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  1. Maybe it can be used to boost the immune system to destroy cancer. Maintain a healthy circulatory system is a good idea. That itself would add a good 20 years or more to our lifespan.
  2. A machine to control everybody's emotions so that they are all happy I guess, and easy to control.
  3. I would create a political system the whole world would agree to embrace that eliminates authoritative governments and spreads wealth to all. That in itself would reduce corporation greed; wars; industrial abuse; violence; and most evils of humanity. I'm not talking about one government, but more like all countries have checks and balances in power. Maybe that is one government, but without any leader. All positions of government will be rotated out so there is never any possible way for any group or individual to seize power without the world imprisoning them. The world will sustain an equilibrium; the distribution of resources. People still would have the right to be successful and gain personal wealth, but not power, especially in government. It would be the government resources that are evenly distributed throughout the world, and taking in factors of population density etc. This greed b.s. in the world and all the corruption has to end. They need to be cut down to size and reminded their place as nothing special.
  4. Speaking of oxygen, the reason we had dinosaurs is because the environment at the time had a lot more oxygen and life was much bigger. So imagine when humans go extinct and new life forms emerge. They will all be small like the Smurfs.
  5. I wouldn't call scary relaxing, unless it soothes you to watch dangling body parts hooked on chains, creating music and harmony. With the drips of blood, swaying on the chains; mild echoes of screaming; bugs skittering. Or watching a monster butcher bodies and all that pretty sounding meat slapping around. I do like the parts in a scary game where you get to explore rooms or areas with little interference. I guess Bioshock does have that insane tranquility factor which is scary, yet relaxing. So I guess insane tranquility is the scary/relaxing you mean? I'd go with Layers of Fear being very low pressure, and Evil Within 2 at times. I did have some devilish meditative moments in Outlast. The shocking horror stills the time and lets you contemplate about life while dismembered bodies lie around. And you can find all sorts of answers as the body parts speak to you. Too much? Nah. There is a thin line between outright shocking horror and blissful relaxation. That is the moment your heart and breathing stops. Time stops. Your whole life flashes before you. Silence. Stillness. Shhhh, breathe again. Welcome back to life. How did you like the meditation? Relaxing horror. Listen to the voices. They will calm you. Guide you. Shhh. Walk into the quite dark. Touch the darkness. Feel its power. Now you are prepared for the journey into hell. Serenity if you embrace it.
  6. Oh, Alabama- you have come a long way. Councilman stands up and asked "do we have a house nigger in here?"
  7. If you don’t solve global warming, then you won’t solve world hunger either because global warming can cause floods, fires, and other disasters wiping out crops and livestock. And not being careful about destroying natural habitats threatens the ecosystem we rely on for food and genetic diversity. All the corn and soy used for the meat industry could instead be used to feed people. As we speak, China is dumping their human feces in public oceans by the boat load and depleting oxygen in the ocean destroying reefs and fish habitat.
  8. I have to admit that with my experience with RDR2, I had to cut back on the foul play because of bounty hunters always after me, but at one point I said screw it. I put it in first person and just charged at every civilian I saw and just grabbed them, beat em, and capped em point blank to the head. Then run like a maniac at others while they tried to run off and I'd knock em down and hold the gun to their head BLAM!!! I would run after the next, and cap em in the leg to watch em tumble to the ground. Beat em and BLAM!!! It was a freakin amazing adrenaline rush and just plain looney and fun; then I get into a gun fight and eventually keep going crazy till I die, then do it several more times. Then I go back to an old save where none of that ever happened. Now that I got that off my chest...
  9. It started off with a lie about the crowd at his inauguration, and ended in the big election lie. Sprinkle in his paid attendees at rallies, and making a point of putting black people right behind him as he talks so cameras can see the 'bLackground.' He's as fake as they come, with his orange spray on. Impeached twice-check Lost majority vote twice- check Failed coup- check And now he claims he would get more votes than George Washington. I do admit, 70 million people that voted for him is a lot of evil. They may not care enough to show up for a rally, but they care enough to vote for and support the overthrow of democracy.
  10. The Last of Us 2-you've haven't heard about the series? It's a post apocalyptic world/survival. For me it's hard to explain without spoilers, but both 1 & 2 were GOTY. So that says a lot.
  11. Delta is something serious, so it's time to protect yourselves again. Even if vaccinated, you can still be a carrier to make someone else sick. Don't play around with this one.
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