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  1. A lot of the claims made by Putin are not provable. Nonetheless, tons of Russians have bought into it, just like some on the American far-right. Of course, something not provable could be correct, we just don't have enough evidence.
  2. I can't argue with this because I would get banned, so I am silent. Perhaps other members of the forum might disagree and they can give their opinion.
  3. Nutballs exist in both parties who want to rewrite history too much in their "own image". It's called extremism. Personally, I don't feel like we can "white-wash", pun intended, lol, a lot of American history. Nonetheless, though, a strong emphasis on certain social justice things is biased too much.
  4. We can agree that banning interracial marriage is silly and brings up images of segregation like separate water fountains. I mean, get real people, lol. Also, I'm sure many Republicans don't support it along despite the numerous other ones, maybe, who are looking for a "voting advantage". Well, not to be off-topic, but I said before that everyone in a certain party isn't the same.
  5. Not all Democrats are the same just as all Republicans are not. For instance, tons of Republicans found Trump too rude, opposed his isolationism and other things.
  6. I'm guessing the generic canned vegetables are the same as store-bought. It's just not worth the extra money to get Green Giant or whatever.
  7. Well, people in the Middle Ages thought that. They say that's why the black plague came about, lol.
  8. No, I'm against that crap. We don't need indoctrination for any politics given to kids, no matter what it is or if the view is popular in that area. I had a teacher like that (in middle school) when I was in school. She would make off-the-wall comments, xenophobic ones, all the time. Also, I had a Christian fundamentalist one in high school doing the same. Anyway, there was this bleeding heart teacher indoctrinating students too a little. However, despite her sweet intentions, maybe she should have hushed up about it. Anyway, I've made conservative comments on here, but I don't believe in pushing it on kids - because they don't really have much an ability to fight back. I remember that teacher in high school and he would make all these really pompous comments and kids would just look at him like goldfish, lol.
  9. RepubliKKKan is a bit over the top. I don't think Democrats are total saints, even not regarding that topic I've spoken of so much on there. However, I understand that fans want to support the team, though. Anyway, this thread has gone off-topic maybe. Well, racism is a terrible thing, but like bullying in a general sense, is unavoidable. My Asian travels was just too much for people to take back home, so they needed to vent their disagreement - and any other aspects of my personality they hate would have flamed things even more.
  10. The internet seems to be fast and affordable pretty much everywhere.
  11. Everyone wants to play the victim. That would include traditional Democratic voting groups and so-called "angry white men". For instance, I don't want Confederate memorabilia funded with taxpayer money. Why should people fund white chauvinism and the longing for neo-feudalism? Yes, and those people think they are victims to a sickening degree. Everyone owes them something. Well, I'm just bringing up the example to show a balanced viewpoint.
  12. Where's the halo boxes for the democrats who pushed the US into the Vietnam War? What other good things did they do for the poor?
  13. Both the Republicans and Democrats had their hand in The Drug War. In that case, both I think were trying to keep the poor down. Well, the democrats might want to keep them down, but not totally down.
  14. Abortions might be affecting more non-whites than whites, maybe by even a large degree. In fact, some anti-abortion activists claim Planned Parenthood was a eugenics inspired weapon against a non-white population.
  15. A situation like this isn't fair because obviously the athlete is more powerful due to the fact she hasn't been transformed enough into a female.
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