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  1. At this point, it all depends on the game. In Saints Row it's just plain fun and hilarious to kill people. In Watch Dogs Legion I'm more cautious because anyone can be your recruit. GTA games I have mixed feelings. In Assassin's Creed around temples, I try to avoid fighting the enemy because the innocent will get cut down too. To see them so vulnerable on their knees worshipping a deity, then engage in open combat next to them I just try to avoid.
  2. I honestly couldn't find anything in a couple of news articles that gave any real insight to why he was resigning. Does that mean I can't post something with a question? Does that mean that for every post, there should be an explanation instead of just a video? Or should every post be more than one sentence? Based on this standard, my post in Stoicism vs cynicism recently should be removed or criticized. This topic has largely fell under the radar for some reason in the news. So when I came across it I decided to post a question. So when I do actually put a lot of thought into something, nobody really responds. There are far too many topics that are posted with just a question even currently, w/o their own input or opinions. This standard should go for all across the board and not just me. I've actually posted a topic a year ago about all new posts should include their own opinions and not just a question and I remember being told that people can post what they want. So maybe all new posts should have a rule that they have to express their personal opinion and not just a question.
  3. My Sunday is going to be 104 degrees outside. June and July have been horrible so far. The humidity will be in the 30’s which isn’t that bad. But that will be the hottest day so far. Today when I opened my door it just felt like a heat wave just sunk in. There is some strange pressure affect with all that heat compared to inside. And when it cools at night it feels like the heat gets pushed into my home like a vacuum and It just feels super hot inside so I have to keep dunking my head in water and let the fan blast me.
  4. I can kind of see the message there to not be afraid and stand together, or ask politely and you shall receive (when they made the witch ask politely for her broom), but that witch sure is creepy. I do think it's a bit disturbing for a happy kid to watch. Not sure if it's enough to pull it and never show it again though. And for her to lose the broom again, kind of leaves a stench in Sesame St. If you've never seen Wizard of Oz before and watch that as a kid, it would be even worse probably.
  5. Actually, I don't remember ever doing that. I lived in a really dry climate surrounded by desert in Vegas. When it finally did rain, it flooded waste high and we would swim in it with dirt and all.
  6. That is something constantly on my mind I struggle with. Almost like a type of game anxiety. I remember there being another thread about gaming anxiety and I don't think I really understood it till now. I'll try to explain. Sometimes I neglect a game for too long and I lose story immersion so I start a new game and play focusing on story and progression till I get up to my current game save spot, then I open that save and continue from there as if I never started all over. Doing that, I realize that I have less anxiety and get through it and enjoy it because I know what happens. My first playthroughs I always try so hard to get everything perfect, even my surroundings at home so I don't bust concentration in a cutscene. And that gives me anxiety when I know the story cut scene is about to kick in. So yeah, I find it enjoyable playing through a game I already have played. When I played TLOU2, I played it a second time right away back to back. The first time I was so preoccupied at times with scenery. The second play was story focused and fast paced and very enjoyable because I already knew what was going to happen. I didn't have to slap myself to focus. lol
  7. I didn't voice an opinion about Boris Johnson because what is there really to say? When he became PM every rational person was like, oh shit. The underlying issues were there and you can't ignore things that leaders say which defines their integrity. Johnson has a history of sexism, homophobia, and racism. That is the trend for conservatives. They flat out tell you they are bigots and people always want to ignore it. Here are some of the things he has said over the years. https://www.businessinsider.com/boris-johnson-record-sexist-homophobic-and-racist-comments-bumboys-piccaninnies-2019-6 Of course his supporters can say everything was taken out of context. But at what point do you say, hey that is a repetitive pattern there. And I remember at one point he sounded like he was reiterating trump propaganda about blacks. So I'm glad he is leaving and there is integrity in the UK as we have seen cabinet members resign who were disgusted by him. And Boris himself took the high road and resigned. UK's system still works unlike my own country where cowards walk in step toe to heel to completely and utterly destroy democracy here at home. But that's not a topic to bring here. I made a point how I respect them taking the high road in the UK. But I am concerned now who will be the next PM. Is the UK on the path to continually become more extreme with the next PM? Because Theresa May resigned in 2019 as PM, which the reasons are not something I have looked into, but that gave way to Boris Johnson. So I really hope the next one will be highly capable and have solid integrity for this present day chaotic world.
  8. I don't know much about game studios, so I can only base it on games I've played. And when you eliminate those with workplace controversies, that doesn't leave too many left that I know of. I would have to go with Bloober Team. They have a niche in psychological horror and are showing a lot of future potential as a larger studio. But that's if they spread out of the horror genre to reach more of the masses. And it's always a gamble when drifting from your niche. I like them right where they are as an independent studio making top notch games. Maybe with more resources they will become the unholy grail of psychological horror.
  9. That's a demented game I wouldn't mind playing.
  10. The name of this game is going to sound offensive and I can't believe everyone as kids played this game everywhere even at school recess. It's called smear the queer. It's a football game (American) where you throw the football and everybody tries to get the ball and whoever gets it has to make it to the end zone. It's every player for themselves. Whoever has the ball, everybody runs at you to tackle you. Then anyone can pick up the loose ball and just keep running towards the end zone. Sometimes there would form a circle around the ball waiting for someone brave enough to pick it up and run. Tetherball-where you punch the ball on a chain and try to keep punching it to wrap the chain all around the pole. Whoever does that wins. Wall ball-Throw a tennis ball at the wall and whoever the ball hits when it bounces off the wall, has to run to the wall while someone gets the chance to peg you. Multiple balls were used. Dodge ball Dodge car lights at night---lol-don't ask Building forts-tunnels under the desert-we lived right next to the desert Laser guns, water guns, water balloons Showing off gymnastics-my mom dated my coach too so everyone would always gather around and watch him do all kinds of tricks. We even used a tree branch as a high bar. Kickball ride scooters There's so much....I miss having fun
  11. That's true, but for some it's a sick reminder of that person who created it. I've got some issues with H.P. Lovecraft being an extreme racist, but the game The Sinking City actually uses that class hierarchy and racial segregation from his works and turns it into awareness. Which in a way, uses his own work against him. I doubt Hogwarts Legacy uses any trans phobia in the game or other ideologies from Rowling. But it would be something if other medium shed positive light on the beliefs of bigoted creators.
  12. Here are some traveling games on Oculus. https://www.oculus.com/blog/virtual-vacation-11-vr-apps-and-films-that-let-you-travel-the-world-from-home/ I think Wander let's you go anywhere on the world map and view satellite photos of the area and probably tourist photos. But I would like to walk, drive or fly around like a bird to view everything. I think they can integrate augmented reality for travel VR. That's where they can get specialists to go visit areas, make videos of everything including inside buildings, and that can be used for the VR experience. Some traveling games go in depth in a few locations, but they need it for every notable location in the world including scenic drives, beaches, landscapes. It can be done. They could have some kind of program to work with travel agents and share videos they make from all over the world and in every city. That way, everyday you get new material added to the VR travel database. Yeah, I invented that just now. Cut me in on the earnings when they start doing it.
  13. Wow, Fallout New Vegas really did go all out on the slides. This is the first I ever heard of it. Almost seems generic to me but I guess if you have multiple characters with unfinished business, then that seems the easiest way to justify using them. Actually, I do remember some military games having it which I think that type of historical theme is probably the best suited for slides.
  14. I had to look that up because I knew nothing about it. You are right about her. That's disappointing to hear from such a famous author. She even blocked Stephen King on Twitter for his view after he defended her right to speech.
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