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  1. Don't know what to say. I hope she got to say goodbye to her mother in person.
  2. Excellent how you said that in one sentence. I haven't finished the series yet. I'm in season 4 and this really is my favorite tv series of all time. My mind is blown man. It's gone off the cliffs into the wind. It's all too brilliant.
  3. Depends on the genre because open worlds that are not fantasy would be hard to make a variety of enemies. You could have different factions, but the only thing to really tell them apart is their uniform or weapons. I think what the real issue is that there aren't enough Fantasy open world games. If there were, then no doubt developers would have the initiative to compete and create a wider variety of enemies. Skyrim seems to be a stand alone of its generation with little to compete with. Witcher 3 and Final Fantasy 15 has a decent variety.
  4. That’s just terrible. Did she make it to see her mom yet? My heart goes out to your family. They caught him alive about 15 miles on the opposite direction where I was. Idiot went to a house of someone he knew. Just one week after this one in Texas, there was another mass shooting at a mall in Texas. Fucking Texas schools now have Winnie the Pooh books to train kids in school shootings. They have the bear stick his head in honey and be still. What the serious fuck?
  5. It's supposed to be a remake including both 1 and 2 and somehow tie in the games together along with all DLC. I can't wait to get this one.
  6. Layers of Fears is coming out too. That and FF 16 is what I'm excited about. Plus Destroy All Humans 2 Reprobed will be released. I'm a fan of that series. I'm waiting for a bundle to be released with both games and all DLC.
  7. Here I am again really struggling on what game I want to play. I’ve been uploading games and deleting games on a regular basis. Trying to find what really pulls me in. Then there is the perfection anxiety where I know some games are so intense or beautiful that I may feel intimidated by it. I want to savior it. I want the moment to be perfect before I start playing and that moment is never. It’s like life, I should jump in there and live it. But I can’t because I make excuses. Eeny meeny miny moe. I’m not sure what I’m looking for. I have bad ass games installed. But what is it? I went full out on Nintendo a couple days ago. And the simplicity is fun. It’s not simple though, just not overwhelming either. I just don’t want so complex, don’t want so easy, don’t want too much brain, or too little brain. I don’t want so much overwhelming beauty because Illl get stuck in photo mode. I just want to play. Something ugly. And the darkness has arisen around me bwaaahahaha. Horror it is. Yes, a good horror. But there are none. Nothing scary out there. Nothing at all. What’s my idea of scary? Well, I don’t want scary anymore. I want fantasy with dragons and magic. All the fantasy, yes that’s what I want. Ok, putting in the disc. Oh shit, I don’t want fantasy anymore. I want to drive and run people over. Jam to music in my car in GTA or Saints Row; I want to talk to an elf and make love to a cyber woman. I want to be someone. I don’t want to be anyone. Eeny meeny miny fucking moe.
  8. That's the first time I heard that phrase, but I looked it up and it means: Wiktionary def: (Internet slang, sarcastic) A notional political party supported by people who ignore or downplay its cruel, unjust, or extreme policies and rhetoric, and are then shocked or displeased when these policies and rhetoric have adverse consequences to themselves. "'I never thought leopards would eat MY face,' sobs woman who voted for the Leopards Eating People's Faces Party." @NightmareFarm nailed this one!
  9. Oh that's a good one! Gotta get to the 'root' of the cause... 😅
  10. There is 100% possibility a potato can grow through the ceiling. The roots can grow straight through and wiggle on down. You ever seen how fast a mushroom can grow? Course not. Everything in the dark grows really fast. The potato roots just might be able to wiggle on down to a person sleeping and even wiggle up their nose. And when they wake, beware. They will be infected walking around with a potato hanging from their nose. Or maybe you will only see the roots slither out the nostrils every now and then, as the potato remains incognito.
  11. Oh man, welcome to Ubisoft hell. They have the absolute worst servers for games that I know of. In fact, I blame my AC Valhalla game crash on Ubisoft Connect where every single game save data was corrupted. I went to Connect to get a free gift or something, can’t remember, and it froze everything leading to corrupt save files. This is a scary insight since Ubisoft is going all out Infinity for all future AC games, meaning their servers at its current state will bring hell to Earth. I don’t know exactly how they will utilize their online server, or if Connect will be used for Infinity. Connect is super slow and just plain fucked. With that said, I just started a new + game with Odyssey playing as the male version because I love the game so much. I’ve recently finished playing as Kassandra with all DLC. And this is awesome you are playing Odyssey. Look, Ubisoft isn’t known for a hair pulling story. But there is so much in the game to love. Stick with it. And play the DLC. Understand the animus storyline. Oh! Don’t forget about the Discovery Tour as you play along. You will love it even more.
  12. I keep coming across all sorts of articles about a new hype of AI taking over. And this hype is coming from prominent tech leaders as well as politicians. There is even new efforts to beef up our national security to increase our own AI for security as well as combat the threats of China's AI advancements. What the hell is going on here? Can someone explain please? Do we really have a worldwide threat of AI taking over in the near future? This isn't comic book stuff. This is the real talk of the town now from world leaders and tech giants. What's the catch? Are they trying to sell something? Sell fear maybe? Promote new tech initiatives? Are we entering a new wave of a violation of privacy rights? Are tech giants just looking for government funds? What is the hype?
  13. Kansas republican politician Mike Brown tried to ban minority groups such as women, youth, blacks and Hispanics from their party. They tried to strip all power from those elected officials in Kansas through legislation, those groups being Kansas Federation of Republican Women, Kansas Young Republicans, Kansas Black Republican Council and the National Republican Hispanic Assembly. A republican politician is trying to evict them all from the state's Executive Committee and take all their legislative powers away. Come on man, what the fuck? This is the future of the republican party. Look how they are banning DEI (Diversity, Equity, and Inclusivity) everywhere they can in schools and businesses. Now they want to ban DEI in their own party ranks!!!!!!!!!!!! Holy shit! If you aren't shocked by this, then you need to be tasered a few times to wake your ass up!!!. Shake your brain cells a bit!!! Seriously, republicans feel so threatened by women, young adults, blacks and Hispanics that they want to ban their duties as elected officials within their own republican party!!!! Wake up! Wake up! Wake up! https://www.kansascity.com/news/politics-government/article275308266.html
  14. The potato would only come out at night because it would sprout in the light! Would be quite ugly for a potato to have sprouts coming out everywhere. It could be the toxins from the sprouts turning the potato into a serial killer.
  15. I really liked that video of the teacher. She’s being investigated for showing the animated Disney movie Strange World. She even had signed confirmation from parents to show Disney movies to students and even allowed personal exceptions of a movie parents didn’t want their kids to watch. So the teacher had the ok from all parents. Now she’s investigated. Not only that but investigators dragging kids to interrogate them w/o parent’s approval. What kind of sexual interrogation are they asking kids? At first kids probably could care less about any political drama. Now they have been exposed to the republican perversion they are inflicting on America. That trauma is way more than watching a freakin Disney Animation. What happened to parental rights? You are now interrogating kids? Not even cops can do that. The GOP is Genital Obsession Party. The Gay Obsession Party.
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