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Reality vs Adventure

What is your warrior song and poem to go with?

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Let's make this fun and interesting; and dark, or bright. You can post as many times you like with a new song and poem each time. Post a song along with a short poem as you imagine a battle. It could be 1st person as yourself, or from a 3rd person perspective. Make it gory or pg. Be free and don't feel shy. Let your warrior come out. 

Here is my example: My short poem is beneath the song. Listen to the song while you read the poem, that is the rule. Read the poem again while the song plays through all the way. 5 min max should be good enough for a song. Short songs are better like 3-4 minutes. But make sure to read while you listen. Start the music 1st of course before you read. Get the feel of the song for a sec. Then start reading. 


This is my battle song. It doesn’t sound like much. But it’s not like the Gods cheer for me. I defy the Gods and fight. As the song starts slow, that is me cutting your face open. You see your shoulder man fall. You see me running at you. Nothing will stop me. Not even death. I will hold 10 breaths under water before I let you defeat me. Gods give me no choice so I make my own and defy the Gods. You cannot kill me. I still have 10 breaths. Blood splatters in my face and I don’t know or care whose it is. More warmth sprays me. I still have full life. I trip over limbs as I am still running at you. No God can help you. No God can save me. I will take every force you have in your living body. I’m gonna fucking kill you. I never gave you a second thought. Till I was judged; in Valhalla. Now I run at you for eternity. Every time you think of me, I will be running at you…Eternal.

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I dodge the blade. You are so sharp. You keep swinging and I dodge. I was forced to fight you. You gave me no choice. I flipped off my helmet cause I'm all in it. I'm gonna fucking kill you. Everyday you give me hell. I fight back. You think you will have a kingdom here? No. You won't control me. I would rather die. I fight for man. I fight for woman. I fight for the poor. You think you are above me? I didn't grow strong just for you to hold me down. I will fight to the end. I throw off all my gear. It's all skin and blood. I don't need protection. My spear is aimed right at you and I will plow right through you. Because I stand for mankind. I'm tired of the games. I will fell your wall. I will dethrone you. I will stand before you and hold my strong weapon in my hand. I offer you love and not war. Honor it or fall. 

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This is dedicated to Watch Dogs Legion and the warrior within. I first heard this song playing that game and it stuck to my heart as I explore a city controlled by authoritarianism in a dystopian extremism. My warrior is forced out of me. An innocent college guy wanting to do something in life. Caught in a war I never saw coming. But the warnings were there. I look around at all the chaos and try to use whatever skill I have to help others. But the war against my humanity is too strong. I am forced to fight. I wanted to read that book, and now I am learning how to kill. I am forced in war. The silent war. The passive war. This isn't getting tattoos with hatches and run through a field. This is technology controlled by corporations. How does one man fight that? Fuck it. I have no backers. I'm on my own because everyone else is controlled by their brain chip. So I break. I break. I swing at the ghosts, I hate you! I have no power. I swing at the ghosts. I have no power. I swing, I have no power; I swing I swing swing. This isn't a battlefield. This is a death pit. I fell in a fucking death pit of authority. Authority. AUTHORITY. Do as I'm told. They string me to a tree because I questioned things. I wiggle. I gasp. This is war. In war we have to know our arsenal. Mine is that drone that has just shot the head off the garroter. I just wanted to read that book I think about as I collapse on my knees. I'm pissed. I pick up the garroter's weapon and just swing it around like I'm on a beautiful green hill ready to drain red water through its streams. I lost myself in a good way. I tasted real warm blood as I went ballistic on my captors. I will never be the same again after tasting that blood. I want fucking war. I want to tear it all down. I always wanted to read that book. I'll fucking write my own cause I don't care anymore. I'm a warrior, forced through oppression. It feels good. It feels really good to be a warrior. I look up at the drone and wish I were up there instead of bathed in human blood. 


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