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Report reveals which sealed NES games are the rarest of the rare

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Do you have any of the games on this list still in box? Sadly my NES collection is just cart based. I used to have some of the boxes and manuals growing up, but I think my sister or parents tossed the boxes sadly. If I had known that NES games would hold value these days, I would have somehow told them not to toss any of the boxes or anything. But who knows for sure when something like that becomes worth money. 

Anyway, Wata Games recently put out a report that revealed the worth of some boxed games, as well as how many are still in the wild. Of course, they only go off of the games that are sent to them for grading, so totals may differ than what is actually out there. Do any of the games you own show up? 

You can read more here - https://arstechnica.com/gaming/2021/12/report-reveals-which-sealed-nes-games-are-the-rarest-of-the-rare/ 

As well, I should note that it was either Wata games or another company like it, that one of their employees was trying to auction off games that they appraised themselves and I guess that was a no-no since they could technically price the games out however they wanted to. I don't remember the full story, but they were accused of increasing prices to inflate the prices in the hopes that other games they sell will go for a lot. But as you know, when you find another pristine copy of the same game, and you just sold it for a ton, the price will likely go down due to there being another one out there. 

You can read about that here - https://www.blogarama.com/technology-blogs/1343097-lords-gaming-blog/40510426-wata-games-gamings-greatest-scam-victim-misinformation It explains it better than I would haha. 

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