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  1. I’d hate to be the one who gets a whole uncooked lobster staring at me. 🤢
  2. I wonder, is this only an issue for Xbox and Playstation? Or do other consoles have to deal with messy games too?
  3. They are being more and more dependent on the internet to be able to update fixes. Think about your mentality as a developer/publisher or I should say those in charge of decisions on when to release; their mentality will get lazier and lazier knowing damn well they can just hot fix issues whenever they want. When you do your job, do you half ass it to meet a deadline knowing you can fix it a month later? The reliance on the internet is a fault. The Cyberpunk fiasco should have brought about some kind of policy, but the gaming world doesn't have unionization to oversee these things. Therefore it will continue to happen. Do we have some kind of consumer protections for unfinished products? Imagine if music you hear on the radio were a sloppy unfinished mess! Imagine having to update the songs. That would be horrific! They also get rushed in the music industry, but it is always a completed project. Gaming is obviously more complicated, but it's just embarrassing to release a game that is messy. Do they not have a team to play their games before releasing? I say the gaming industry needs to pass some standardized tests before being released to consumers. If it goes over a percent maximum error allowance, then it goes back to development before it's released to the public. Problem solved. But then you will have those that complain about any regulations and this becomes an us vs them issue. Then those systems get corrupted and people will allow certain games to be released and not allow others due to their politics. So just leave as it is right? Expect unfinished games to continue and get worse then. There is nothing you can do about it. People will buy it, be disappointed, and complain. They will also keep increasing the prices too on top of not completing games. Want to start buying a $100 brand new unfinished game? We have to be pushed to the max before any progress can be made. What is our max? We will find out no doubt. Soon, you will only be able to afford that one $200 game as a Christmas present. And they play it only to find out it's a mess. A few years later, you are buying a $300 brand new game for Christmas that is unfinished. Gaming then becomes something for the rich.
  4. If it's an exclusive then it makes sense to put a price on your pride. The problem is making more and more games exclusive so that you feel justified to raise the prices. Then you have a cold war between Sony and Microsoft making a bunch of high priced exclusives to drive people to their own console. And developers/publishers will get caught in the cold war by being coerced to publish their game on one console as they get offered a contract and the Indie publishers low on cash will be greatly influenced to publish on one console. That's just speculation, but if it's legal, why wouldn't they? It's not like corporations are held in check by integrity.
  5. I started a new game in Cyberpunk 2077 because I stopped playing for a while, but they have had a couple good updates. I'm playing the Nomad story line and as a female. I like it a lot more that way.
  6. I also have mixed feelings on this. On one hand, I think it's cool if that is what you are into if you are religious. It gives representation to those who would appreciate a game like that. But, I don't see how it is much different from a majority of games that uses super powers. This takes it a step further though because you are depicting yourself as Jesus. There could be a ton of controversies in this from religious people especially if it doesn't align with what the bible says. It looks like it is using references of locations in the bible, so there could be a bit of religious people criticizing it. Playing Assassin's Creed which has a lot of cultural and religious reference is similar to this in a way. Even at times in AC you play as a God. You play as Odin in AC Valhalla in one of the maps. To me it is fascinating to put yourself there as a fantasy. The thing is, I don't actually believe or practice the religion so I don't go too far with it. Maybe it can increase a religious person's closeness and try to put themselves in the sandals of an entity who was righteous and wanted to help others. Or they could start banning all other games and keep religious ones. I don't freakin know anymore.
  7. LOL, That's what I like to see in shows, not some idolification. Is that a word?
  8. Seems like most of the world was depending on those two countries to provide the resources necessary for the chip making process. South Africa has the biggest mining production of Palladium with Russia being second and there is really no other competition. Neon is a gas that is extracted from the air and Ukraine had the biggest filtration plants in the world to extract that Neon. China is the biggest consumer of chips and Taiwan is one of the biggest manufacturers of chips. I think there is bound to be conflict between those countries. Why not just take it right? If you think about it, it's not a good idea to have two neighboring countries be the top manufacturers and consumers, or to have two neighboring countries being the top suppliers/miners of any worldwide high demand product.
  9. Problems arises with lies and conspiracies that promote the opposite effect. The complete opposite of least amount of suffering. Therefore, in relation to free speech absolutism, it promotes the most amount of suffering.
  10. Ethics usually relates to what causes the least amount of suffering. Ethics is broken if you allow a maniac promote violence and hatred like in relation to free speech absolutism. I agree to a certain extent that a death can save the lives and suffering of others.
  11. You would get too attached to a monkey. What a monkey has that other animals don’t have are hands. That is a part of the higher intelligence spectrum. To feel, not just walk and scrap with others like claws and paws.
  12. Sony and Microsoft are becoming like two bickering parties that are more concerned about competing between each other and not competing for consumers. There needs to be a third party, another console manufacturer that is compatible with all these same games to keep the giants in check.
  13. If multiplayer Call of Duty and Halo have a realistic approach in team skills, mission related duties, and fast thinking, then it's a worthwhile place to look for candidates. Interacting with others in real time shows a lot about potential skills for the military. Gamers would even make great police officers due to quicker response with better judgement calls. That is what should be required for any that wields a weapon with the license to kill. Even in the military you need to do the best you can to not endanger the lives of civilians. Those that want to, should not be a potential recruit for military or police. They even recruit or sponsor at schools, so I wouldn't think gamers would be exploited any more than them. They even have ROTC in schools. And playing military games or a simulation would be a fun activity for those in the ROTC program, which no doubt as simulations get more widespread then they probably will integrate into those training programs. You know you got a problem though if the military was recruiting civilian killers, mass murderers and those in MMO screaming hate speech. Would not be good.
  14. Free speech absolutism vs censorship vs moderation---------- Free speech absolutism doesn't exist. And it can't exist w/o crossing into inciting violence and terroristic activity. Censorship is using the government to decide what is allowed. Reverse censorship is using the government to force certain speech to be allowed. And moderation is key. Don't we all share in universal ethics? There is no need to spread dangerous conspiracies, incite violence, or threaten so that shouldn't be allowed. Hate speech there really is nothing you can do about it. That lies within the realm of the rights of the company that gives your platform. In a free world, advertisers will decide if they want their brand next to hate speech. In a way, consumers is holding hate speech in check.
  15. A few days ago I got some purified water at the Watermill Express, which is right in front of the handicap parking area at a grocery store. The handicap parking spaces were all empty, but even then I still parked in the regular parking lot which was pretty full. So I had to walk a distance and carry a 5 gallon jug of water. And it only takes a couple minutes to fill the water. Even then, I respected the handicap spaces. So this lady is just every bad word you can think of.
  16. Yeah you would have to fight them again as many times as it takes and every time you lose not only do they level up, but all of the orcs level up. It's possible the lower level ones off each other too fighting for position. So every time you die, it gets harder and harder to defeat them all.
  17. Watch dogs 1 has a cool feature where you can get hacked at any time and you have to search for who is hacking you and eliminate them. It is an online feature, plus you can look for others to hack their data and sort of play hide and seek while they look for you and try to kill you before time runs out. I haven't figured out if these are real players or some kind of computer AI. And it's not really DLC because you can do these things at any time right in the middle of your gameplay. I hate it sometimes because I'll be doing something and next thing I know I'm getting hacked and have to go look for them. But it's fun. I lose every time. These people or AI are freakin experts always ambushing me.
  18. And the USA team has no room to talk since the USA just had a coup attempt 2 years ago. This really is the World Cup for the ages. This really is a sporting event placing the free world against the authoritarian world.
  19. It’s becoming a shit show. Even the Brazil team has to bring drama concerning Brazil’s new president and how election deniers are now challenging the presidency. Sound familiar? Of course it does. Take a page from dictatorship. Even republicans in the USA is trying to get Brazil to have a military coup and overthrow an election. Brazilian soccer star Neymar supports authoritarianism. WTF is this world event of FIFA? To expose cretins or honor cretins?
  20. I’ve actually been wanting to read the books. Thanks for the reminder! It’s Holiday season so I’m gonna treat myself to the book series.
  21. I think that is kind of cool for collectibles as I’m a collector and require such things. But it’s not games I collect so it’s not something I would use. Gaming is far more interactive than other hobbies so something of this nature it would be cool to add your gaming photos and snapshots of your abilities, collectibles, trophies, gear, saved clips, hours played, stats, etc.
  22. Does the Neverwinter game have anything to do with RA Salvatore? I think he helped in creative content in video games and that might be one of them. RA Salvatore is one of my favorite authors, famous for the Legend of Drizzt series.
  23. I feel that the console VR may be a gimmick, but the the actual headsets dedicated to VR like Oculus isn’t a gimmick. I’ve never used the console type VR so that is only my opinion on it and I could be very wrong. I have used Oculus and no doubt it will get better and better. The graphics are in its early stages. But games that aren’t emphasized or defined by realism is especially awesome in VR. I will never forget playing a roller coaster game in VR and it’s seriously very real to me, despite not having perfect graphics; the feeling of falling at high speed and all that. Sit down or you will fall over no doubt. I think Meta is vulnerable these days. Not to go into politics, but there certainly is many outside factors that can slow down VR progression. That’s why it’s not a good idea to have social media involved with a gaming line. But VR is no gimmick. It’s the future of gaming. Musk’s gaming brain chips for Neuralink is a gimmick. That’s when Frankenstein meets Hyde
  24. I think this is cool to give a background to the lore of The Witcher series. There were some what'd I miss??? questions I had in the lore and characters in Witcher 3. I would like to see how Geralt became a Witcher.
  25. Another thing is how Qatar abused migrant workers who built the stadium to host the World Cup. They violated those worker's human rights in almost every way like forced labor, assault, stolen wages, little food, overwork and extreme heat with no breaks. At least 6,500 migrant workers died since the announcement of hosting the World Cup. I don't know the number that died building the stadium itself. This is crazy. WTF.
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