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  1. Has anyone else noticed that there's is no real world news/events topic area? I feel like Debate, Religion, and Politics could be readjusted to allow that sort of thing.
  2. I think Tekken 8 counts, although I'm not sure if it was actually announced or just fully revealed. Yakuza became Like A Dragon for some stupid reason. Deathloop got a release date on the Xbox. Street Fighter 6 got its roster reveal. RE: Village got some DLC.
  3. Watched all six episodes multiple times! This was really good, definitely worth the wait. It's far more surreal than horror, but was still fantastic.
  4. Techno

    Xbox In Japan

    Nanco? I don't know of any real connection with them and Xbox. I mean sure it's as much of a long shot as say Konami or Sega, but I'm just curious. Is Bandi Nanco looking to be bought by them?
  5. Techno

    Xbox In Japan

    My personal opinion is already being done over. They got Kojima making a Xbox game, that's a big deal. The only thing would be Japanese exclusives but I'm not sure who they would get to do it other than Kojima. Phil said something about buying Japanese studios so that could be something.
  6. Techno

    Xbox In Japan

    Xbox is currently trying to expand in Japan. How do you think they can do this? So far, they brought over multiple older Japanize games like Ni No Kuni and Persona.
  7. Techno


    How do you define art? Is everything art? Does a banana on a wall count as art?
  8. Hello, my fellow psychopaths of the internet. I have done something completely and utterly concerning to my brain cells and my mental health. To properly explain my serious tone, allow me to enlighten you to some of my recent purchases. Megaman Legacy Collection Megaman Legacy Collection 2 Megaman 11 Megaman X Legacy Collection Megaman X Legacy Collection 2 Megaman Zero/ZX Legacy Collection As you can see, I now own like thirty Megaman games and I need to complete then all. If you or a loved one knows of any tips, tricks, guidance, suggestions, and cheat codes, please inform me down below as I'm doing the games in order of release date. And hell hath no fury like the NES Megaman games.
  9. Playing it day one! It looks extremely sick. The perfect Halloween game to be honest.
  10. Accounts, this is a topic on adding these features.
  11. Alright so me and @Withywarlock have begun a long discussion on this and I feel like this topic should be it's own thread. Don't be afraid to post your opinion. As for starting this topic, I feel like the first problem is the rewards. I fully apricate DC's effort on rewards, however I think the lack of a proper shop is hurting the site. I'd love to buy more than just video games, and as Warlock suggested, things like customization would be a great way to reward members without building up competition. A shop would be a great first step in reworking the points system and could make VGR a better place for all.
  12. Some very good points. I'm gonna go create a whole topic on this. As for what you have said, a gold member badge would be a very good way of rewarding good members, I love that idea. As for resetting everything, that should probably be a last case resort, since it'd anger the whole community.
  13. I'd like to see your opinion on Atari games and how they aged. It can be from any console. As for me, I've only played Pong so I can't tell.
  14. (I have nothing to say on the first paragraph) I personally don't think removal of points and prizes would be helpful. I do think they help build up the forum. I understand that people post just for points. But think that throwing away the entire reward system will just hurt the forum as it's a way to reward good members. Now in saying that, I do think we should start thinking about reworking it (heck, I might create an entire thread for a discussion like that). The system goes too slowly for good posters and speeds up for bad, spammy posters. If I make 5 quality threads, I'd be rewarded the same as a spam poster that posts 5 threads that are basically the same. I like your customization idea, as a person who thinks a actual shop page could be a way to fix the rewards problem, it would be away to reward members without the problem of scarcity. I'd think some signature options could be just as interesting. The biggest problem with this is that I don't know what the forum is on software-wise, so I can't exactly say what could be done here. Some very good points, and I do think we need a much bigger discussion on this as a whole.
  15. I guess Super Mario Galaxy, but I'm not a fan of motion controls so I never use them.
  16. So GTA 6 just leaked. Over 90 videos can now be found on YouTube that shows off Vice City. I'm not showing anything here because Take Two is copyright striking everything. Source: https://www.polygon.com/platform/amp/23359292/grand-theft-auto-6-gta6-leak-90-videos-released-online Moderator Edit: I edited the link to remove the google redirect as the link apprises to be broken with that included. I would recommend that in future when you post links to a news source to take the URL from the source website directly and not copy if from the google search page because google can alter, move or remove the link without notice.
  17. The only things that caught my attention was Deathloop's Xbox release date and Ni No Kuni Xbox launch.
  18. Drug addiction is especially bad. I've got a neighbor who went to prison three times, lost custody of his kids, was under house arrest, and lives with his parents because he can't afford a apartment. It's quite tragic how little help drug addicts truly get.
  19. It's a hard question. Lung cancer will kill me slowly. Heart cancer will kill me quickly. And Brain cancer wouldn't affect me. I'll pick NBA2k.
  20. It's been two months, anyone want to ask anything?
  21. Do you watch horror movies? I enjoy the good ones quite a bit. Horror can be very fun, when it's not stupid.
  22. This isn't all that serious but I found a Github addon for a arcade and I think it's a funny idea for an update. Anyone else wanna play pong clones on here?
  23. Funny thing is, this review was actually pretty enjoyable. It's stupid yes, but the fun type of stupid. There's just so much charm in this flawed, very chaotic sort of reviewing.
  24. You just listed all of them, there's no other countries left.
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