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  1. Allowing Microsoft/Activision acquisition to go through is a shockwave throughout the gaming community. Since then it feels all is quiet because gamers feel like some wrong just happened.
  2. No man. We should never belittle ethics no matter what. Flirting with unethical experiments is the beginning of genocidal experimentation, claiming genocide for the greater good. Why are you are cleaning nazi diapers and spitting in your hand to part their hair? I disavow this post.
  3. Taco Cabana. You guys have that where you live? Used to be able to pile delicious sides for free onto your tray. I got so damn drunk, I ruined it for everyone else. I'm sorry. 😆
  4. Nothing like an alley-oop. Or a long pass caught, bam! He keeps runnin, Bam! Tried to knock him out of bounce. Oh wait!!! He back tossed, 10 seconds left, bam! He got knocked hard! But he side tossed it in time. He runs with the football for a touchdown, Bam! He fumbled in the air!!! The fattest and slowest line back caught it for a touchdown !!!!! Teamwork gets my vote. But then again, fuck teamwork. I trust nobody. MF catching a football will probably drop on purpose if he is lobbied by anasshooe.
  5. No way. Bulls are far superior in strength. Humans are great at cheating. Humans cannot match it without obvious advantages and cheats. Once the humans fail in their scheme and bulls take over harming humans, next thing you know humans resort to doing what they do best, just kill whatever because they were punked.
  6. Exploration games, I can't paint one as the go to.
  7. I wish I can go back and listen to every song you posted, would be bad ass. Actually, I'm gonna try it. I have to say though, if you are into rap, nothing like the golden ages of rap in 1995 MF. Something about the year, the air, everything. 1995.
  8. Enigma is master class music. It's been a while since I listened to New Age music. It always had a more special place in my heart. And it's not just a solo thing. We used to camp out with friends back in the day, and it seemed natural for everyone to love Enigma, laying in the grass, looking up at the stars, little boombox cd player. I still have cd's from 30 years ago. Men today are cowards to listen to new age; they are insecure of their masculinity. But we all know it's natural to love Enigma, to love new age. Humans didn't start out playing hard rock. We used raw instruments to make sounds that pleased us. We built drums, then other instruments. We put our souls to sound. And when we developed technology, we integrated those sounds with technology, New Age music. Anyone who doesn't like it is a farce. It's natural like love for bacon. It's pancakes with syrup with a glass of berry juice. It's fajitas. It's beef and broccoli, it's angel hair pasta, brisket, pizza, a pool of watermelon. 😀
  9. Avatar for sure. It was like 20 years ago it seems when I went to the Imax in 3d to watch Avatar. And a second movie finally came out. I have been excited for Avatar and it's everything I ever wanted in a game. I am seduced. The game has an excellent story and excellent characters, excellent scenery. The game is everything I ever wanted.
  10. I have a happy place I built out into a field where I keep rabbits. I go out there and let them loose to graze. It's amazing watching them run free and hop with a twist in the air.
  11. Avatar Ikran flying over the land. Fuck yeah. Amazing. Amazing. Amazing. A new level of mounts, where you actually have a connection.
  12. Avatar, the most beautiful game I've ever seen. It needs Game of the Decade award
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