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  1. That's a good example. When characters don't have uniqueness then how are we supposed to remember who did what? Villains almost always have a uniqueness so that you remember them. Same should be for any character. I believe that unique doesn't have to look real or be idealized and it could be both. Ideal and real are inseparable if done right. It doesn't have to be either/or.
  2. They need to represent me more in games: a macho macho man. I eat spinach and get cannon arms, but little chicken legs.
  3. A great example to answer your question is the newer AC games. The armor is realistic in its setting, but also available is fantasy type armor to break away from the reality whenever you want. I love that they have beautiful gear options to suit your mood. I mean, you can be some god-like entity, or a tricked-out warrior, or humble civilian garb. As far as character designs, I prefer diversity. It would be ridiculous to customize every character, but at least customize the protagonist would be the best option to suit your needs. Side characters just need diversity. I mean, what is the big deal? Is it a sin? Does every being have to look alike? Hell no is what I say.
  4. I missed out the whole ps2 and ps3 generation as I didn't play games at all during that time. But finally a few years ago I got the ps2 and there was a huge variety of games to choose from. I ended up getting around 75 games in a short period. I haven't seen as much variety in later consoles while I was shopping and hoarding in excitement. But maybe it was all just a psychological bias since I was new to it all.
  5. Looks like the wish came true because a remastered is coming Oct 5 2021. I don't know anything about the game and only ever heard of it from VGR so I'm wondering what the game is like.
  6. If I wanted to take my manhood away I'd just get married! Why torture thyself
  7. That's a wild mix you got there. I don't know much about my family's migration but do know my DNA which is as follows: Spanish, English, Scottish, Sicilian, French, Dutch, (German is iffy because at one point the record said I was German, then changed it and added a higher percent to my Italian-so don't know), Native American, North African area, and less than 1% percent in each of the following: Mongolian, Ashkenazi Jew, Congolese. I have recent migration of my DNA to Argentina, but not native there. On my Sicilian side, my great grandpa moved the family from Sicily to New York in the early 1900's and he was a boxer.
  8. I wouldn't mind reading the book at all; I'm still considering getting the series; kind of forgot but now that I remember, I'm gonna look into getting the books. They have a comic series too. which you can find for free to read online.
  9. Yes, it is a long and worthwhile game. The world has great fantasy and lore that I haven't seen quite as much in any other game. I don't know about prices but the GOTY edition is best bet with all included DLC that is also worthy. I haven't finished the DLC yet. Definitely worth it. Many people are turned off at the beginning stages. Even myself I got overwhelmed at first with everything you have to learn such as crafting and potions. But once you get the hang of it, it's pretty simple. But no doubt if you stick with it you will get hooked.
  10. I'm confused too. I looked it up but can only find previews. But Apolonia--Uh huh, I recognize that...face. Definitely want to know what is going on there.
  11. You have been missed here. One day at a time as they say.
  12. Definitely close to the end for sure, and still got some unexplored ground to cover. Did I mention... I love this s**t!!!
  13. It doesn't seem that long ago, probably more like 2 years. But I aim to work towards completing this game in a couple months because I really want to play the DLC too which I've got all nice and ready and excited about.
  14. I think 2.5 years now. FYI-I don't ever plan on deleting it even when I finish it. 👍
  15. GTA 5 and AC Odyssey. I've just about got 500 hours in AC Odyssey. Still going strong there!!!
  16. AC Syndicate scenery of London is pretty nice. Another I hope to play soon is AC Unity in Paris. I've been to modern Paris, so it would be interesting to see how the game would compare in the 18th century.
  17. I've been wanting to see how well the city scape is in that game. Probably one of the best I imagine.
  18. They could have open worlds where the hard earned money you make ganking someone, you get that money in real life. There would be less crime. After all, money is just paper anyways. Fax it on over. 😁
  19. The cyber ninjas finally released their audit after all that horrendous and shady shit they did with the ballots and using tax payer money to conclude that Biden rightfully won Arizona. No shit Sherlock. How they were able to get away with this whole fiasco at the tax payer's dime is beyond me. They literally took all the ballots and transported them to a location in Montana where no public eye was allowed. They had access to all the voting machines, voter's and government security info; they interrogated (or more likely harassed) voters in their homes. And now repblicans want to use them in Pennsylvania, Georgia, Texas, and other states. This republican attack on democracy will never end.
  20. Both were bought brand new in unopened box from two different ebay sellers with manufacture warranty from Sony. I don't buy garbage, unless of course the product itself turns out to be.
  21. One year later, I'm actually using the old ps4 again. aaagghhhahahahahaha----Insanity is bliss. Join me in insanity y'all
  22. The Witcher 3 has Axii ability to help dialogue, but he puts their mind under a subservient spell so that they do as he wishes. You could even make the enemy fight the other enemies for you. That's like the berserk ability in some games. In a world without magic, run
  23. I just started GTA 5 and put in some hours; last night I dreamt about the game in a long dream it seemed. I went around and did a bunch of quests. I woke up confused wondering if I actually did those quests in the game. Then wakeful reality set in, and once again I see the burning flames of hell called real life. 🙃
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