIV is.
  6. If tablet games count, then the last game I played was Zen Color. It's a color by numbers game that I find really relaxing. If tablet games don't count, then (surprise surprise!) it would be RDR2. I played it for a couple hours yesterday. I've finished off the entire game including Epilogue II. So now I'm doing challenges. It's 4:52AM right now, and I'm planning on getting on once I finish a couple things on the computer.
  7. For classic games, it's a tie between two for me. Blackthorne(SNES) and Conker's Bad Fur Day(N64). For the current gen games, it's just too hard to choose. But if I was forced to, I would want a sequel to FutureGrind(Switch) or Dante's Inferno(PS3). Something else I would love to see is a true sequel to FF8. But we all know that that's never going to happen.
  8. I saw this video and thought it would be interesting to everyone. Also the ad for the web browser might be of interest to some here.
  9. I would agree. Also boys have much better hand/eye coordination than girls do. It comes from all those years of reading Playboy.
  10. Yes it can definitely be a form of therapy. If you're having an issue, and a certain game lets you express your issue at the time, it helps relieve some of that stress. For example, I have an explosive temper with no fuse to speak of, which has led to the rage disorder that I'm currently taking medication for. When I get to that point, I play Hatred because of the material. Your point in the game is to kill as many innocent civilians and law enforcement as possible. That's it. When I get angry to the point that I want to kill every person I see, I play the game. That's just one specific example. Another one would be that gaming is often an escape from the real world. You leave your stress behind you, and after a few hours, it's possibly that you could be just fine. It's not a guarantee, it's only a possibility. There are dozens of ways gaming can be therapeutic. But it's pretty individualized and situation specific.
  11. Gaming addiction can sometimes be a bit of a gray area. Because it's difficult to distinguish addiction to gaming or passionate to gaming. Also most people don't give things like this the attention it might merit. There was the Korean(?) boy that died after playing 51 hours straight. That was addiction. I often play from the time I wake up until I go to bed. But I also burn out. Some would call that addiction. Also, as @Shagger mentioned, the symptoms you mentioned are prevalent in any form of addiction. Alcohol, drugs, gambling, pornography, sex, and shopping to name just few. People tend to look at possible gaming addiction the same way people who go to NA meetings look at someone being there for smoking marijuana. Or the way people at AA meetings look at someone being there for drinking nonalcoholic beer. Until there are scientific studies, gaming addiction is going to continue to be swept under the rug.
  12. Rim jobs happen outside prison too. I know people that are into that sort of thing. Personally, I’m not playing tongue hockey with anyone’s asshole.
  13. When I was a girl I would listen to NKOTB while I played NES. My favorite memory (gaming wise) is listening to them while I played Blaster Master.
  14. @Rain Dew played it for a while, but eventually lost interest in it. I never tried it, because I'm just not into Pokemon. I know others are absolutely huge fans of the franchise, and more power to you if you are. It's no sweat off my back. It's just not for me.
  15. I can't say I've been personally affected, but then again I only use brand controllers for my systems. From NES to PS5. The reason for that is because every time I've used a third party controller, even if they're brand new, they always either didn't work right from the start, or started fucking up shortly after buying them. Whereas the name brand controllers last a long time. I've also never had a name brand controller quit on me, except one time. I don't doubt that Microsoft will do something like this, because third party electronics makes the target product lose money. Despite Microsoft being a multi billion dollar company, they're always reaching for that last nickel.
  16. Great question! Going by what I'm seeing, it looks like it has to be played in the home. Like it's something that links to your PS5, but instead can only show you what your PS5 is doing. If you were wanting to play a game on it but want to do it from bed, you would have to find it, put your disc (if you didn't go strictly digital) get the machine booted up and logged in and then play. It's a lot of hassle if you ask me.
  17. Cornhole and thongs are 2 things that changed their definition which bugs the hell out of me. Cornhole used to bean asshole. Thongs used to be those cheap foam sandals that you would typically wear to the beach. Now thongs are butt floss. I'll post a pic of them, but to get back on topic, I made a beanbag set to play what is now called cornhole. It's not hard in any way. Just find someone who can sew to make the bags, and get some wood to make the game targets. But don't call it fucking cornhole. What's next? Is "car" suddenly going to mean comb? This is a thong:
  18. The only instrument I currently can play is the aulos. It's not the easiest to learn, but once you get the hang of it, you can really produce some beautiful music. The hardest part of learning it is learning to breathe into 2 pipes at once. Here's a pic of the one I play.
  19. One that applies to me is "I know a little about a lot, and a lot about a little". I say it all the time. Another is "I'll try anything once" but I take it up a notch. I say that I'll try anything TWICE. I do that, because the first time may have been decided purely down to circumstance. So I give it a second shot. That way I know I gave whatever it is a fair shot, and am comfortable in my decision. If it was bad on one try, and good on the other, I give it a third try from a third source. For example I may hate homemade meatloaf, but absolutely love it from a buffet. So I find another source and try it a third time. I believe giving just about everything a fair shot. I'm not going to take a kitchen knife and cut one boob off, and later the other one, just to see how it felt and whether or not it was painful. I'm crazy, not stupid.
  20. If you could speak every language in the history of earth, (including the extinct languages) or play every musical instrument on earth, which would you choose? While I absolutely love music, I would go with the languages. I can listen to music all day long, and it's often easier to learn a musical instrument than it is to learn a language. For example, would it be easier to learn to play a guitar or learn to speak Mandarin?
  21. I was Nintendo exclusive for a long time. But as time went on, I started developing broader interests in gaming. Now I play on a broad range of systems. All the way from Atari 2600 to PS5.
  22. All that money, and he wants to take down minor media company? He's slipping further and further into insanity.
  23. Fantasy has, and always will be, my number one favorite. My interests have broadened over the years, so now I'm about trial and error in finding what genres I might enjoy. I have recently became a big fan of horror games. Layers Of Fear: Legacy is my personal favorite at the moment. I never could have expected this, but RDR2 has become my all time favorite game. There is more to do in it, than in any other game I have played. I grew up on 8-bit and lower games. When NES dropped around here in the states, I remember people being blown away by how realistic and lifelike SMB was. Hence, Zelda is a favorite from its inception.
  24. Considering that I've been a Zelda nut since its inception, I'm looking somewhat forward to this. I've wondered for years if this would ever be a thing. The last Zelda I saw on TV was Fridays, when they would play a Zelda cartoon instead of Mario Bros. The Super Mario Brothers Super Show ran every day, but on Fridays it was Zelda. I have the entire Zelda set somewhere around here.
  25. I pick up a few things for @Rain Dew, despite her being hard as hell to buy for. Other than her I have no one to shop for.
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