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  1. I don't believe that, but anything is possible after witnessing a whole political party weaponizing and/or completely intentionally disregarding the threat and safety of the greatest pandemic we've seen in our life time.
  2. ps2 The Suffering-one of my favorite horror games. He's in prison for the murder of his family and struggles because he doesn't see how he could of done it as he can't remember. The prison gets over run by monsters. He has the ability of 'rage' where he just loses control and turns into a monster for a short period and goes ballistic on other monsters. That ability itself is a symbol of his mental state, or any of our mental state in a situation like that. As he progresses he tries to keep his head straight. He holds onto a picture of his family through it all. This game really should be remas
  3. I gotcha; I didn't know it was called cloud gaming as @Patrick already mentioned. Guess we all are fearing that.
  4. What I fear is having to pay different subscriptions to be able to play games from different platforms. And each platform breaking away further and further apart offering only exclusive games for their own platform. All the while everything moving to online based, leaving very little choice. I don't like how PC always has games available not on other platforms. Who's gonna stop those other platforms to form a contract with developers to only make the game available to their console? This is the direction cable tv has taken.
  5. It's a time for new beginnings. We had our time to criticize trump. Now all we can do is uphold the law. And trump no longer can hide behind the WH. So let them investigate his taxes or whatever else and have our courts handle it. The shit show is over.
  6. Systemic problems can't change if you don't tackle the system. Individualism doesn't matter in a toxic system.
  7. I don't trust technology. I have a second ps4 for backup; currently one console is in the shop; I have multiple media for save data. I've lost confidence in the ps4. Ps3 has held up more.
  8. Fair enough. The problem has always been there; I get that. But it is currently exasperated to the point of becoming a global mental health issue across the world. I believe toxic masculinity stems directly from the rise of authoritarianism. So toxic masculinity is a systemic problem. I don’t care about my own gender if my kind is doing harm. I don’t care about my own race, if my kind is doing harm. I don’t care about my own religion, if my kind is doing harm.
  9. Which read do you recommend for me to start with? I love a good read. Sometimes reading makes up for what games can't do. Bring your imagination to maximum.
  10. While everyone said good things at the inauguration, I want to emphasize this young heart that believes in democracy and represents the 'target' of the single most threat to those that want to destroy it; a young black woman with a voice and talent. This day breaks all barriers. Carry the flag.
  11. Are the Tropico or Civilization games any good?
  12. I've never bought a DLC as I've gotten games with some already included. As of now, the only DLC I consider getting is the Freedom Cry from AC Black Flag. That just might be my first.
  13. I think movement in the background/foreground from leaves falling, water moving, things moving in the breeze, birds flying, villagers going about their business, etc. brings everything alive. Graphic's make those things pleasing to see in more detail. And the greater the detail for me, the better. I not only play to play, but also play to take in the sights. I have that eye for detail as I used to draw, so seeing amazing details created for games is pretty awesome. I can't imagine how hard some of that stuff is to do, and then animate it.
  14. I don't see many on that list for playstation. Ghostwire does look cool!
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