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  1. I think I remember you had a difficult time using the bow. 😄 Wax on wax off Daniel Son
  2. It doesn't look like the date will change this time. Maybe they finally got it all together. But with the so-called 500 hours, I fear the game will be bug ridden. I hate to jump to that conclusion and cast a shadow over their hard work, but I just have the feeling. I think this game release will speak volumes of what to expect for the year. Broken games, or a turn to optimism.
  3. Only one side keeps breaking their oath on a regular basis, so that's like comparing rabbit pellet shit to E. coli worm infested diarrhea from a diseased ridden feral monster.
  4. That got me wondering what GTA 10 would look like. They can't keep making games from the same American cities. The series had a little niche to work with in previous games, but now options become limited if they don't branch out to other cities of the world. But if they want to keep comedy and stereotypes, America is fertile land of the making fun of and all the idiotisms.
  5. I wouldn't mind at all reading the book. Got to look for a copy.
  6. That was a bad ass game. Have you played The Following DLC? Takes place in the countryside and you get a little buggy to drive. It's a pretty big map too.
  7. Update: The vaccine mandate was killed by the republican controlled supreme court, so there is no longer any protection for American workers. I wonder, will they ban all vaccine requirements in the country? Also, Kansas politicians are trying to pass a bill to allow doctors to prescribe Ivermectin and Hydroxychloroquine for Covid, which has not been approved by the FDA; and the bill will grant immunity to doctors that prescribe it so they won't have any liability. This is what it looks like when politics reign over healthcare.
  8. We do have to admit that games usually give us the green light to kill whatever animal you can. It's just a game so I'm not going to be wacky about it and protest, but with the annihilation of the wolf population recently put into law and then playing AC Valhalla where you brutally kill wolves with what seems to be very angry, kind of rubs me wrong. But it's just a game and I expect brutality in a game like that. It would be nice to come across a game where they respected animals more. You know, like how a Native American is usually shown to honor any animal they kill for food. I don't know enough about PETA to make much of an opinion about them. It seems they aren't looked at too kindly with the public. And I have no doubts that opponents like that in the meat industry have smeared their names and sabotaged them, cause that's exactly what always happens. And I also have no doubts that their tactics are extreme. But if they are the only people out there shining the light on the evils of the meat and dairy industry, then we need them. Cause I don't know about any other group that gives a damn.
  9. That's comparing biodegradable trash to radiation sludge. 😆
  10. For me it’s the bat mobile cause I just downloaded Batman to give it a go again. But if games can incorporate specialized vehicles you can upgrade then hell fire fuck yeah. Like Ghost Rider motorcycle and the whole shabang. Let’s 007 it. Go all the way. Mad Max it. Our vehicles are our souls. Do you want to drive a weak soul? Ahhh hahaha
  11. I'm not a big fan of flashback stories. TLOU2 was an exception. I'd prefer they start at the early stuff and then progress in a linear format. That to me brings greater immersion when you know you are playing in present time. Because if playing in a flashback, well, you already know you will survive whatever happens so it takes away from the moment.
  12. Intelligence should have never gone beyond that of a monkey’s.
  13. I'm with you on that; I started playing the first RDR too. I'm somewhere around the early parts of the game.
  14. I’m gonna have to check out Just Cause, one of the newer ones. I played a ps2 version. To me it seems more similar to Far Cry rather than GTA. But now I’m curious about Just Cause 3 or 4
  15. I had to look that up because I know nothing about the history, but it amazes me how time again when governments get a usurpation of power, they commit genocide. I wonder how many genocides have actually happened that I don't know about. But even though a tragedy, I think it could make an interesting game and we could even learn from it.
  16. Wow, it seems just as I have wrote that, 27 House members sign letter asking to ban stock trading https://www.yahoo.com/news/27-house-members-sign-letter-150336022.html
  17. The Federal Trade Commission and the Department of Justice are looking to strengthen enforcement against illegal mergers. Microsoft and Amazon has sparked new concerns from the government and will look into this acquisition to see if any laws are broken. Right now it looks they will probably get away with it, but since the government is looking to update the antitrust laws, corporations like Microsoft have been usurping what they can before new laws are passed. Not to say this is an illegal merging with Microsoft and Activision, but it should be challenged by the FTC and we all need to understand that “Illegal mergers can inflict a host of harms, from higher prices and lower wages to diminished opportunity, reduced innovation, and less resiliency.” And I hear people say that Sony should look for an acquisition of their own, but that is part of the domino effect where now corporations will buy up what they can. So that thinking promotes monopolization. Another thing, congress needs to be banned from investing in stock while it is their responsibility to regulate antitrust laws. That's a conflict of interest when they become more concerned about their stock and invites lobbying. https://www.ftc.gov/news-events/press-releases/2022/01/ftc-and-justice-department-seek-to-strengthen-enforcement-against-illegal-mergers
  18. It’s going to be dangerous this year when the weather changes because of the hotter temps in the south and colder in the north. When that weather finally mixes we will get tornadoes all over the country. That will also make the hurricane season dangerous.
  19. There was also a guy jerking off to a bunch of mutilated bodies. He was standing over them going to town.
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