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  1. Certain people are not welcome in certain places and certain people won't change. Well, one example of this was the US policy of nation-building in the Middle East. Well, Trump now is pretty much in agreement this is a waste of time, and in the past both parties in the US supported it (some do now). Of course, Brexit is some reaction against internationalism - in this light.
  2. Always - mobile and tablet compatibility is a must! Everyone is on them now - so I think the more "compatible" the better.
  3. I think an option of light or dark is good for any forum. However, which to make the default? Well, dark would work just as well - but it seems "too gothic" for what I am trying to across. But it's all subjective anyway.
  4. Jayson

    Barry Manilow

    A lot of people probably try to equate Barry Manilow with James Taylor - but I don't see the connection. Anyhow, I like plenty of "dorky music" - like The 5th Dimension, Bread, Air Supply - James Taylor.
  5. I like dark for all my websites, including business. Anyway, even though I like it, I wouldn't always use it, though. I mean, sometimes I want to be different - and I think dark is bad for my religious forum.
  6. I like James Taylor's "Don't Let Me Be Lonely Tonight". Also, I like Glenn Miller, Charlie Parker, Miles Davis, and Snoopy stuff, lol. Anyhow, I cannot name a song I like the most, though. O.K. here is more that stands out to me: String of Pearls by Glenn Miller, Snoopy Theme Song, the skating song on one of the Snoopy movies.
  7. Just type in "buy traffic" into a search engine. Anyway, as you were saying with registration, you can keep bots out. However, I'd like to add that "making the registrants answer a backward question" often works (ex: What is the gray spelled backward?).
  8. I see what you mean, a little. Myself, I have scoliosis, so I can only do "so much" weight lifting. Nonetheless, I think most people can do - at the least, an adequate workout.
  9. Yeah, that's true. But I was referring to people "actually buying bot traffic". You see that everywhere. It's that super-cheap stuff - like 1000 visitors for a dollar. 😂
  10. Well, actually, free forums can be quite complex and I don't know of any premium blog software (Complex WordPress sites are on a free software.). Anyway, what I'm hinting at is - free can be complex, depending on the skill of the developer. I mean, Iv'e seen very advanced MyBB forums.
  11. Any ideas? Well, if I had one, I would use Facebook Groups and Pages. I would grow a social media following on them - or maybe some other platform, and then drive them to the website. Anyway, some types of traffic I would not consider. For instance, some of it is just bots or coming from annoying and/or misleading ads (pop-unders, redirected traffic).
  12. If you had to make one, how would you do it? How would you design it? What forum and/or blog software would you use? O.K. some might just say "Copy VGR, lol", but are there any different ideas?
  13. I had major problems with internet usage, not gaming. I was a teacher - and so much time in-between classes was on the internet. O.K. looking back, I should have not looked at any internet - cause it was giving me a very bad rep!
  14. Much of the west is "too rested". Nonetheless, we cannot blame gaming, computers, TV, sedentary jobs etc.. I mean, the bottom line is that people need to "balance out" things; make time for working out. Nonetheless, though, working out takes a lot of time. I mean, a good workout - including the hour cardio, takes at least 2 hours a day - and that's not including driving and dressing time. Any thoughts?
  15. Jayson


    Well, prisons are still incredibly violent - despite all the "steam let out" via working out. Nonetheless, you're talking about hardened sociopaths - the worst of the worst. How would that even compare to a school?
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