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Justin Trudeau and Blackface

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Tons of people dislike Trudeau as some rich, soft, spoiled brat - because well, he has never done "real working class" work before and he was never in the military or police.  However, is that a real reason to dislike a leader?   Now, finally, he has been accused of calling people in the Trucker protests Nazis, when in his, I guess, boyish immaturity, had put on blackface a couple of times in the past.    Well, once in India, he dressed up like traditional Indians, and some article was saying it was goofy and condescending, you know like most of the privileged liberals (being sarcastic).

I think a lot of the criticism against him is like what you see against Arthur Bach in the movie Arthur.  It's basically the same thing.  Well, what he says comes from such a childish mind that we cannot really get offended by it.

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