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  1. I sure can go for a bucket of chicken. Did you know the colors yellow, orange, and red stimulate appetite?
  2. Someone suggest the ps4 cause I don't have a gaming computer. I've been eyeballing that game for a long time. Not sure I'm ready for it yet, because I still have to beat Witcher 3. Hmm, ps5 maybe?
  3. I'm not a huge fan of the game, but Metal Gear Solid Phantom Pain had an excellent opening in the hospital and all the chaos. That was epic.
  4. Definitely The Walking Dead. Just recently I had to stop and think about a situation in Witcher 3: Kill 5 guys to save one life, but that one life will allow a monster to kill a villager as a sacrifice whenever it needs it. OR Let the guys kill the one, and the monster won't have its sacrifice and will hunt whenever it wants. Doesn't look like there's a win to me. I chose to save the one guy and killed the 5 because he was unarmed against 5. And the monster will have its appetite fulfilled instead of going on a rampage.
  5. Oh man!!! I loved that game. Nobody ever mentions it. I played it a lot a lifetime ago. The Earth flipped 30 times since I probably played it last. How in the world did you think of that one? The days of cracker jacks and bubble tape gum.
  6. Well, if someone disses how your girlfriend looks, you get mad right? If someone disses a game you like and others follow, then reviews for the game go pretty low. And for some reason there are excellent games out there with unfavorable reviews. So that bad publicity can change the direction in making a sequel to that game. That's why some can get irritated. For example, Assassins Creed I love in this generation, but many say it has run its course because they like the older ones. That makes me worry that they might cut back on future plans. Public opinion matters. And public opinion is never
  7. I completely disagree to not enlist. Who do you think benefits? There is a certain group of people I'm sure you are aware of that would love to bleach the military.
  8. That’s interesting how you would consider them as pets in your pocket. What exactly is a pet? How would you own a pet? Someone could have a dog they use to earn money in dog fights and be a pleasure to watch. That would be objectionable as in the case of having smaller people please you and clean you. Having a pet makes you responsible for their well being mentally and physically. The little people supposedly have equal intelligence, so to confine them and work them as a pet is an insult to their born intelligence and potential. What about their Maslow’s theory of depriving them of esteem. Or
  9. To quell uprisings by taking lives would be killing, not murder. If you instigated the whole thing to provoke chaos and take their lives to quell it, that is murder. That is like stabbing someone in the arm, they fight to defend themselves, and you kill them for it. Godzilla is an interesting thought. But even Godzilla with questionable intelligence wanted a more personal relationship with the woman or did he just want to pocket her as a toy? Reminds me of Beauty and the Beast. Would an ant sized woman develop feelings for a giant beast or vice versa? Would that turn your beastiality into
  10. You want to use N. Korea as an example of longevity in ruling, but you forget about the governing bodies of every other country that has ruled in a different way for much longer. For example, the USA has had a democracy for 240 years. It has been a WORLD power since the 50’s. They didn’t need authoritarianism to rule its people. And the USA thrived and became productive far greater than N. Korea. They control the media in N Korea so you can’t possibly know how hungry or ready for a revolt they are in. There are 2 Koreas remember? This is a perfect contrast of authoritarianism and a democracy (
  11. I think you have a superiority complex if you think you can gather any women you want for pleasure or harm men for fun. To cross species like that and just use them as a tool is an even more deep seeded complex. I don’t think it really comes down to you having needs alone as a giant. You have the need to objectionalize them. To have any position of power with that mindset is always detrimental to society. Your mafia way of ruling doesn’t keep the public bountiful, just the ones in power. You wouldn’t even need to exist in their society if everything was conflict free. If it was run by a m
  12. Just wondering if it is safe to rebuild database to clear up space. Is this something to be done regularly? Will it delete anything saved on there? I noticed a couple games that I deleted the application only, also have deleted screenshots. Is there any way to get the screenshots back?
  13. AC Odyssey- not playing around Fallout 4- tired of playing around
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