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Techno's Tale: The Bus That Met 2Channel

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Warning: Please do not go harass any person, website, or company apart of this story, all intentions are for education and entertainment.


Note: This happened in Japan, as such I couldn’t find much English text on this story, as such there won't be much detail on this story.


On May 3, 2000, user Neomugicha of 2channel posted an unknown message to 2channel. This would turn out to be a warning. Later in the day, user Neomugicha got onto a bus. He would soon pull out a knife, threatening the driver and stabbing three passengers with it, one of the passengers would later die due to the wounds.


Once Neomugicha had control of the bus, he would keep the passengers on it for about three to four hours until he allowed one woman to go to the bathroom; she would soon alert the police.

A unit of Special Assault officers would soon storm the bus, arresting the hijacker with little incident. 


No one took Nemugicha’s threats seriously, however 2channel wouldn’t make the same mistake again, some unknown amount of time later, another user would threaten to blow up the Odakyu Electric railway, that person would soon be arrested before he could.


So what lesson can we gain from this? Well, to be honest, there’s not much one can learn from this, other than taking threats seriously.







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