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  1. The Psi King one in Psychonauts 2.
  2. A really big Minecraft YouTuber, he had 10m subscribers. I didn't personally follow him but it just was so sudden.
  3. I found out Technoblade passed away. I'm quite shocked about this. I don't even what know what else to say.
  4. Honestly, this is kind of concerning to me. The forum hit 50,000+ posts in a span of a few months. Seeing as the last three months had massive problems with low quality posts, I'm not sure 50,000 posts is a good thing when most of the posts kind of suck.
  5. While everyone else chooses more modern and recent years I'm gonna go with 1972, because it's really is when video games became mainstream enough to get seen as profitable. 1972 was when Pong released which really was the start of the video game market. Sure stuff like Table For Two was around but it didn't get all that popular. Pong is the first big hit in the gaming market, which helped establish a market that lead to all the other classics. Another big arcade cabinet game called Computer Space also released around that time. Also in 1972 was the Madavox Odduesy which was the first ever console to be released. It paved the way for Atari and Intelvision to enter the console market. Basically 1972 is when gaming became an actual market. Which is why I'd call it the greatest.
  6. Techno


    So Obsidian Entertainment is realising a new game this November and it's my most wanted game this fall to be honest. Anyone else interested in this? https://youtu.be/9wIq6cwv708
  7. Psychonauts, it's one of the most creative, thoughtful, and funny games Ive ever played but it's certainly has its problems. For example, the game has some very bland and uninteresting combat, especially compared to the sequel. And the figment are poorly colored making them hard to see. And the progression system makes you grind which gets really tedious. Basically it had the early 2000s design which haven't aged well.
  8. Honestly I've just fallen out of here. Forums just lost the spark for me. They just feel so much less personal. I don't know what it is but they've just felt empty. Maybe when I hit school again I'll get back into sprit.
  9. Too bad my laptop is trash and can't properly play these games. I would "love" to try this out but my Laptop runs on a slice of bread.
  10. Has anyone mentioned a chatbox option? You know like having a chatbox so people can just chat with one another. Here's an example of what I mean:
  11. It was the Wii, with that Go Diego Go game I once mentioned about. I never that much of a fan of it believe it or not.
  12. The one I've had the most was in a old building I actually went to when I was three to four. Keep in mind the details are fuzzy, but from what I can remember, I was left with my mom's cousin (like second or third). It's weird how I remember that place.
  13. Revenge of the Sith, I actually think that it's the fourth best Star Wars film. It definitely has it's problems, but it's far more mature, which was a nice change of pace to be honest.
  14. What on earth is that artsyle? It looks too cartoonish for a tomb raider game. I mean sure the game's never had that much realism, but they at least looked like a real place. It litterly looks like Disney Infinity's artsyle.
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