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What do you prefer a computer or a mobile phone?

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Because I'm a coder and forum user at heart, I would have to say a computer over a mobile phone. Forums can be used on mobile phones, but they're much easier to use and have better features on computers, and technically you can do some coding on mobile devices but it's not really feasible.

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Both, for different purposes.

I use my PC for most major writing and emails and stuff like that. Gaming as well, recording and streaming too.

I is my phone for quick replies and mobile tools on the go, photos and videos with the camera, and similar stuff to that. I do not really play games on my phone, mostly I save that for my PC, as my primary gaming device, and my PlayStation 5 as my secondary gaming device.

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I prefer using a computer for everyday tasks but using a mobile phone for accessing emails, texts and quick communication would be preferred choice. A phone is easier to use than a Laptop, as you can literally just get it out of your pocket, but with a Laptop it's a bit more noticeable. But, yeah, both are good.

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