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  1. I'd prefer a strong phone case that can protect my phone and look awesomely designed, but to protect my iPhone well I usually just buy a plain phone case that is well-known for keeping your phone protected. I think all my phone cases have been black, I've mainly used OtterBox and now the Onn brand.
  2. I'm not a big enough gamer to warrant having a room dedicated to gaming. Plus, we don't have room for it within our household. I play PC and mobile games a lot more than console games, and of course, they don't take up a whole lot of space.
  3. I went through a big music stage and as a result of it I have two big CD towers full of bands I like. I've barely used the CDs compared to using services like YouTube Music, so I kind of regret spending so much money on them, but who knows? They may be worth some money one day. My uncle collects CDs and has a whole room and closet full of them.
  4. For starters, I wouldn't pay for a game that has ads. If a game has ads and I wish to play it, it depends on how intrusive the ads are that will dictate whether I continue to play it or not. Some ads you have to watch every X minutes, no thank you. An ad that hovers over the game the whole time you're playing it, no thank you. If the ads are minimal and the game play is much more focused than the ads, I can probably handle the ads.
  5. I don't do reviews and ratings for just about anything, really. I'm not a very opinionated person and just go with the swing of things. If I love the game, I'll continue to play it. If I hate the game, I'll just abandon it.
  6. I played Call of Duty: Warzone like once or twice I believe, I'm more into Team Deathmatch than Battle Royale. I've played Solitaire, World of Tanks, Tetris, and Pac-Man Doodle as well.
  7. I own season 1 of Halo, but I haven't even watched one episode of it. I'd like to watch it one day, but it's like my interest in films/series has gone down drastically over the years. There's a few others listed here that I wouldn't mind seeing one day as well.
  8. Horror movies are one of my least favorite film genres. I don't really get the thrill or adrenaline rush out of them like some people do. I've seen a small handful during my lifetime and I just couldn't find myself caring too much for them.
  9. From a window seal, I don't mind snow at all. From an outside perspective or especially driving in it, I don't really like the snow much. It's freezing out and the roads can be a havoc to drive on.
  10. I would think it would be available on Max eventually seeing as a lot of the other Godzilla franchise is on there. It sounds quite interesting to say the least, I will be excited to watch it if it hits one of the streaming services I have.
  11. I want the iPhone to start playing a plethora of AAA games and buy one someday. It's like I could use the PS Remote Play app, but as part of the iPhone itself where the connection would be much better than trying to connect to your gaming device from an app.
  12. I haven't seen it yet, but would like to sometime. I enjoy the Godzilla/Kong films and would like to see all of the new ones. I remember you saying it was available on Netflix, but I don't think it is in my region because I could never find it, so I don't think I have a streaming service I can watch it on currently.
  13. CoryAR


    I don't really flirt or try and date any longer. I feel like I've wasted more time on trying to pursue the opposite sex than work on my self or keep myself entertained to the point I don't feel I need a SO. When I actually did flirt or try and pursue a relationship, I don't think I was ever taken seriously. I don't think flirting with others when you're in a committed relationship is that good of an idea. The love of your life should be your SO and flirting with other people makes it seem like you have a similar interest in love for them, which could lead to cheating.
  14. I've always wanted to read more, but I haven't tried much. I feel like I get too easily distracted by technology or don't have that great of attention span to focus on reading for an extended period of time.
  15. I don't mind a general check up and teeth clean, but if it's like my last dentist appointment where I had to get a wisdom tooth pulled, I don't really feel like going through the pain, but I know it's a necessity for better oral health.
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