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  1. Can I just turn myself into jail to pay off bounties? I'm reading I could. Cause I have multiple bounties in different counties. I can't even play the game.
  2. Holy smokes!!! Here is a moment in time when everything comes together. I just started recording cause things looked pretty, and then..... But I couldn't download whole video cause file size. rdr2.mp4 rdr2.mp4
  3. The Medium isn't even available on ps4. Thats messed up cause it's made by Bloober Team, who made Layers of Fear and Observer. And I'm craaaaazy about Layers of Fear.
  4. I wish I wrote essays on video games in school instead of the garbage stories I read that I could care less about and had absolutely no motivation to even read, let alone write about.
  5. That's an interesting question. I've had socialization problems and tend to live as a hermit. But I think I am fairly a social being when in the right crowds. Living in klanville, I don't want to have anything to do with anyone around here. Not at the store, not with neighbors, not anytime, no matter the mood. I have felt the difference in crowds and how my anxiety can completely break off me like a shell when around diverse people. For me, it would still be hard to imagine being in a game and be carefree, while knowing I may have to go to war against my neighbors. It is there in our minds now
  6. Maybe if a person has a fear of something, they can play that scenario in games and maybe help cope through it by gaining confidence and experience to overcome. Or playing something that relaxes and puts the mind in a better existence has a natural anti anxiety effect. And even playing a game that you can relate personally with the story, can relieve some stagnant emotions.
  7. I can see how GTA is a great game, but not my flavor. If they changed the title to 'Surviving The City' then I'd probably be interested in it. But GTA already puts me in a position where I think, ummm city bandits sounds boring. But 'victims of urban crime trying to get out' appeals to me more. You know how sometimes a series goes by a specific title instead of a number like Skyrim instead of ES V; or Black Flag instead of AC4. GTA 6 should be called something catchy as it's own title and maybe I'll want to play it. But if I even think about playing it, all I think of is GTA and there really i
  8. If the game is cartoonish, it can get away with a remaster; everything else older than the ps3 needs a remake. I can think of a ton of games from the ps2 that could use a remake. But in this world we live, stupid prevails. Nature no longer cares about passing the stupid DNA. At this point we are all stupid. So just gives us games to reinforce our stupid.
  9. Well, the republican governor signed the bill to slaughter 90% of Idaho wolf population.
  10. Two games that come to mind are Horizon Zero Dawn and Mad Max. Both are in a post apocalyptic world where new generations grew up and some (not all) worship the machines left behind by lost generations before. If you grew up in a world with absolutely no answers to how these machines were made, would you eventually develop a spiritual bonding with them? If you think about it, a lot of men get really attached to their cars and even name them. Are there other games you can recall where humans worshipped machine?
  11. Fungus doesn't use photosynthesis! But maybe it provides a symbiotic relationship for bare min. needs.
  12. I have a hard time getting into it. It's one of those, 'am I missing something' games.
  13. I got the game, played for an hour, then deleted it from the console. One day I'll give it another try.
  14. We are in big trouble as a society if we rely on games for empathy. Wait...we ARE in big trouble as a society because people lack empathy.
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