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World Cup Squads Are Out - What Are Your Thoughts About The Teams Going To The World Cup

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The England Squad - For The most part, fairly good squad except Ivan Toney isn't going - like seriously? Ivan Toney has a 100% penalty kick record which could help out England so much. Secondly, what is this man's obsession with Harry Maguire and Eric Dier? I shouldn't even call him Eric Dier - it's Eric Diabolical. He keeps setting up opposition forwards for goals - you mean to tell me that Tomori from AC Milan can't go? Or how about Guehl from Crystal Palace. Both Maguire and Dier are atrocious defenders.

Brazil Squad - My only gripe is that Tite didn't carry Gabriel Maghalaes from Arsenal - I get it, Thiago Silva is a solid defender despite his age, Marquinhos is pretty solid despite the occasional mistake but Bremer? That blockhead couldn't defend himself from a newborn baby.

France Squad - I have nothing to say other than I hope they can put their egos aside and play as a team.

I'd be interested to hear your thoughts on the world cup squads.

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As an update, Argentina finally won the world cup after so many years of heartache. In 2014, it was Higuain that was missing all those big chances and in 2022, Lauturo Martinez did his best Higuain impression but this time Argentina won. Messi was sensational again in the final and so was Kylian Mbappe but Argentina just had that edge to them...

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