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  1. I can't recall a situation where a game helped me in real life. I have gained knowledge in some games and you really never can tell the affect knowledge has in your life. Imagine if games was used more in education purposes. Then many people would be able to answer this question easily. Just by playing games in leisure no doubt there are ethical decisions, social interactions, history, survivalism, puzzles that all can help in a specific situation. Even gaining the ability of faster response times by playing games could save your life in real life. Gamers would make good police as their reaction times are sharper without losing much quality in decisions. So it is hard knowing exactly where to pinpoint how a game has helped in real life because all these thing like knowledge, response times, concentration, all can help in some way.
  2. Being able to switch off those effects is a good idea, but it still doesn't promise that some other part of the game with lights won't trigger a seizure, so basically it would be pointless. They would have to run through every little thing in the game to make sure lights don't trigger a seizure. How is that even possible? And you can't ever make a promise like that because if someone plays the game and gets a seizure then they can sue.
  3. No doubt the biggest character change is V in Cyberpunk 2077. Not only is your mind getting all f%%% up, but your body changes as you install cyberware.
  4. I would say it's between Mario and Pac Man, then Sonic. Pac Man grabbed the world by the throat, held it up, and said I own you. Pac Man has been legend since. Mario probably wins it because he has feet. 😆
  5. I love how you bring her up. I had no idea she was an actress here and we usually would see her as funny. At first my mind when I saw her and the circumstances I immediately let go of anything funny. She is not anything funny in the show. She still holds that quirkiness, but added to what was necessary, when a good person done wrong kind of way. Who ami I to judge to execute someone. That’s obviously a fucking war mind she commands. This is no longer politics so what you believe today doesn’t exist in an apocalypse. We are seeing the first signs of humanity fall. Her decision to execute someone, not make it public, not have a ceremony, nothing more than open the fucking door and pull the trigger because you are not needed. And maybe she was done wrong. But to set boobie traps for travelers? She must have condoned it. Maybe it wasn’t her that set the traps! They are hunting someone they thought done wrong, while two travelers are caught up in it and survived a bobbietrap. And you know that bridge had boobytrap written all over it. I loved this episode
  6. Remember in Syndicate, I'm not sure if it was DLC, but when you go out onto some boats on the river on the outskirt of the map you have a huge hologram of an Isu talking to you. Then you can enter a WW1 setting where London is under siege. It was a glimpse into the future the Isu was trying to show you. It was pretty cool to jump from London 1800's with horse carriages to the 1900's with cars and planes. But you are right, there wasn't much else, or at least anything major in that animus story outside that WW1 skit. Here is the Isu conversations during that WW1 mission.
  7. I looked up the seller and saw the items he was selling with all the cover art. They basically made it all a bunch of soft core even if it has no relation to the game. Yeah he might cross the line eventually like his cover art River City Girls or Trigger Witch, looks like porn. But this RE at least has a monster in it.
  8. Maybe it has something to do with how you are usually timed under water before you run out of breath and die. So it hurries the pace up and creates a mild panic when you are trying to find your way around especially if it's dark and the swimming ability is messed up.
  9. This is kind of funny because I remember on another thread how I dissed the cover art of a bunch of Resident Evil games and looks like someone else also wanted something different for cover art. Why not some meat??? 😆 Doesn't make sense though cause it's a horror game. At least have her eyes popping out and a knife stuck in her. Or some kind of body snatcher wearing her skin sown together in patches.
  10. Where to even begin to tackle this feat in making sense of the animus story in the entire series. It is definitely something under appreciated and I aim to make sense of everything for the love of the series and the brilliance of that aspect in everything. The series jumps around in different time periods, but the animus story continues chronologically throughout tying in the modern world. I personally love the whole animus story and exploring ancient places always keeping in mind all the different aspects going on. I like to categorize Assassin's Creed as a Sci Fi RPG, with fantasy integrated in the more modern games. I will mainly focus on the Sci Fi part in this discussion, but the fantasy and history will work its way in there too. I am no way gonna be 100% complete as I haven't completed every single game. I'll add what info I can to make sense of everything. And the developers really did create a whole timeline of events like you would get from something like the Lord of The Rings and those ages involved. But I won't go far into so much detail. We have the modern world events where the Assassins are trying to stop the Templars who are hell bent on taking over the world. The templars created a corporation called Abstergo which controls pretty much everything as an umbrella corp. They created a machine called the animus which reads the DNA of a descendant of ancient people. Reading that DNA allows the person inside the machine to basically time travel to past events. The templar and assassins have differing reasons for using the machine and the question is why? The templars are looking for powerful objects created by an early first civilization before the humans. And those powerful objects have the ability to control people and grant immortality. The assassins are trying to find those objects before the templars do. And there is also a cataclysmic event threatening to wipe out the whole planet. Say what? Let's start from the beginning...There is the 1st civilization called Isu who populated Earth before humans. The Isu actually created humans in their own image. Sound familiar? Yes, like they say God created humans in his image. There are a lot of cool religious references like this. In what we see as God and all our religious beliefs actually come from the Isu. They are stronger and more intelligent than humans. The Isu created humans in order to control them and make them slaves for work and to fight. The Isu has a triple DNA helix giving them superiority over the humans which they created with our double helix. What ends up happening is two humans escape, Adam and Eve, and revolt against the Isu. They enter an age of war and I think there are several different ages where humans and Isu fight. The Isu are divided in that some want to enslave humans or annihilate them and others want to help humans. What ends up happening is a cataclysmic event damages Earth and wipes out most of the population. Most of the Isu population died leaving more humans than Isu. Over time, the Isu were becoming more and more extinct. While the humans populated Earth once again. To put a little time in perspective, all this happened way before any history modern humans know about. Eventually the Isu became extinct, but not really. They have found the ability to keep themselves alive forever in a sort different realms that we know of being Heaven and Hell, Elysium, Hades, Eden etc. They are memories that are consciously aware. Kind of like AI constructs or something, but more than that because they are living multiple time periods at once. Insane right??? It goes deeper than that and I can't find the right words. That is why I am summarizing sort of. All of this has some very extreme importance in human history and all our ideologies, religion, science, all in one. What we think is a God and religion, it was the Isu. They tried to control us. The templars try to control us. That is why the assassins were born, to protect the world from evil. The assassins wants humanity to have a choice in things. The templar wants complete order and control. And it's cool in the series how we see parts of history, the wars and events, and how it is all tied to the templars always trying to rule the world with the Isu being God like, some trying to help the assassins, other Isu against humanity as a whole. I will let this digest for now and hope there are comments for discussion. I just wanted to show the very interesting brilliance of all this and how it is played out in the series. It really has blown my mind away at times. Another thing to add, is the person inside the animus, while they time travel to past events, they are living as the protagonist in the game. So as you play the game, it's as if it is yourself that is in the animus playing in a past historical period.
  11. We all know by now social media brings everything from good to the bad. Its impact on gaming? What period of time was social media first used in gaming? Was MySpace involved in the gaming world back in the day? When did gaming first start using social media and MMO's? Would have to take a look at that point in time and compare it to now. I don't know the answer. I can predict where the impact is heading though. As gaming is accepted more by adults and the rise in VR, gaming will become more and more exploited. You have virtual groping in games and all sorts of harassment. We have to balance not crossing into China's extreme laws while at the same time protecting young gamers and free speech. You also have to look at hostile takeovers of social media like Musk's Twitter and all that nonsense where our civil humanity is threatened by narcissistic psychos who want to be an oligarch and rule the world. So everything is always in flux. Culture is what impacts everything. As long as we stay a free world, we can enjoy what social media offers gaming and think of none intrusive ways to protect people and make things less toxic. But if we lose our free world then the impact on gaming basically becomes dictated and hostile.
  12. I haven't played Rogue, but Black Flag is definitely good. So much to enjoy in the whole AC series and it sucks you endured AC1, LOL. Not even I went there. Although maybe I should. They need to just remake that game. I don't know how far you got into AC3, but I really liked that one. There may be some things in the animus storyline that doesn't make sense if you didn't play the previous games, but no doubt you would never get around to playing AC3 if you went to play AC2, then Brotherhood, then Revelations, then AC3. But the series is designed to jump in wherever. Odyssey is highly recommended.
  13. Uh oh, I think you have a really good point. Thinking about it, that would no doubt be the direction Sony’s major competitor would want. Actually, take a look at laptops. All computers had a disc drive until I think it was Apple that started making laptops w/o disc drives. I haven’t done my research why, and it bugs the hell out of me too why my own laptop has no drive. I don’t know why laptops went that way and what kind of impact it had on competition in the computer world. Maybe both Microsoft and Apple already gave a right hook to Sony due to that. Game consoles without a disc drive no doubt would target Sony’s blue ray even more. Going even further, DVD players will probably get dropped for good as everything turns digital download and streaming to watch shows, movies, and play games. No doubt all those big companies want exactly that. It gives them control. Consumers lose rights as our right to physical disc drive gets taken away. I say rights because consumers have rights. When disc drives are gone, we will all end up having to pay for a service and subscription for all our entertainment needs. Then they can Jack up any price they want. Then one company buys off another company and you get a monopoly. Sony could be an underdog probably along with Nintendo if they make sure to always offer disc drives. That is what strong competition is, diversity. It doesn’t mean they can’t also offer digital downloads of course, but I believe there are many people out there who support the disc drive.
  14. I've never really done a speed run. I attempted to with TLOU and TLOU 2 my second time around playing them. My speed run is more story oriented, but I still do stop and stare at stuff. How can you not? For me it's more of a quick play and not really a speed run. I actually do like quick plays at times to focus on story. I think when I was a kid I did speed runs with Nintendo games because I played the hell out of them beating the games over and over. And many of those games you couldn't save progress, so either finish or start new.
  15. I finally complete AC Odyssey and all DLC!!! Took 857 hours and a couple years. Most awesome experience.
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