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  1. Possibly those games are fun - but I needed a cheat guide for the first level. They seemed impossible and Rayman even seemed boring.
  2. It with Pitfall Harry in the 80s. Well, there was this one tough scene that took me forever to get thru. O.K., who has played that Atari game? Wait, it may have not been the original version of the game. I forgot what version it was.
  3. It would be Donkey Kong/Mario games for sure. I can't get enough of it. Also, Mario Kart would be in the list.
  4. I loved Legend of Zelda on some primitive Nintendo console - but didn't continue getting into those games.
  5. They plan to give everyone, aside from doctors, billionaires etc.. around $1,000, maybe more I think. Do you think this will heal the economic fallout? Well, it seems like even Republicans are backing this - possibly cause the economy will tank - without government intervention.
  6. They seem to think everyone is dumb - which seems to be a form of narcissism. I mean, who do they think they are? They have some special wisdom - and want to preach to the sheep. Yeah, that's what they think of ordinary people! How does that make - you feel - LOL? Oh, also, do you feel their conspiracy theories are even worth taking serious - even a little?
  7. Well, I say, "Better safe than sorry!". Anyway, the government has promised to send checks to everyone to help cover any loss. Well, people in authority aren't stupid - like some anti-government people seem to think. If they say something is bad, shouldn't we obey their advice?
  8. Well, a bio-war lab is in Wuhan. I mean, put two and two, together! Nonetheless, it's also true that "wet meat" markets are in Wuhan.
  9. Seriously, it would probably be women's volleyball - LOL. That's assuming they're not wearing a one piece!
  10. Jayson

    Play vs watch

    I agree with the OP - I can't get into watching. Well, when I was a kid, I liked watching American football and basketball, but later in life, I got this attention problem. Anyway, I can totally pay attention to a game if I'm playing it - either on a video game or physical.
  11. Jayson


    I loved floor hockey in high school. It seemed to be the most fun game I've ever played. Anyway, due to the climate in the South USA, there's no chance of playing ice hockey - and I've never tried it. However, I like roller-skating and floor hockey - so I'd probably love it.
  12. Well, a lot of chauvinist Europeans - hate Americans - and so naturally they diss Americans as effeminate. It's a thing in Europe where - Americans are uncool - so naturally whatever they play sucks. But this is all nation specific - a sort of ethnic narcissism, so, of course, Americans see Europeans prancing around with a soccer ball and say it's girlish, especially compared to American Football. The actual truth, though, is that most sports are equally dangerous. I mean, it depends on how closely your looking. For instance, the hits in basketball can be as severe as American Football.
  13. Yeah, assuming you could market someone's dirt - you could possibly destroy their business, political campaign etc.. Anyway, though, you'd have to be good at marketing - but it's amazing how much free viral badmouthing can happen!
  14. Yeah. there's always a problem when there aren't enough Europeans for a Chinese themed game - LOL. Oh, that's so insensitive to say!
  15. It wouldn't be a hard decision - cause I rarely game (lack of time). Nonetheless, some deal where I could - never play in the future might be cruel - ha ha. I don't know if I would take up the offer or not!
  16. Rayman and Paper Mario were quite popular - but the first levels were so boring. Well, maybe I was doing something wrong. Who else has tried them?
  17. I love Mario/Donkey Kong type games Well, they do same sort of "kiddy" - but there always the best. Anyway, 2nd in line - seems to be racing games, with sports, especially American Football, in third.
  18. I'm not sure. When I was a kid, I enjoyed this Apple game where Japanese held islands were bombed - and even enjoyed shooting the soldiers from the plane. Oh, naughty me!
  19. The technology exists now for an ordinary person to make a Disney movie, practically. However, though, a huge amount of time has to be devoted - and that's why most people - who'd like to do it, aren't doing it. Well, that seems to be the case with other similar things.
  20. Poser and Daz 3D have animation features - and I suppose Maya does to. Anyone know more programs? I've only done major messing around with Poser - but not with animation. Anyway, animation can be done - but like with alot of cool internet stuff in our age - it takes massive time!
  21. Yeah, I guess that's not dark web. It's certainly not difficult to find.
  22. It never helps the situation - because nobody is impressed when anyone fights back. School-kids only like jocks, daredevils (people who pull the fire alarm etc..). However, the daredevils going against the bullies isn't what they want. They want someone going against authority - like in a prison. Like this one kid didn't like me in school - until I wrote some nasty thing on a math teacher's projector board.
  23. So much of the racist stuff is tied - to being a man, so people who oppose it are reluctant to criticize it. For instance, where I live - everyone's throwing the "snowflake" label. Of course, this is to silence liberals - and to solidify people already racist. However, though, despite liberal overkill - and there's a lot of it - to simply label anyone with compassion - a snowflake or square - of course is wrong. Anyway, though, the resemblance of this "fear mongering" is so similar to the days of Jim Crow. Of course, always portraying "the white man" as threatened" is a number that works as well as a well used fast-food recipe.
  24. Actually, I love listening and playing (on drums) be-bop jazz. In that case, there is too much to possibly name as good songs. O.K. for pre-be-bop - I like Louis Armstrong and Glenn Miller.
  25. Not sure. I'm no fan of modern R/B and rap - so that would throw alot of dummies in there! Well, recently Eminem produced the only good song Iv'e really heard in that genre lately.
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