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  1. I will keep gaming as long as I have a functioning console and only have to get a new one every bunch of years. It isn't something the elderly would probably be spending too much money on including myself. Cause I don't see anything getting cheaper, especially with chip shortages. So I think most of us will be forced to let gaming go even if we didn't want to. Unless we have family that gets us new consoles for Christmas. But it doesn't take much energy playing from bed, so the issue I see is the lack of concentration to want to play, or having to learn and remember a bunch of stuff. Some games will be overwhelming. Other games may have a positive effect by increasing mood and helping memory. And they would probably need downloadable games instead of hard disc so they wouldn't have to get up to change the disc if bed ridden. We all are gonna have to go through some of these things. If anything, I'll probably be stuck playing the Nintendo Classic Mini with a bunch of games on it with simple buttons after all the expensive crap breaks down.
  2. It is awkward because if you look at your tv in different perspectives, the image is brighter or not so much depending where you are in the room. So when you adjust brightness make sure you are right in your gaming chair and not off to the side or standing up.
  3. Monster Hunter World; so many options to make a character and you hardly see their face in gameplay.
  4. For me it would be including the photo mode in my game play. Cause I enjoy both.
  5. How and why do democracies fail? All you have to do is look at the USA the past few years. Some things are clear as day like the attempted coup, hostile twice impeached president, and voting restrictions. But other things are taking root the world doesn’t see. And that is putting people in charge of elections who don’t honor elections. And all the obstruction that has gone on to leave many republicans doing whatever they want without consequences. And there is no short supply of accomplices in our government. How does a country survive when one side is completely hostile and has absolutely nothing to lose; no consequences of losing elections. Republicans feel they can do whatever they want because if they lose an election, they will fall right back on democrats upholding democracy; which enables the republicans to simply wait and try again. They have the green light to act in toxic manners because what do they really have to lose? Democrat behaviors are held in check because if they lose an election by losing public support, then democracy is over. With that in mind, what can you do to stop a hostile party with nothing to lose? A party that doesn’t care about losing public support because elections for them isn’t about losing democracy, it’s just about overthrowing it. And if they fail, so what. There are no consequences so they can try again and again till they get it right. These are the things that are going to lead to the fall of democracy: A twice impeached ex-president running again with his own social media platform seeking revenge Putting people in charge of elections that supported the overturn of the 2020 election Voting restriction bills The filibuster We all know Trump is crazy and is bad news. The guy has multiple lawsuits he is going to court for. He is using executive privilege so that he won’t have to answer questions in court for the Jan 6 coup attempt. And that debate will continue on and on in the courts giving time for Trump to run again without having to answer to his subpoena. And trump just started his own social media platform; so is that a conflict of interest? Who cares at this point right? Most of the red states have passed voting restriction bills. On top of that, republicans are putting people in charge of the elections who do not honor elections and supported the coup attempt or overturning the 2020 election. And Democrats have tried to pass a voting rights bill before the 2022 election that decides who gets the House and Senate. Joe Manchin and Krysten Sinema, both democrats in the senate, will not support a voting rights bill. What exactly is the filibuster all about? Since republicans and the two democrat senators won’t pass a voting rights bill, democrats are left with one option, which is to do away with the filibuster. The filibuster is in place to give a vote for the senate minority. In this case with a 50/50 senate, the filibuster will force a bill to be passed with 60 votes. That means with a 50/50 senate, democrats need 10 republicans to support a bill to pass, which isn’t going to happen. So to do away with the filibuster would allow democrats to pass a voting rights bill with a 50/50 senate. But that vote to change the filibuster requires all 50 democrat senators to vote to agree. And Manchin and Sinema will not support changing the filibuster so the democrats will only have 48 votes, if even that many. They say that doing away with the filibuster is a ‘two edged sword,’ which if republicans gain power, they will pass anything since there wouldn’t be a filibuster. The way I see it, is that none of this would even matter if republicans gain power because we will enter authoritarianism. Now is the only chance to save democracy by passing the voting rights bill and doing away with the filibuster. They won’t ever get another chance. I just wanted to sum this up so the world can see the fall of democracy in a powerful country after 245 years.
  6. I would have to go with games that tell a story because when I can create a story, many times I feel pushed into a decision I didn't make. Like if I walked to the right instead of left, I get sucked into a sequence I didn't intend because I want to check out both the right and the left. Or if I didn't push buttons in the right sequence fast enough so it drags me into something I didn't want to happen. Or if time runs out trying to decide, when in real life I don't usually make quick decisions. I mean, if you were sitting behind the nuclear codes and you have 5 seconds to pull the trigger or not, c'mon man!!! Give me 24 hours to think whether or not to destroy a city for christ's sake. Maybe that first 5 seconds brings out your true self... who knows. Please keep the options at 3 words so that I'm not still reading when time runs out. Creating a story is mostly misled into thinking you have control. Things usually wind up in the same boat anyways till some other part of the story that mattered more which could effect the ending. And sometimes I'm not given an option I actually would have done. Where is option E? For creating a story to be very effective, then the entire game should be designed with thousands of decisions you have to make that leads to 50 different endings. Because if you are making a bunch of decisions and the story has 3 different endings, then tell me where the point of it all was. Creating my story becomes 33% of what everyone else ended up with which isn't very unique.
  7. Detroit Become Human I spent my evening playing as an android to clean up someone's home. I hope it gets better
  8. I also like using spears and staffs and you are right that AI doesn't usually take into consideration close quarter combat when the enemy gets within reach beyond the effective zone of the spear. That's when you bust out the daggers!
  9. For the ps4, this is the cheapest I've seen so far: PS4/PS5 Observer:System Redux by Bloober Team $19.49 from $29.99 at Playstation Store; ends 11/04/21 https://store.playstation.com/en-us/product/UP4176-PPSA02118_00-8840415776217330/ I really want this game; would you get it for $20?
  10. Texas just got a new Secretary of State who oversees elections and that person is John Scott, who is a lawyer that helped Trump try to overturn the 2020 election. Yep, free elections are gone in Texas. The state is officially a fake democracy just like Russia and their fake elections.
  11. Being physically and emotionally immersed in a game could be one and the same as well as different. I have felt both at once and separately. Being truly immersed, it's hard to separate the two. If I am deeply physically immersed, then I also become emotionally immersed. I will stand around dead bodies and think about all the horror they went through. I've only done this once, but I got so deeply immersed that I carried a slain enemy and laid them next to an altar. But there are times when I've done things I wouldn't ordinarily do in a game without an emotional attachment. And there is no way to reach that level without first having the physical immersion. It's also possible to have a strong emotional connection which can bring about the physical immersion. I also think that without anything traumatic, I could become emotionally immersed just being in a beautiful village. Think about how man lived which is very similar to the villages we come across in games. Of course nothing is 100% accurate. But seeing the portrayal of the ways of cooking, fishing, construction, pottery, lumbering, making bricks and stonework, crops, markets, meat carcasses hanging, sculpting, mining, dyes, blacksmiths, and everything included in those details. It all brings about emotional feelings for me. The awe and beauty; history-real or not; culture; the landscapes; the freedom; the simple freedom; yet so vulnerable. The beginning stages of immersion starts with either a physical or emotional attachment, then evolves to include both as complete immersion takes over. I can get very immersed at times in the physical sense, but when the music touches on something and everything seems a spiritual moment, then I know I reached the complete immersion of both physical and emotional.
  12. Welcome to my world...🤗 This is a constant struggle for me. I try not to keep all open worlds on the console and have a couple story based games on there that I know I can finish and delete. Every day my storage is full and it never changes because even if I delete a game, some update will take up storage space or I install a new game. I can't help it. So half is my fault. But I shouldn't be limited if I like variety. Cheers to that one eh!
  13. That would be an excellent feature in all games. I often wish games had that myself. Even if you can read subtitles, sometimes it goes too fast. And when action kicks in, who the hell wants to read or listen? I try to go back to replay a moment I didn't get, but the autosave may be too far back. GTA 5 has a log of recent dialogue, but is erased after each game session.
  14. In TLOU2 the crafting screen is still live but time is slowed. Same thing happens in a lot of games where you have an inventory wheel you access and time simply slows while you can see the enemy very slowly advancing towards you. Days Gone and Horizon Zero Dawn is like that. Many games are like that actually that I've played. I like it best when time completely stops when you access inventory. But I guess slowing time makes it more challenging so you have to run and hide to access your crafting.
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