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  1. No doubt it would be Mario and Mario Kart, but I also like Donkey Kong. I'd like to get into more game series, maybe stuff similar to those games. Well, one game I remember way back that I liked was Banjo-Kazooie. Who has heard of that one?
  2. I spent a lot of time playing this one with my young relatives during my college days at my mom's house. It was tons of fun. I would spend hours trying to beat it. O.K., what was your success on it? Anyway, it seems like they could have made the game bigger. It didn't seem to have enough levels.
  3. Of course, I played Super Mario Bros and Super Mario III a lot and also Pitfall Harry from Atari. Why did you like a particular one as a child? Well, for those not alive or old enough back then, what retro game did you play a lot - after it became retro? It seems like I played Pole Position from Atari a lot, but I can't remember.
  4. It could be cool if the retro games would go into the public domain. However, they do have some demand so they probably won't. Well, I'm sure some old Atari and Nintendo games are simply too fun to play. Well, I'm not sure how public domain gaming would work. Would it be something like a game that can be shared legally across the net?
  5. Will there be more advanced graphics? What might be some new games? How much will consoles advance? How much better could gaming PCs get? Will the prices get more expensive in 2022 or stay the same or go down? How has the current inflation in many countries affected the gaming industry?
  6. When did you go? Have you ever thought about going? Did anyone join some gaming club in high school? How did it go? Who has won some achievement or something near it in a club, convention or something else similar?
  7. Note sure, but I'm sure I've bought a new game for at least $40 or more somewhere. I suppose it might have been some Mario adventure game. However, I could be wrong, but for sure I've bought new games and they're usually at least $20 it seems. Anyway, I've never bought as many games as some on here probably.
  8. I think I had this system in the 90s (I'm in my forties now.). I remember playing a motorcycle game on it all the time. Anyway, it had pretty advanced graphics for a 90s console. Well, that might have been standard graphics for the late 90s actually.
  9. Actually, you can get a lot of the older games on the Switch. In that case, if you can afford it, then I'd get it. However, the newest Nintendo, plus the games, isn't an easy purchase for a lot of people. It can be a real sacrifice.
  10. I would want to avoid it. It ruins a lot of the fun probably. Nonetheless, if a tutorial is essential in understanding certain things, things you can't find out on your own - and the game makers know this, then yes. Also, I suppose there would be desperate situations where if you couldn't figure out something, you'd have to cheat, so to speak.
  11. Unfortunately, none. I still need to get a gaming console. Well, I guess I could get some cheap Wii or Wii U. However, I've been holding out for The Switch. Anyway, I'd like to win trophies on Mario Kart and beat any of the new Donkey Kong or Mario games.
  12. Mario 3 is still enjoyable - even as an adult.
  13. Who has tried the NASCAR one? Of course, it looks interesting. How would it match up to others?
  14. Why do you like it? What games do you have? What have you beat or almost beat? How popular do you figure they are these days? How did these Nintendo handhelds compare to non-Nintendo competitors like Playstation Vida or Sega Nomad? What games are on the cell phone nowadays? How do they compare?
  15. I can't pinpoint one. I simply haven't played enough of them to make a decision. Anyway, I prefer American football and racing games. Well, I suppose you could consider racing to be a sport, but there's already a topic for favorite racing game. Why do you feel your particular favorite game/games are the best? What achievements have you made with them?
  16. The original Mario is simply too easy for me, not being arrogant. I can beat the whole game in a few hours, maybe one hour I think. It's because I'm not a kid. Anyway, what problem does this phenomenon hold for you? Can you truly still enjoy these simple games?
  17. Well, with Mario and Donkey Kong I figure it's hard to exhaust things. They can just keep making new worlds for them to play in. Anyway, I love those games so I want them to continue seemingly forever. Why not? Anyway, this is sure not like Hollywood movies where perhaps the best idea is to not do a remake, lol.
  18. I suppose an older person would have to try harder - as with anything else. Nonetheless, honestly, I figure nursing homes are quite boring, lol - so gaming would be good to get into. What is the gaming scene there? I'm sure some people game - considering the older generation has been around video games. How advanced are the games - or do they prefer simple Nintendo games or something?
  19. I had bought Paper Mario, but couldn't understand it at all. Also the same was true with Ray Man. Maybe somebody can get something out of them, but they seem like rip-offs. I guess I wasn't doing something right. Someone had to enjoy them - for them to be so popular, maybe, lol.
  20. Critics of video games say kids aren't getting enough exercise. Of course, no exercise might be a major culprit in depression and other health problems. Anyway, I'm not to the extreme to get rid of games, but kids need to get into physical activity. Yeah, of course, gaming is fun - so would eliminate depression to various degrees.
  21. I haven't played enough of them to say. However, I want to! Anyway, what is your favorite racing game or games? What is your favorite type of racing game? What are your achievements? Have you played online? O.K., of course I've played Mario Kart across different versions of Nintendo. I also used to like this motorcycle one for Sega back in the 90s.
  22. I love to play billiards, commonly known as pool, so I suppose I'd like those kind of games. Who has played any? Do you use it to improve your off-line game? What are the best billiard games or ones you own? Have you played online? Are you good at this niche? What achievements?
  23. It would be Nintendo Switch set up the best it could be. I like the Switch cause of Mario and Donkey Kong. Anyway, the setup might include all the things needed for online gaming and a stereo system for the TV and steering wheel controller, whatever that enhances things. Of course, the set-up would include all the games I can get that I really like! That would be tons of Mario type games, sports, and racing ones.
  24. I've punked out, lol, a few times and just gone to a cheating video or something. Nonetheless, that can be regrettable, especially if the answer was easy, but it just wasn't apparent for some reason. No, I wouldn't want the easy way out of a game if I could help it. The point is the struggle. That's what makes it fun.
  25. Always fun to walk around in. Anyway, I'm sure used games are always cheaper than say, Wal-Mart. Nonetheless, used games might not always be the better deal. Anyway, maybe Gamestop usually has a better selection of games than non-gaming stores. Can anyone clue me in on this? Who has sold games to Gamestop? Who has worked there or be a person buying most of their games there? How would you compare it to other gaming stores or non-gaming stores?
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