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Gears of War: Collection rumored, might be in testing phase.

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It feels like a good time to remaster the Gears of War series, and it looks like Xbox might actually be doing it. As it's been rumored to be in the making for a bit, and now it's also rumored that it's currently in the testing phase. Recent rumors state it's currently in testing, so it could be closing in on a possible release date. The collection will have the first three games, and it is said it will have a lot of what Gears of War: Ultimate Edition remaster had. Rumors also speculate that it could be revealed around the Xbox Summer Showcase along with a new Gears of war game. 

Would be cool if this is all true and we get a tease to the project soon. Read more on this news below. 


Are you psyched for a possible Gears trilogy remaster? 

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