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How long can The Elder Scrolls Online last for?

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I remember when I first tried The Elder Scrolls Online, I think it was back when it released in 2014. I remember playing a beta for it I believe, or some early playtest, I don't remember. Anyway, my crappy laptop couldn't run the game, so I never really did much with it. Now lets travel back to 2024, as it's not 10 years later and from the looks of it, the game is still going strong, probably stronger than ever. I remember when it first came out and people weren't too into it, but it eventually got popular and it looks like people still frequently play it to this day. 

With that being said, how much longer can we expect The Elder Scrolls Online to last? Could it last another decade? Or will Bethesda end up making a new ESO game at some point? 

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