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  1. Nigeria could see a major boom in the gaming industry. They have a large increase in mobile phone sales giving them more internet access. Unfortunately, I see most of the potential gaming in the form of mobile games and esports where they will get exploited no doubt. https://www.blueprint.ng/is-the-video-game-industry-in-nigeria-about-to-explode/
  2. Interesting fact is that the African continent has the highest population in the world of people that are under 25, which makes it the youngest continent with 60% of the population under 25. Think about that in terms of a gaming market. The Pan African Gaming Group has brought together 10 gaming studios from different African countries under one group in order to strengthen the market. https://venturebeat.com/2022/02/23/pan-africa-gaming-group-aims-to-bring-a-billion-new-players-to-gaming/
  3. You suck! 😆 Might be for the best though. Just build a stockpile of nukes and set off a million nukes at once.
  4. Wet hands first to lather the soap. That's kinda weird to put soap in dry hands. Maybe a squirt bottle of liquid soap, but not bar soap. Nothing like trying to roll around a dry bar in dry hands. 🤗
  5. I would make sure every person in the world has food to eat. Some may call that socialism, but I call it just letting people eat. It's better than starving everybody because of greedy pricks. I'd tackle food distribution and take a look at worldwide food/seed supplies, agriculture, impacts of industry and global warming, bee population and pollinators, crop diseases. I would do something different about livestock and not allow inhumane conditions for meat production. I would take a look at the water supply, soil contaminants, fish population and reefs. I pretty much would develop a better self sustaining worldwide food supply and every industry out there will comply to my better health and safety standards. No lobbying or any of that crap would exist that tries to interfere with progress. Self sustaining food supply would be mandatory everywhere in all communities. I would do everything I can to provide healthy food for all and destroy the obesity and diabetes epidemics.
  6. Game+ is always a nice bonus. Something all games should have as standard.
  7. It's available for Xbox X and S but not ps4. Those muthas. I sure did enjoy the first one.
  8. Andy Fletcher from Depeche Mode passed away. Depeche Mode is my favorite band and I have listened to them for 25 years. They have made music for 40 years and more! They are legendary. Andy was the keyboardist, which I say they are the foundation and beginnings of industrial music like what we would hear from old school NIN. I will post a tribute soon in music.
  9. Gaming is something humans have always wanted since the beginning of existence. I'm gonna speak for the entire human population that ever existed then I'll say why I game. Humans have always wanted to visualize ideas, beliefs, expression, communication. We want to visualize Gods and religion and see it in architecture, statues, and images. We want to live in that world that was created and surround ourselves in the world we want. Everything being made as a reflection of our society. We want to conquer others and force our images into their world as we keep expanding. Art, craft, and language are all things used to immerse ourselves in how we want our world to look like. Then we develop more and more entertainment like shows and music performances. We are always trying to give people something to imagine and enjoy. Then came along TV and for the first time we can have entertainment from home. Our homes become more and more comfortable. More space, electricity, fridge, ovens, washer machines, just about everything is being provided in the homes. Then internet comes about, but we are still lacking something after all this entertainment, art, culture. We are lacking an interaction with fantasies, with scenery, with stories. Then came along 2D video games. For the first time ever, we can start interacting with a made up environment. Then games advanced even more to this 9th generation and VR. And now things look more real than ever and we can immerse ourselves even more in what it is we want. So now in a world where most people are different, we can surround ourselves in an environment we want. Interact in a story, the world, with others. Since the beginning when we developed written language and petroglyphs/hieroglyphs, we were always trying to interact with our world, with others, and honor a deity. We have tried to immortalize ourselves, play as the creator, and make our own worlds. We can see it in every culture. Video games is that never ending progression into the need to have our own world, the way we want to see it. No matter if it's fighting, sports, or horror, we are enjoying a far advanced evolution from our primitive days of drawing on cave walls. Oh yeah, I play because I'm tired of writing on the walls.
  10. The more my government shoves religion down my throat, the more I rebel against monotheism. Ancient Gods, burn these bitches.
  11. The 2008 recession never went away cause everyone hated on OWS who was trying to hold bankers and the FED responsible. Instead, they got police abuse. CEO's got fat bailouts. Then Covid; more fat bailouts to gangsters. Now inflation, more fat bailouts to the wealthy coming. They drizzle all over the economy. Black oil bitch is finite. Get off the damn addiction stupid parasite humans.
  12. I wanna draw too!!! What kind of motivation would get you drawing cars again?
  13. Happy birthday. The 4th for us is basically white Juneteenth blowing their fingers off because of taxes vs slavery. Damn, did I just go there?
  14. There should be a game spoiler section where people are free to debate without spoiler restrictions. That is greatly lacking. How do we talk about games we love for fear of spoilers? When I played TLOU2 I felt all alone in my opinions. It's dead now, nothing matters. Time is over. But I think there could have been great debate when people have completed legendary games like that. Some sites warn you of spoilers before preceding. This is a big issue to be able to feel free to talk about games in full extent.
  15. I can’t single out one thing. I did just get nostalgic thinking about all the plastic models I used to put together. You hate me now cause I was exposed to so much of that glue. 🤔 But my whole life I was always creative. But the way I feel now is to paint everything gold. You know why? Artists will tell you why. All art is a representation of society. Gold. We are in the dark ages. Let’s paint everything gold. Artists are historians.
  16. Sorry to hear about that. There are also cases of death from vaccines that have been mandated for decades. Plus heavy metals in vaccines may have a correlation to ADD and autism. That's why I used to be hard lined anti vac and even got a religious exemption at one point so I can go to a university. But with millions dead from Covid, protection outweighs the risk.
  17. Dump a bunch of tea in the harbor. 😆 Get this damn independence again
  18. The vaccine decreases the seriousness of Covid which is why it saves lives.
  19. Saints Row 3. You can walk around with a giant dildo bat and beat people with it; and run around nude and try to streak as many people as you can. There are other weapons that are just outright funny. You can drive a vehicle that sucks people into a cannon and then shoot them out all over the place. Launch them at building tops and billboards. You have a gun that launches bait at someone and a shark comes out of nowhere to swallow them. It's outright the craziest and funniest game I ever played. Another one is Destroy All Humans
  20. I'm going with Layers of Fear series because the gameplay is basically walking through a house (1) or ship (2) and there are jump scares and psychedelic scenes which were awesome. But each scene you come across is a display of art that if you pay attention, you can try to figure out what message it's trying to give you. Each room you come across, everything is what it is for a reason. The color scheme, pictures, arrangement. It might not seem like fun, but look at it from a psychological perspective and you get some all out brilliance.
  21. I agree. Only so much to say w/o getting political. But 20 years ago we weren't worried about democracy so much and a lot of rights that are now on the chopping block.
  22. My dream home would have to have an outside upper floor big spacious balcony with a view--- that has a lake out there with a boat and my farm. And and and...See what I did? My one thing is a balcony to see 100 other things. 😃
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