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Cel Story a new Game Boy game in 2024

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I love seeing old hardware get a bump in life by receiving a fresh new game. And this time around, it's a brand new Game Boy game. The game is called Cel Story and it's developed by Cel and published by Phoenix Ware/Bitmap Soft. It's a sci-fi adventure game where the main character crash lands on a planet, resulting in his ship being damaged along with memory loss. He has to navigate this planet all the while trying to repair his ship. 

The game will work on the Gameboy, Gameboy Advance, Gameboy Color, and the Analogue Pocket. It's currently priced at £45.00 or that's around $57USD. So a bit pricey for something like this. Would you spend that much money on a new game for a retro console? 

You can buy the game here - https://www.phoenixware.co.uk/product/cel-story/

And a press release about it can be found here - https://thegg.net/press-releases/the-epic-sci-fi-adventure-cel-story-is-available-for-the-nintendo-game-boy/

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