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Hitman: Blood Money - Reprisal available on iOS and Android

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I did not see this coming, but one of my all time favorite games, is getting a re-release in mobile form. The game in question is Hitman: Blood Money. One of the best Hitman games and one of my personal favorites. It's the GOAT next to the new trilogy imo. Honestly I view it above the new Hitman games, but they are all good in my book. Anyway, if you want to purchase this game, it'll put you back $15, which imo isn't a bad price. But for a game that's 17 years old, I think a lowered price would have been better. I don't think they remastered it or anything, it looks exactly the same as the PC version. 

The only thing I'm concerned about, is the controls. Mobile imo doesn't sound like a great way to play this game, but I imagine they did some work on the controls to streamline it a bit. What do you think?


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