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  1. Well, it looks like a better game than Fallout 4
  2. You people are full of shit; One man swinging an axe will make you call the cops and cower in the dirty grass. Every one of you will scream out once that long axe sways upon your legs. Who do you think you are? Not living in reality; that's for sure. Dumb answer being a vegetable. typical from a frog slinging tongue.
  3. Take me from a poor neighborhood from Vegas, and take me to racist Houston; now deep in the country. I hear racist whispers. I see racist gestures. White people are racist. PROVE ME WRONG YOU FUCKS! You think you are better than me and others? And I am Spanish decent straight from Spain. I am also hardcore English. I am Italian; I am Scottish; I am French; I am Native American; I got my DNA from 23 and ME. I'm ashamed of my white DNA. I hate it now. You fucking red necks did this to me. You are an enemy to democracy. Republicans gave up on democracy. They simply don't like it anym
  4. We all have differences. I want to kill trump supporters. They want to kill democracy supporters. Be who you are; I was an alcoholic for 11 years. You republicans think you are better than me? I hear your talk when you think nobody is around. I'm white; I am the man your daughter loves. I am in every part of your civilization. 56% of all white Americans voted for trump. That shows 1 out very 2 whites; 1 is a racist fuck. That's the truth. Hide behind whatever it is you hide behind. I'm ashamed to be white. I believe Europeans are smarter than Americans, so their white is far more
  5. Come and take away my freedom of speech. Come and attack voting rights. You have your soldiers fledging. Our soldiers are full fledged.
  6. Mother fuckers. I'll stand atop the statue of liberty and piss on red neck fuck fascists.
  7. 30 years don't compare to the 3 seconds you have frozen into as a demon is spiderwebbed to your ceiling twisting it's head at you. And another pale face rises on the side of your bed. You know you are vulnerable and a claw rises slowly on the other side. Your blanket is being tugged away at the foot of the bed. No where to run. The windows are sealed. The door is open though. But you can never reach it. It mocks you. What then brave soul?
  8. I used to have a friend that had a projector and screen that covered a whole wall with sound system, but was only used for movies. Foking crazy. Has anyone tried it for gaming???
  9. I have the entire series and movies. One of my favorite tv series of all time. I'm currently watching from the beginning because I'm bored with any new tv shows. Don't have netflix, just Directv. 24 is filled with extreme decision making and drama. It brings me a fantasy in true patriotism of all our government agencies. How far the apples fell...
  10. Mine was Atari too. And close to second, was a computer game I played where you swing from vine to vine. I just looked it up and it was Jungle Hunt on Commodore 64.
  11. That's rough. In your case the simplest thing might scare you like a bunch of happy clowns skipping down the street with bloody aprons and naked headless dolls. Seems your fear is not knowing how to defeat the threat instead of the actual situation.
  12. Final Fantasy X is one of my favorites and it was my first turn based rpg. The story really impressed me and probably one of the best stories from games I've played to date. It was very challenging and fun. Sometimes it would take me an hour or more to defeat a foe using whatever bag of tricks I've accumulated. I played it on ps2, and have that itch to get it for the ps4.
  13. I didn't know that. Maybe they have a backdoor agreement with retail to help draw in customers during the week when business is less. Movies don't go through retail so that's why it's always released on weekends when people have more time and get that big opening night for ratings. That's my two cents from this pocket full of pennies.
  14. I used to love Age of Empires. They need to come out with a new one. I'm leaning towards Civilization 6 but I haven't played any of the Civilization or Tropico games.
  15. Option 4 could actually include #2 and #5 because in genocide they could find themselves in a torture chamber or have inhumane experimentation done on them.
  16. Every two weeks I stock up on tea. I always drink tea when I game.
  17. How else will you get that morning wood
  18. I didn't even know this game existed. It looks pretty cool. Any thoughts?
  19. Republicans are really trying for a dictatorship even after the election. This is 3rd world country stuff. Trump is firing Pentagon staff and replacing with anti muslim and pro segregation type far right extremists to represent our military. They claim voter fraud and will not accept election.
  20. The Enhanced edition also has The Following which takes place in the countryside. Pretty cool. And you get to drive a buggy. It also has the addition where you can play as the zombie and attack humans.
  21. Has anyone played any of these two series? Civilization 6 and Tropico 6 are the latest games. Which do you prefer? Or do you prefer an older title or some other city building game?
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