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  1. AC Odyssey: in a couple hours I'm about to reach 700 hours of gameplay. I'm still thrilled by the game. Playing the Legacy DLC.
  2. Is there any real damage done for cheating? Does it take away money, tarnish their stock trade, damage reputation. We could easily say that toxic online play would allow the gaming company or publisher to sue players. That's not a route any of them would want to take and it's not even constitutional by USA standards for any developer or publisher in that country. But there is a growing trend where courts are deciding to let any and everyone get sued. That still doesn't mean lawsuits will be won. Still doesn't make it legal grounds to sue. But if people can get away with online harassment in gaming, and even groping others in VR, then there is no way anyone would ever get sued for cheating. Unless they hacked something to get free DLC. I do agree with others that have said that companies providing cheating tools may be sued. There might be an actual case there, only if the gaming company can show proof of direct relation to losing money from cheating. How are they even able to provide cheats? Shouldn't games have some kind of wall against that? Or even update games to add security that prevents cheating? I don't know how all that works. They just need better tools to weed out the cheaters.
  3. What is the Crysis series all about? Any opinions on it?
  4. Now after back to back shootings there is gun debate again. Republicans refuse to pass any gun laws. In fact, the republican controlled supreme court is about to vote on expanding gun rights for open carry. And republican always go back to the same cliche how they need to arm schools and a good guy with a gun stops a bad guy with a gun. But what about body armor? When the shooter is wearing body armor and head armor, sorry but a good guy with a gun won't stop the bad guy. These past two shootings the shooters were wearing armor. One was shot and the bullet didn't penetrate and in return killed the security guard that shot him. That same guy shot up a store targeting blacks. Days after, another shooter went and shot up a school. He also wore armor and killed police. Police wear vests, but why are shooters being able to get better armor than police? So after all this, if you read some of the disgusting things republicans are now saying is just repulsive. This is a point of breakdown in society. I say have the government use fundings from emergency, epidemic, disaster funds, and provide every American with body armor that they must wear in all public places including schools. This is ridiculous of course, but is it really? When the whole country is embarrassed they have to wear armor and the world sees how crazy Americans are all with armor, then maybe leaders will be pressured to do something. If armor was mandated, republicans will then say it's against their personal rights like they did with masks in a pandemic. Then they will tell people not to wear armor in red states. So when those people later get shot and killed it will all be on republicans. But those that do wear armor, their chance of surviving is dramatically increased. So now three important bills just got rejected by all republicans in the senate. Disinformation Board-rejected. Domestic Terrorism law-rejected. Gun laws-always rejected. It's no wonder the republican party of terrorists would reject all those. What else are we to do now when everything gets blocked by republicans, except to wear armor? Oh yeah, that'll get blocked too!
  5. I'm not a big fan of online gaming either and I don't feel it's necessary to pay subscription for it. I considered once to play GTA 5 online on free multiplayer weekend to try out, then Rockstar when and did an update right when it started so they crushed my opportunity to try. I am perfectly happy with games that have free play mode where you can do whatever you want with no consequences. GTA 5 has the director's cut mode to go out and just cause mayhem as single player. Why do I need a friend for that, especially when AI is that good. I've played multiplayer in VR and it is fun at first. It's new and different. But it does get a bit physically draining and I find more satisfaction in story mode.
  6. I also have physical collectible items that will increase in value no matter what. As far as crypto, I don't see why I would own any if it floats around in the virtual world where it isn't protected by a bank. In the USA, all banks are FDIC insured up to $250,000. Even in economy collapse, you obviously won't have access to your money when everyone tries to cash out at the same time, but the bank will still have an IOU. I imagine the same would be for Crypto if everybody tried to cash out at the same time, except there wouldn't be an IOU. What you lose, you lose for good.
  7. I'm already aware of that. And not only that but when the day comes to narc on your neighbors to the nazi police, you damn right we are targets. That's the amount of hate we are facing and all this freedom of speech will get any opposition persecuted. It's already too late though, so I might as well continue to help people become aware for history purposes. Most people, including democrats simply don't comprehend how fast a democracy can fall and how easily genocides happen. And now republicans own Twitter while Musk trolls dems every single day now. Zuckerberg is hating on dems and already has profited off of far right misinformation. So once they own all social media, they can justify their genocide. The difference between Russia and the USA is that we have far more diversity in this country, far more hate towards black and brown, and a past history of slavery and segregation, with groups like the klan and confederates who are pro slavery. So our dictatorship won't look like Russia. Ours will be extreme prejudice and genocidal.
  8. I still don't even know exactly what it is. I've looked it up several times and I see the same terms used over and over as if the definition itself doesn't know what it is. All I know is that it starts with crypt-which is death. It's not protected by a bank.
  9. I actually want them to try it while democrats are still in power. But they know not to. Somebody needs to pay trump a visit and interrogate him. It's not going to help his Jan 6 case. Then again, democrats don't know how to pursue justice. 2024 everything is on the line. 2 years of freedom left. These midterms are a dry run to see the results of republican election sabotage from their bills. And if they don't get the results they wanted, they will then make even more unconstitutional election laws. And the supreme court will allow them to do whatever they want. This is the slow moving coup. 2024 will be the end of the USA. And that will end our NATO membership giving Russia free reign as USA and Russia becomes allies under republican rule.
  10. I don't believe perfect fun gameplay is subjective at all. Fun isn't subjective. Fun is what causes smiles and laughs. I don't see how strategy games, plotting attacks creates laughter. If you constantly deal with bugs in a game, then that's not perfect fun. Enjoying entertainment is subjective. That could be absolutely anything. Fun has very little pause. Fun is constant. Fun doesn't pick you up and drop you like a bad habit. Perfect fun gameplay has no breaks in fun. That's why I left out sports. Because sports many times are constant fun. So that's why I wanted to leave it off and focus on non sport games that don't pause in fun. What makes a person all laughs and smiles can be subjective. Whether that being slaughtering zombies, hacking demons, or rolling around in a tank in the city. But fun itself is not subjective. Fun doesn't quit till you quit the game. So perfect fun gameplay once again I have to say is constant. There is no pause. No strategizing, no drama, no interruptions. So you could say my interpretation of fun is subjective. So for this thread I'll focus on my interpretation of fun. Perfect fun is uninterrupted smiles and laughs till you stop playing the game. I should have been more clear. I wasn't expecting Murder She Wrote to be perfect fun for some people. 😄 Anyways. I'm right and yer wrong lol
  11. Well, everything you mentioned is not straight fun. Skyrim being far from perfect is not PERFECT FUN GAMEPLAY!!! TLOU is drama and nothing near fun gameplay. I am not talking about perfect gameplay. I'm talking straight fun as hell. Don't reply unless you can think of fun better than Saints Row We are entering the world of comparison then, MD, Prey, Judgement; I will compare to Saints Row in good time. So far you all lose to fun gameplay. But what comparison? Why is SR God compared to roaches of other games? Maybe because they are Saints. hahaha. Naw. It's because I'm too cool and you aren't. Naw. I'm looking for more options of games that are fun gameplay before I smack you down and bring proof Saints Row offers the most fun in a game. Cmon Bring it
  12. Buffalo NY, a white mass shooter targeting blacks gets convinced to drop his weapons and gets taken alive by cops. FUCK THE POLICE
  13. I don't know which is more stupid, tasing someone at the pump, or shooting and killing someone when you thought you reached for a taser. I came across a very disturbing video a week ago where body cam footage was released of police killing an unarmed black man. It's too disturbing to post the video here. It's the shooting of Quadry Sanders in Lawton, Oklahoma. Don't read further if you may be too disturbed. I watched the whole body cam video and Sanders was blasted with bullets on three different occasions. I think the number of bullets that hit him was 12. He had his hands up when first shot. When he was blasted with bullets, he was still standing and ran to a corner a few feet away which would be anybody's reaction. He then came out of the corner with his hands up and blasted again with more bullets. He went down and laying on his back he sat up with his hands up and blasted with bullets again. Cops cuffed him face down and dragged him by the bottom of his pants leaving a trail of blood. The guy was still alive and gasping for air and you can hear it. Fucking cops didn't do a thing and let him die face down handcuffed. The cops have been charged with manslaughter. But being charged and convicted are two different things. This happens way too often. And at this point, it's not lack of training. It is open hostility.
  14. Installments I meant was buying a new game, then spending more money on DLC or another edition a year later. So what seems like installments is actually spending MORE money on the same game in two different purchases a year apart. So it seems cheaper when the amount of money you spend is split in two payments instead of all at once. There aren't any cheaper installments. I don't want to buy a $90 game. But $60 now and $30 later for DLC just feels cheaper. Best thing to do is let the game age a couple years and buy the gold edition for $25 or so. But when it's your favorite game, of course we will buy it new, and get caught up spending more on the game a year later.
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