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  1. It's not about looking impressive for the sake of looking impressive. Make sure it's fits the tone and style. A documentary shouldn't have the same level of editing as a Marvel movie.
  2. Man, I hope whoever did it does it to other senates.
  3. Anyone else head about what happened at the Italian senate? It's some great trolling.
  4. Okay, I've done some research, if the deal goes though, they will have 10% of the market.
  5. It's been confirmed, once Xbox has Activision, Bobby will be gone.
  6. This is the greatest thing I have ever heard. Crash and Spyro are Xbox guys now! Now Crash Bandicoot 5 might happen!
  7. Another COD? Really, the series is burning out, and its Activision, unless its Crash Bandicoot or Spyro, I refuse to give them money.
  8. So basically the utah governor has canceled stay at school covid tests. Basically there not enough covid tests avaliable so they have to send them to congregate-care facilities, long term care facilities, and community testing sites.
  9. The N word, I've heard it so many times I don't even catch it being said anymore.
  10. I gotta do a kahoot assignment for school, but the score doesn't matter, so anyone wanna join me for Kahoot?

  11. Techno

    Thank You

    "Huzzah a journalist with quality!"
  12. I never said they treated them with kindness equally.
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